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Re: What is your favorite Game OST?
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Mario Paint. Every track is a banger.


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(Also, yes your pick has to be an OST that you like almost every track or every track from)

If that's the stipulation, then Mega Man X. But, quite frankly, I'm biased towards both the game and its music, so...


But after thinking for a while, if I have to choose one that is close to perfection on both aspects, I'll have to go with Streets of Rage.

That's a solid choice.

Either the Guilty Gear games for original music [...]

Oh, fuck yeah, dude! Guilty Gear music is the gift that keeps on giving. It's a cardinal sin to not like that music, I mean, the music itself is quite possibly better than the games themselves. I have to be honest, though, I'm a sucker for fighting game soundtracks - their music is honestly the best part for me.

Rygar on the NES.
Don’t sleep on it. It’s amazing. It’s even crazier that it’s an early NES title.
Here's another NES title.... I choose you Ninja Gaiden!  I like the whole soundtrack but the songs I really like, you know the ones, can raise my spirits at any time.  I see Mega Man II and Sunsoft's Batman very closely behind.

We all know 8bit music is love.

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Re: What is your favorite Game OST?
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The World Ends With You OST always blew me away, especially for being on the DS. It fit really well and still feels pretty unique. It's something that doesn't even always feel like game music when shuffled in with my normal music.

Honorable mentions:
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch