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Nintendo 3DS games paper inserts?
« on: April 19, 2021, 06:41:03 pm »
Sorry if this thread topic has been covered before...

Has it been considered for the 3DS games entries to include front page scans of the paper inserts? I've only been collecting games for the 3DS for a few months now and have noticed that titles from before 2015 generally contain unique paper inserts for each game. Titles released after, including Nintendo Selects reprints, seem to all include only a generic white pamphlet, though even with these, I've seen at least two variants of this generic manual of sorts.

I've bought a handful of games used that came with the original case, but with no paper inserts inside. I'd like to make some kind of attempt at finding loose paper inserts to put in them, but there's no way I can determine which ones pertain to each particular release as there are no pictures of them for the 3DS games entries in the database...

One example is a used copy of A Link Between Worlds that I have (the variant that says Handheld Game of the Year on it) had the papers missing, but I have no idea if it originally came with a unique Zelda insert or just the generic white one.

Links (no pun intended) to other sites that covers this, if anyone else knows, would be much appreciated.

Re: Nintendo 3DS games paper inserts?
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I dont know a source however I do know 1 way to find out from most games you cna find unbxings on youtube  thats a great way to find out

just be sure to look at the ratings on the case esrb is us pegi is euopean


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We do not have image slots for things besides front, back and media. So there is no place to put such a picture. You can put into description what the contents of a product are, including any item numbers that are on them. If you want me to post an example for a description for a game, post to me a link from ebay showing a complete game.

For in general, a description of included items can be laid out like this:

But we are going to be moving the way of using bullet points to list contents, such as seen on this:

Re: Nintendo 3DS games paper inserts?
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Have you tried

It's very likely one of the collectors there may know the answer.