Author Topic:'s Bundle for Racial Equality and Justice: $5 minimum for 1,638+ titles  (Read 1092 times) has partnered with over 1,300 unique game creators in offering over 1,600 unique titles (as of this writing) for the low, low price of a $5 minimum purchase with all proceeds going directly to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50 in light of the recent events concerning George Floyd and police brutality. In short, it's a pay-what-you-want offer with a current value at over $9,000 for access of all titles in DRM-free format. Titles have frequently been added to the list, with all contributors getting everything regardless of purchase date.

The offer has been going on for several days already and ends in a little more than four days from now. It's an offer that any PC gamer really shouldn't pass up--not only in part to the amazing deal but also to the impact that such a contribution to these two organizations will make for a better future.


I got it! Super glad to help out charity, and there's some real gems in here! Some of the lesser known titles here seem really cool too. Gonna take my time checking this out!

Also, sidenote, this is going to be a complete disaster to all register on my game collection sites
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I got myself a copy, despite having a couple of the bigger name titles already, and gifted a couple as well.

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Purchased. Which games are y'all interested in trying out?

I'm looking forward to

2064: Read Only Memories
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
A Night in the Woods

Those are the ones I've heard of anyways
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Admittedly, I've gotten a lot of the popular titles toward the top of the bundle's list by other means, such as Twitch Prime and Epic Games Store. However, I've seen good reviews / had good personal first impressions with Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Kids, No Delivery, Babysitter Bloodbath, Night of the Consumers, Art Sqool, Pikuniku, Gnog, Speed Dating for Ghosts, Old Man's Journey, and Bleed. I've played both Minit and Hidden Folks for Nintendo Switch, and they're both great, despite the latter being an interactive take on Where's Waldo.


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I'm going to be drawn more to games that can be played with a mouse as I don't have a controller for my PC. I tried Celeste for a bit and my fingers were in pain after like 5 mins of playing :/
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Indie Bundle for Palestine
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Again, has partnered with hundreds of developers to bring their works together in another large relief bundle, but this time as financial aid for Palestine and aptly named Indie Bundle for Palestine. At the time of this writing, just over 1,000 items are included in the bundle. There is overlap in titles offered from last year's Bundle for Racial Equality and Justice (BREJ), but there are still plenty of new items for those who are solely interested for the game items themselves alone.

Someone on reddit has even created a spreadsheet of all the items in the bundle which details which items were also present in the BREJ. At the same time, someone else has made a list for which games have high review scores on Steam.

The Indie Bundle for Palestine offering is available through June 11.