Author Topic: Wired Xbox360 And PlayStation 3 Controllers Freezing Due To Vibration Features  (Read 1645 times)

I got both a wired controller for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 and they both have the same issue even though they are 2 different controllers on two different consoles.

Every time I am emulating a game on both the Xbox360 and also The PlayStation 3, if I have vibration features turned on when playing an older game like a PS1 game on PS3 or an Xbox game on the Xbox360 the vibrator goes wack  and the console freezes.

I looked up on the internet and. it appears to be a problem all over the internet on both hard wired USB controllers not just when using the consoles but also when using them on a Windows PC computer.

I highly recommend if you can and if your ever own a wired PlayStation 3 or Xbox360 controller to turn off the controller vibration immediately.

I'd love to hear your own experience with both these USB type controllers

if you have a PlayStation 3 playing a PlayStation 1 game.

on any PlayStation 3

1:Start the PS 1 game up then
2: press the PS button on your wired PlayStation 3 controller then
2: you should see vibration and in the black menu
4: you should be able to turn off the  vibrator,

on Xbox360

Press the Guide button (silver button in the center) on the controller.
Go right on the pad until you can choose “Settings“.
Toggle down and select”Preferences“.
Toggle down and select “Vibration“.
Clear the check from “Enable Vibration“.

also take note both these controller work, until I start playing the game for an period of time

(edit) make sure your signed to xbox live so you can receive updates so the controller won't stop working at random
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