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Sega Saturn
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Sega Saturn Accessory
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Sega Saturn Accessory

This category is for any non-game and non-console item that is design specifically and exclusively for use with a Sega Saturn or clone consoles. Any accessory that comes with a game should be in the appropriate game category and not in this accessory category.

Release Type
The release type is in relation to the console itself and not to any games or other licensed properties that may be present or represented on the packaging. Accessories that have loose entries (those that are included with a console or a game but were not sold seperately) should be set as Official Release only if the console or game release is also.

Official releases can be identified by the presense of the Sega or Sega Saturn logo, the Sega Seal of Quality, the Tec Toy logo, the Victor logo or the Samsung logo.
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Sega Saturn Demo
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Sega Saturn Demo

This section is for any Demo Disc from a console, a magazine or other source.
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Sega Saturn Consoles
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Sega Saturn Consoles

What is tracked in this section:
- Official Sega, Hitachi, Samsung, Tec Toy, Victor console releases
- Development consoles and computers
- Hotel/demo consoles and computers

What is not tracked in this section:
- Any custom modified systems
- Board or chip revisions

There are two main models for the Saturn and they are easily determined by the shape of the Power and Access (reset) buttons on the console.
The first model has oval buttons and the second model has circular buttons.

There are two main box shapes or sizes for console releases. There is a square and a rectangle box, or "square box" and "long box" which are terms that are used on entries here. For a release that has these types of boxes as a variation, and there isn't any other type of descriptor difference like a label or text change, then those terms can be used.

Official Distributor / Import Labeling
There are various official labels used when a system is sold or imported in other countries.

Releases in Italy may have a Giochi Preziosi label or logo:

Releases in Portugal may have the Sega Garantia Portugal label:

Releases in Greece may have the Zegetron label:
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Sega Saturn [AU]
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Sega Saturn [AU]
Sega Ozisoft imported Sega Saturn games mostly from Europe for sale in Australia.

The ACB rating labels are not placed uniform across all releases, even all releases of the same game. While usually these labels can be found over-top of the original ratings, there are many instances where they are not. This means that the original rating on the box may be visible. When adding the rating for a game in this category, the ACB rating should be set and not an ELSPA or USK rating even if it is visible, although these other ratings can be put into Description.

Item Number
The Item Number for an Australian release game is printed on a Sega Ozisoft label. It follows a format of LLLLNNLLL, where L = letter and N is number. This key is used because the item numbers include both O and 0 (zero). This is the item number that is put onto the entry.

The AU specific barcode is also put onto the Sega Ozisoft label and this is the barcode that should be on the entry. You can see it in the above picture. Other barcodes, if visible/present, can be put into Description.

All games should have a Sega Ozisoft Sega Hotline label on the back:

Roadshow Interactive distributor label:

Mainstream Interactive distributor label:

Each release in AU that is an imported EU game should have all three of the above labels present, and we do not consider any instances of a label variation where one or more of these three are missing. The only instance that it will be considered is if multiple sealed copies are found that have different types of labels.

We also do not track (at this time) the different label styles for the rating on AU releases as being variations. Despite the fact that they do exist, currently this type of variation should only be tracked in the Notes field when adding an item to your collection.

Discs and Manuals
Since these games are EU imports, they include the EU (PAL) discs and manuals.
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Sega Saturn [BR]
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Sega Saturn [BR]

Tectoy imported US Sega Saturn games into Brazil with new packaging and manuals.

These releases are packaged in a tall cardboard box with hangtab.

As with other Sega releases in Brazil, most games will have a Tectoy rating on the front cover. This rating system is not currently supported in the DB, so the rating option should not be set on these items.

Item Number
The item number is a six digit Modelo No that is found next to the barcode.

Price Letter
The Price letter is a letter in a circle that is sometimes printed as part of a game's cover. This can usually be found on the spine between the system name and game title. Not all Saturn releases in Brazil have a price letter on the cover. The price letter and its location should be noted in Description.

The discs included with these releases are from other countries. The vast majority will have the US disc showing an ESRB rating on it and have the English names even for the few releases that had a localised title, such as FIFA 98. The exception to this would be any Saturn games sold in Brazill that did not have a US release, such as Riven, an in that case, the game has the English/UK disc instead. The rating on the disc (if present) can be put into description and should not be put as the rating on the entry.

