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Re: Pac-Man franchise turns 41 years old.
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Pac man was extremely popular and I believe had gotten some people into video games period, but believe it or not. Quite a few a video games came before Pac Man was out there was Space Invaders in 1978 and Asteroids in 1979 Breakout in 1976 "Galaxian" in 1979, "Tank" in 1974 "Space Wars" in 1977 "PONG" in 1972 and my internet search has more arcade games of the 1970's.

Even though I thought Pac Man just ok. just a few years ago a sub sandwich place had a real Pac Man Arcade Cabinet and this lady was pushing all kinds of quarters and she was having a blast, she looked like she was at least in her 40's, and she really was enjoying Pac man like it was the 1980's all over again for her. I know many many people love Pac Man and from what I heard people liked Ms Pac Man (the game) even better.

Ms Pacman came out in 1981 the following year after Pac man did.

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Re: Pac-Man franchise turns 41 years old.
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He sounds like a nice person, I hope everything going well with his life, and I get to meet him.
I hope you can get that tabletop you want, someday.

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That´s sounds pretty inspiring, thank you for sharing, those details make me appreciate more how games used to be developed back then.

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I think Frogger, Donkey Kong or games like Galaga also deserve a shout-out for helping shaping an industry.
I have always loved Frogger, too.
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