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Re: dhaabi's VGC Database Work
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Dhaabi being close to finishing the Japanese Playstation 2 section. Let's pop the champagne when Dhaabi finishes!
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Re: dhaabi's VGC Database Work
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If it is like any section I've worked on, it truly never ends. You always will find some other version you didn't know existed.


Re: dhaabi's VGC Database Work
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Dhaabi being close to finishing the Japanese Playstation 2 section. Let's pop the champagne when Dhaabi finishes!

Ha, well, while I finally got through to the end of the category, my intention was never to fully flesh it out. At least, not now, but it could change later on. While I initially began tidying up the existing entries, I figured that I may as well spend time on filling in the gaps throughout the category since there was less than half of the total items had been submitted at that time. When I began contributing to the category, there were 1,854 entries—now there are 2,893. Judging by GameFAQs' list, the Japanese PlayStation and PlayStation 2 category have a very close number of entries, so I imagine that PlayStation 2 [JP] is still short at least 1,500 items but probably more.

When working in PlayStation 2 [JP], I only focused on adding missing re-releases or obvious numbered entries that were missing from the database (such as Title 1 and Title 3 having being added, but not Title 2.) While the Japanese PlayStation library offers a surplus of classic strategy games like mahjong and shougi, the PlayStation 2 instead invested in a lot of visual novels. If I could guess, I'd say at least 10% of existing entries in this category are for visual novel, adventure, or dating simulator games. That being said, there are still plenty of pachinko titles, so nobody should worry about those missing.

While submitting, I was conservative in submitting items that I couldn't find clear evidence of physically existing. So, while I did go through a lot, I did also ignore a small but fair amount.

Apart from PlayStation 2 [JP], I've also done some recent work in Hardware categories:

PlayStation Hardware
After an entry for a loose SCPH-5501 console was submitted, I did a deep dive into identifying box variants using eBay as a resource. At first, I thought there were only two distinct boxes for this model (Made in Japan and Made in Mexico.) However, I realized that there are actually at least three boxes, but I haven't found sufficient information to submit the third. For this model, I've identified 19 unique console item numbers so far which relate to manufacturing location and date.

After researching SCPH-5501, I pursued the same efforts for the console model I own SCPH-9001. During that time, I identified 5 unique bundles which have been submitted.

I have a feeling that I'll come back to this type of research for the category in the future, but it's low on priority.

PlayStation 5 Hardware
There isn't much to comment here aside from that the category now boasts 63 unique entries, which is impressive for a console that has only been on the market for 18 months. The category is still missing plenty of regional releases.

Up Next
- PlayStation Demo: When working here last year, I submitted a majority of the known Japanese items, but I didn't finish for some reason.
- PlayStation Vita: The libraries for these categories are much smaller than what I've gone through before. I'm just going to focus on cleaning up the existing entries for all the categories.
- PSP UMD Video [JP]: Over a year ago, I made progress on some good research in forming a library list that I'd like to continue. What I've gathered so far is not exhaustive by any means, and it probably never will be. Regarding English-language sites at least, there doesn't seem to be a catalog of what exists definitively, although the same can be said for UMD releases across all regions. In the Japanese category in particular, there is a lot of adult content, so be prepared for plenty of new entries without artwork (and plenty of new entries with risqué artwork) and explanations for why in the Description field once I begin submitting.
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