The manuals included are either color or black and white, will have the Tec Toy logo on them and text Manual de Instruções.
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Sega Saturn [EU]
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Sega Saturn [EU]

Releases in EU can be found in multiple packaging styles. Some multi-disc releases were sold in a cardboard box.
- plastic + cardboard (rigid)

- plastic with art sleeve plastic (similar to Genesis/MD or DVD construction)

- clear plastic jewel case (same as US Saturn releases)

- standard single and double-size jewel case (primarily from pack-in games with accessories)

Region Codes
Most games are released with region code -50 which is for Europe. Some countries have localised releases and these country codes help to identify them.
-05 United Kingdom
-09 France
-18 Germany
-51 Spain/Italy

Import Labeling
Some countries import the UK (-05) or Europe (-50) releases unchanged with the exception of a distributor or import label on the packaging.

Some games were released in a blister pack. It is currently unknown if all games were released this way.

Releases in France may have a red Attention label on the back cover:

Releases in Germany that do not have a USK rating printed on the cover may have a USK label on either the front or back.

Releases in Germany that do or do not have a USK rating printed on the cover may have a Der Grüne Punkt label on the back.

Releases imported to Italy will have an SIAE Import label.

Some releases may have a Distribuito da Halifax label on the front cover.

Others were imported by CiDi Verte and will have their label on the front cover.

Releases in Poland may have a label.

Another version is white with red text Legalna Dystrybucja w Polsce LANSER.

Releases in Portugal may have the Sega Garantia Portugal label. These labels come in a small and large size.

Some releases in Spain may have an ERBE label on the cover.

Some releases in Spain may have a Proein Software label on the cover. This company is previously known as Proein Soft Line.

Releases in Greece may have the Zegetron label:

Horizonal Instructional Manual from English/-50/-05 releases:

Releases in Portugal will have a Manual de Instruções in addition to the standard EU manual.
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Sega Saturn [JP]
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Sega Saturn [JP]

Games are released in either a box or in a jewel case with an obi strip. As with any other Front art for jewel case games, the art with the obi strip or labels that only appear on a sealed copy are preferred.

Many releases will have different names on the spines of the jewel case. One side has the Japanese name and the other side will have an English or English translation. Sometimes the English name has combined words or contains translation errors. This English name, if different than the Item Name (Common Name) can be put into Alt-Name field. See the Advanced Daisenryaku example in the Adv Guide for further examples.

Edition names
An edition name should be a romanisation of the original Japanese edition name. Translations can be put into alt-name. For example, if the text on the packaging is 限定版, then the term Genteiban should be used. If the item has an edition name in English, then those words can be used.

The budget releases for Japanese Saturn are typically known as Satakore and have a cover such as this:

The term Satakore appears on the cover in Japanese as サタコレ, and has the text SegaSaturn Collection in English. For these entries, we use the actual text from the cover in the item title and put Satakore in the alt-name field.

Sega Saturn Campaign Application Ticket
pink/purple label found on some sealed Saturn games.

partial transcription

Item Numbers
Take note that the database should already have all of the regular Japanese retail releases present. There is old information on other websites that catalog Japanese Saturn games in regards to their item numbers. This information likely had come from catalogs or even older sources. The contention here is that some games were released only as the Genteiban or Limited Edition version and did not have a regular release version. For these games, the Genteiban and a stand-alone release should have different item numbers and many websites will list some of the stand-alone versions having been released despite no proof that they were. Also some websites will have the Genteiban and stand-alone item numbers reversed. It is imperative that new Japanese Saturn entries should be created and if you find something missing, it should be posted in the Listing Errors thread or in a separate post in the VGDB forum.

Many games will use Sega's own rating system for which we do not have options for in the dropdown menu. So no rating should be set on these entries and you can note the rating in Description.

Games from Other Countries
Games released in Taiwan [TW] and Hong Kong [HK] are allowed to have entries in this category. These releases look very similar to the Japanese releases and may have Chinese text on the covers. They will have a suffix to their item number based on which country they are from:
-11 Hong Kong
-16 Taiwan
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Sega Saturn [KR]
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Sega Saturn [KR]

Samsung and Sega released Saturn games in Korea. The Samsung releases will either have their logo on the packaging, most prominantly the Samsung Saturn vertical logo on the front cover/instruction manual. In any case, Korean releases can be identified by Korean text being used on the covers or found on labels.

As with Saturn releases in Japan, the Korea releases are in a jewel case with an obi strip.

Discs from Samsung releases will have a Samsung and Sega logo.

Discs from Sega releases will have the publisher's and Sega logo.

Item Numbers
Samsung item numbers will have a GS- prefix on the jewel case or obi strip spine and a Sega item number with a -08 suffix.
Sega item numbers have the -08 suffix.
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Sega Saturn [NA]
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Sega Saturn [NA]

The vast majority of US releases are in a tall plastic jewel case.

Demos and pack-in releases often are found in a cardboard sleeve.

Working Designs
Some games published by Working Designs can be found with disc art variations. Those releases are:
• Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean
• Dragon Force
• Magic Knight Rayearth
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