Author Topic: Which Gaming Device Do You Have The Most And Least Amount Of Games For & Why  (Read 568 times)


Most - PC with 148

Least - Gameboy Color

This is due to owning a PC for the majority of my life, with consoles entering and leaving my life but PC remaining a constant.


I have a shitload of 2600 games. So many in fact that I’ve never actually counted them. Gotta be near 300 though.

As far as the least. I only have the pre-loaded Safari Hunt & Hang On for the Master System, I have zero cartridges for it.
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Most: NES at 83 games (105 if I count Famicom games). It's not my favorite console nor do I have any nostalgia for it, but for some reason I've ended up with quite a few NES games over the 11 years I've owned the console.

Least: Atari 5200 and Collecovision at 2 games each. I don't own either console but didn't want to pass up getting Nintendo games on a non-Nintendo console.


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Most:  NES The actual count is “shit load”

Least:  I have 1 PSP game. Just one lonely Castlevania with no system to play it on. I think I remember buying Megaman X Maverick Hunter, but I don’t have it listed.


The NES makes up 10.7% of my collection with the most games. This is probably because it's a nostalgic console for me, there are an absolute ton of games for it, and for many years I could find them at very affordable prices quite easily.

Atari Jaguar makes up 1.2% of my collection. Mostly because I stopped buying games for it soon after I bought the console. Likely because the games are too hard to find, more than I want to pay, and the library is so lacking I can't think of another game I really care to own for it.