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I rewatched Sonic the Hedgehog and then watched Sonic the Hedgehog 2. 2 definitely could have been tighten up a bit, the dance off in the bar did not need to be included and some of the wedding stuff could have been trimmed down but overall I liked it a lot. Looking forward to the Knuckles series and Sonic the Hedgehog 3!

Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
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Wayne's World 2 - Broader, more commercialized, and not as slickly told as the first, but it's still extremely funny.  Also, Kim Basinger gives an all-time, under-recogized straight man role here.  Just phenomenal.

Dune: Part Two - I haven't felt quite like this leaving a movie theater since The Dark Knight- maybe since The Fellowship of the Ring (easily the best in that series). It's that kind of film - defining a genre with technical achievement, scope, world-building, and performances. It's not a perfect movie, but it's close. Better than the first in almost every way.

Kung Fu Panda - This works so well because it is a straight up kung fu film first and foremost.  It's just also happens to have cool characters and fun vibrant designs.  Plus James Hong crushing it as always!

Assault on Precinct 13 - Pure 1970s grime and grit. Carpenter is obviously still getting his legs completely under him, and it's cheap as hell, but he makes it work.
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The greatest Beer Run Ever - A vibrant true tale about a man and his Journey to deliver his friends a cold one in the middle of the vietnam war. It combines political turmoil, the battle between angsty hippies and war sympathizers in this tug of war that permeates through the movie. What entails is some of the most engaging Vietnam war movie I have seen. It's funny. Starts with comedy but blends in the tragedies of war like slowly sprinkling in parmesean into the gumbo of life.

Zac Efferon surprised me with versatile acting as this is my first foray with him. He sells the underachieving but over aspiring legacy of Donohue. The beer run is filled with action, conspiracy and spies. I enjoyed the film. The connection built with Oklahoma a key Vietnamese man in the movie is gripping. The way you can feel the tension between the love for the soldiers but sympathy for the violence of war is palpable. And the corresponding photographers add a depth to the movie.

It's neat, funny and entertaining. I enjoyed it quite a bit.



The shit these mofos did over a video game lol. I don't know how many liberties were taken. But this is an absolute high pace action packed whirlwind like a poliwag stomach lol. It tells the story of the greatest marvel in video game history. Dimitri being robbed of rights to earning for one of the best selling video game empires of all time is kinda fascinating to say the least. But the battle for publishing rights? Anyone engrossed or interested in video game history will love this. But it goes beyond gaming to a land of friendly bonds, business betrayals and the story of a man risking his family and wifes happinessover the sake of a dream and a chance.

The layouts are great. The settings are well done. It presents well. And amazingly so.



Finch is the tale of a lone wandering Tom Hanks in a post apocalyptic world. It is fascinating the true grit. Think Fallout New Vegas meets borderlands but the greatest enemy is an encompassing sun that seeks to devour and melt anything that moves with radiation. And in this world. We get Jeff and Dewey. A clumsy sometimes half assing Robot that loves finch with all of himself. To some a robot accompanying a man. But to the viewer. A man in a robot accompanying a pile of bolts through a tech heavy adolesence. Like a robo coming to age film. It builds character development well. And carries an overall feeling of strength and love. A solid movie.


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Kung Fu Panda 2 - A hair better than the first, I think.