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Re: Nintendo Switch or PS5?
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PS3 isnt even an option, here, for me. Between owning a PS4 and owning a 360, there's not much left worth owning on it that I want that I can't already get elsewhere.

And yeah, I like PS1, but I already have a PS and a PS2 for that.

Sorry to hear it's not an option, the only main gripe I have about the original PlayStation was the 128kb memory cards it uses. Because most official PS1 memory cards are over priced, and most sports games take about half or a full amount of single memory card. A PS3 don't need any memory cards. I love my PS3 slim.
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Re: Nintendo Switch or PS5?
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Both. :-)

I thought you were down on the Switch. What brought you around?

Was never down on it. Just said (and stand by) that it didn’t pay to early adopt it. Especially if you already owned a WiiU and Xbox or PS4.

First two years all the games were available on those other consoles. I was also vocal that Nintendo was clearly looking to do a soft pull from the console market into handheld space and that even the name “Switch” was a metaphor for that. They just had to be careful and patient with 3DS users as they inevitably abandoned them.

Starting mid last year we started getting truly newer and fresh games. The new Switch hardware revision improves battery life and addresses long standing drift issues their controllers had in wireless mode from launch day. (How your controllers get through QA without working wirelessly is just further proof in my mind that portable was their focus and endgame the whole time. With tv/console usage just a nice to have).

Xbox Series X I expect to have a huge library and few hardware problems day one as it’s basically an Xbox One X++, with some serious backwards compatibility. SONY knows this and will likely have an equally serious PS5 offering to compete.

I said a couple times on stream that “mid 2019-2020 will be a great time to own a Switch”

Gotta correct myself and point out Turf was right that I was hard on the Switch when it first came out.

I criticized the anemic library, short battery life, poor wireless controller performance, and more expensive games.

Don’t get old folks. Memory loss is a bear.

That said I still owned one and truly wanted it to be successful.

Minute 102 here I talked about the potential I thought it had as a portable.

These episodes were one week apart but 3 years ago. I was quite conflicted.

But at 115minutes into the episode I say I think it will be great in 2018.

So what brought me around to now it’s a must own system?

Nintendo has been very aggressive with sales on the eShop. Over half the games on my switch I got for $5 or less.

The new Switch hardware has twice the battery life.

The wireless Pro Controller is expensive but solid.

As I’m adulting more, portability is becoming more important than graphics.

3rd party engagement has been high!!! Nearly the entire resident evil series and now games like Crysis, Fortnite, etc are on switch. Launching at the same time (or earlier) as other platforms.

Over time I transitioned from legitimate buyers remorse to being on the fence to being hopeful that 2019/2020 would be Nintendo’s year to seeing that hope become reality. :-)
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Re: Nintendo Switch or PS5?
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It really just depends if you prefer PlayStation or Nintendo games as the 1st-Party games you'll want to play. Personally, I would recommend just getting both consoles and some games for each one of them. (If you can afford to anyway) Either that or buy the console with the brand you prefer first, then if you really want the console you didn't pick down the line, just get it then. Well, at least that's my take on this anyway.