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Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
« on: March 03, 2021, 08:52:46 pm »
The only other entertainment I shop for is music.

I like to buy Music CD's from Walmart, Value World and my Indoor Flea Market. Walmart has a surprisingly massive amount of products, and you can usually get new CD's for a great value. 98% of all my new music came from that store. just go to Walmart's website and make an account. You don't need one but I recommend getting an account with them if you plan on purchasing something from them

type in a musician or band then type in CD's after the name or just browse. they are especially good for common metal, rock and classic rock releases. as well as other great genres, they sell Vinyl's too but they cost more then CD's. Some of my music came from a record store  I used to live by.

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Re: Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
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I "shop" online for most of my other forms of entertainment.


Re: Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
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Value Village, Goodwill, and Half Price Books for games. I used to collect CDs, but my girlfriend's car was broken into about 10 years ago and all of them were stolen. I wound up throwing all the cases away at the time except collector's editions. I had over 50 CDs at that point, by now I might have a few hundred. I rarely buy music CDs anymore because of that. Just for my favorite artists, like absolute favorite.

I don't buy movies or vinyl because that's another hobby that costs money. I mainly just buy video games when it comes to entertainment.

Re: Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
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I don't buy music or movies anymore.

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Close second to my video game collecting obsession for me is record collecting. I should have picked two other hobbies that weren't so damn expensive to maintain... oh well.

Much like interest in retro video games has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, the same has happened for vinyl. There are a few major differences between the two mediums though, one being that there are just sooooooo many more records out there in the world. And I do mean the whole world, records are far more ubiquitous than old video games are and you can find ones that come from just about every country and recognized language, east and west. The standard 12" LP format has been around since the 1950's remains unchanged and continues to be made almost the exact same way present day. I just love the fact that I am able to play my deceased grandfather's records on my modern day equipment perfectly fine, and that the reverse would still be true, I could throw on my copy of Fiona Apple's 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' released last year on a forty year old turntable set-up and it would play. No converting, emulating, porting, or any of that needed. Oh, and nothing is region-locked either. An LP of traditional Mongolian folk music should be able to play on a turntable from Lebanon.

Sorry, got a little off-topic there, what was this thread about again? Oh yeah, ok.

I shop for music at a lot of the same places that I look for video games, like Half-Price Books. Dedicated record stores and online too of course, newer emerging artists who put out records I want I'll try to order from them directly via Bandcamp.

Re: Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
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I'm lucky enough to have several used media shops near where I live and buy most of my DVDs from there, unless it's something newer or hard to find, then I turn to Best Buy or Amazon. Music, umm, I obtain online through various ways, and games I buy between Amazon, Gamestop, and ebay. Books are Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Re: Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
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I used to buy cds off of second spin, but they’re gone now.
I’m still looking for another used cd place with a similar format.

Ebay and Amazon are the only online stores I currently use for media.
I go to Bestbuy for games and Blu rays, but they got rid of their music.