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Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
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I started watching GT today and at least 3 episodes in I'm liking it so far, although I've almost universally heard people say the beginning of the series is pretty bad, so we'll see what happens. it gives me a cool DB/DBZ hybrid feel which is pretty refreshing after finishing the Buu Saga which could not have been more different than Dragon Ball. I also want to get into Super eventually, although this series worries me since it looks like a lot of the same stuff I didn't like about Z. We'll see though.

I can understand liking it more after Buu, which definitely dragged on, I dig the kinda DB vibes of the start of GT, I just feel like it was too goofy to start with and I don't think I was in the mood for it at the time.  Super is a big mixed bag, though I would say to make sure to watch the first two newer movies they did, don't watch whatever the first dozen episodes it is, where they retold the movies in the series, just with worse animation, it was a really baffling idea.

Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
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The new Jackass movie is coming out in a few months and I figured it would be a good time to rewatch all three of the movies.  I still enjoy how utterly stupid it all is, I've been basically watching this stuff since the beginning as it hit right when I was teenager going into highschool which was pretty much the target audience along with college guys .  The stuff I liked was always the ridiculous stunts, the pranks they'd pull on themselves, less the gross out shit which is easy enough to skip through lol

The third movie was actually one of the best times I've had with 3D in a theater lol I've been to a couple and like Avatar was great for the atmosphere it brought, but Jackass 3 did the most gimmicky 3D stuff in parts and that's what I want with 3D most of the time. I really wish I could watch the movie in 3D again, but I don't have any 3D hardware for that and it isn't as much of a thing anymore.  I wonder if I could use my Oculus Quest 2 to watch it in 3D again...

Oh and by watch "all three movies", I meant 5, because I forgot that Jackass 2.5 and 3.5 were extra stuff not in the movies, not just extended versions from the theater release, so I binged through those too lol
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