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dhaabi's VGC Database Work
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Following tripredacus and telly, I thought it may be beneficial to keep track of the progress I've made with VGC's database as I've just finished tackling a project I originally underestimated.

After about eight months, I've finally finished cataloging new entries and updating existing ones within PlayStation [JP]. In that time, PlayStation [CN] and PlayStation [KR] categories have been added to the database as well. Overall, I'm pleased with the work across the three categories, as nearly every entry is as fully fleshed-out as can be, aside from Box Text information. When I began the main [JP] project, the category had roughly 1,875 entries and now currently holds 4,620 entries. Technically, that number can still grow, as I didn't go out of my way to create separate entries for bundled items that include games in their own separate packaging. At the same time, there is information that I came across that I couldn't find physical evidence for, in addition to finding items that I couldn't properly identify well enough to create a proper entry.

Moving forward, I feel as if, for now, I will largely be working on improving the PlayStation categories, although I may venture into other areas from time to time. My next immediate project is to work on the PlayStation Demo category. I've already collected as much information that I've been able to find for PlayStation demos and non-retail releases, and I plan on tackling at least the Japanese side to it, although I'm sure I'll work toward the other regional sections within the category as well at some point. However, there is a lot less documented information on these items, unlike with retail releases.

I've documented all the information in a spreadsheet, although there is still a fair chunk that has been difficult to find information for. If you're wanting to take a look at what information I've collected so far and to see if you can fill in some of the blank information yourself, I'd be very appreciative.

On that note, if anyone would like to help me with information across some of the areas I've worked on and plan to work on soon, I've made additional spreadsheets that can be viewed publicly that details all the information I currently have gathered and what I'm still missing. If you know any additional information for the items I can't verify or have any knowledge whatsoever and would be willing to share, that would be a tremendous help. Thank you!

Missing JP PlayStation Demo / 非売品 Spreadsheet
Missing PlayStation [JP] Entries Spreadsheet
Missing PlayStation [CN] Entries Spreadsheet
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Thanks so much for your hard work on this front! :)

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Thanks so much for your hard work on this front! :)

Seconded.  ;D

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Really nice, thank you!
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Thank you for your hard work!  :)


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PlayStation [KR] would make no sense to add to the database because it was never released in South Korea. The first PlayStation they got was the PS2 with model SCPH-30005 and SCPH-30005 R.

Edit: Oh wait I forgot, despite never getting the console they did get a few late PS1 titles (because PS2 retrocompatibility)
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PlayStation Demo has been fully organized and updated. Every entry has been as fleshed out with as many details as I could find, aside from Box Text information for large compilation items. I was not expecting the ridiculous amount of "Demo 1" variants.

However, I still am unsure about these three items. If anyone knows any information for them, feel free to make the appropriate edits.
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