Author Topic: In your opinions is it weird that some of my favorite songs are from video games  (Read 412 times)

especially from any of my favorite games?

To explain as 1 of many examples some reason I always pick 1 or more of my favorite games ost in dissidia final fantasy for psp as my fighting bgm if I choose to pick bgm & if I choose to pick any of my favorite songs & yes I'm including some of my favorite songs are from anime especially from any of my favorite anime too as well. & yes I will admit it that some of my favorite songs are from final fantasy series too as well crazy I know & what if  video games music CDs is in my collection mainly my favorites especially from any of my favorite games & any of my favorite anime they might think I'm weird or asking me why do I have a collection of video games ost CDs especially any of my favorite songs from ,any of my favorite games,any of my favorite anime & final fantasy series tbh I don't know yet how should I respond.

I might act like I don't care or act like saying what these are some of my favorite games,some of my favorite anime & some of my favorite songs what's wrong with that. I guess I will end it here or at least for now I apologize to added a side rant sometimes we do had to deal with bs & sometimes we do get judged from some if not most people like you guys sometimes it does annoyed & pissed me off too as well sometimes including censorships & don't worry rest assured I'm not seeking approvals :).
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As someone who has been to see Final Fantasy music performed by Distant Worlds Orchestra this doesn't seem crazy to me at all! I adore Nobuo Uematsu's scores, offering many themes to which I consider among the most iconic within the industry.

My personal favourite FF Soundtrack is from Final Fantasy VIII, The tone for the music is more easy going than others. It sounds less chip-tunish then VII's, so it is less grating (I do like a lot of VII's soundtrack but I do find I skip more tracks when listening to the full OST). With tracks like Breezy, Fisherman's Horizon and Ami, it makes for a very soothing soundtrack. My absolute favourite track is The Successor:

I feel this tracks nails the sense of closure to an adventure offering a sense of peril but full elation as the journey comes to an end.

I have a decent amount of FF soundtracks on CD & Vinyl. The great thing is there are a lot of variations to listen to the music out there than just the OST. Distant Worlds, Bra Bra Bravo Volumes (Brass Band), Piano Collections, A New Worlds (Strings Orchestra), even more Jazz albums! If you enjoy FF's music I highly encourage you to seek out some of these, it's fun to listen to the differences and also doesn't make listen to the OST numbing for when you play the actual game.


Not crazy at all. Favourite music comes from videogames.

Regular music is just alright to me in comparison I enjoy it still but videogame music is so much more superior.
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Literally right now I'm in my shop and while reading this post my PS2 demo unit is playing. It has GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA LCS, GTA VCS as well as Scarface, GT4 and TXR3. I literally use my favorite games for the in-shop music.

Right now GTA VCS is playing.
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I used to DJ a weekly show where I would only play music from video games and anime. Unfortunately this was around 2003-05 which was before something like that became popular.


I like video game music, but honestly, most of my favorite music isn't from video games. I don't think it's weird that some people like video game music better though.
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I like music in general but some of my favorite tunes do come from video games.


I like music in general but some of my favorite tunes do come from video games.
Same. My song library is mostly music from game soundtracks mixed with non-game music.
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 Yes it is.
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Why it should?

I think it's also worth noting that some classics from fan favorite games were based on genres and other popular tracks at the time.

I have been doing a pretty bad job as a composer and learning musical theory but I quite understand there nothing wrong with getting new inspirations and just love anything that's a good piece of music.
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Weird? GOD no.

Video game music brings back the feelings I had when playing the game, an attachment I don’t have with most commercial music.
95% of my music library/CD collection is composed of video game music, movie soundtracks, pro wrestling entrance music, and Weird Al. Listen to what you like.