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Been a short bit since I've found stuff out in the wild that I hadn't just pre-ordered or ordered online, but I found the one Macho Man figure I've been wanting, which is the one based on his "Cream of the Crop" promo.  I love it, I don't even collect wrestling figures other than the MOTU WWE ones, but Randy is my favorite wrestler and I needed this on.  The version I have is the one on the left as the right one, which has the right details to the promo, is a chase variant, so I'm unlikely to ever find it.

I also found the Justice League Batman alongside this.  I absolutely am not a fan of Snyders work, the characterization of Batman with how he kills people, but dammit, I think Affleck's version of Batman is so dang good looking.  To me, it's easily the best live action version of purely design wise.  I just wish it was used in far better movies.  I got the "goggles down" version, because McFarlane hates his customers with a fiery passion apparently as there are three variants of this Batman, one with molded goggles down, one up, and another maskless that looks nothing like Ben Affleck.  There should've just been one masked head with removable goggles.  I'm kinda getting this mostly because I'm hoping they'll go back and do other movie Batmen figures in this scale and design, as I would definitely get a Dark Knight Bale Batman, and a 1989 Keaton Batman, along with likely getting the Pattinson one for a small collection of movie Batmen.

In the mail a few days ago, I got my movie Snake Eyes figure, for 5 bucks, because I bought it when had a pricing error and they never changed it lol Never got to see the movie, but the design is good.

My big buy was I got lucky and got an online order for the new Castle Grayskull from the MOTU Origins line.  I don't collect the figures, but I do collect the Masterverse ones, so I thought I needed a perfect backdrop for them.

And to go with that, I got an Evil-Lyn to go with my Skelegod.  I'm mostly gonna be collecting the versions of the characters that aren't the classic designs, I like them more generally and I'm just waiting on them to do a new release for Skeletor and He-Man to hopefully have improved heads as they didn't quite nail the looks.

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Picked up a couple things in the past few weeks, some abit spur of the moment, most of it on sale lol  I just grabbed that Batman Batcycle, since it got down to 10 bucks on Amazon.  I have the Batman for this because I think the Death Metal design is cool, though still not 100% sure if I'm gonna keep it or not, more for space reasons, but I couldn't pass it up at that price.

Also spure of the moment was the Super 7 Metalhead.  It was on Amazon for 42 bucks, which is way cheaper than the usual Big Bad Toy Store pricing, and no shipping costs.  I have the Leonardo and I'm getting Sewer Samurai Leo next year, but these are snazzy toys.

To go with my Grayskull decor since I don't have any new figures yet (Waiting on Scareglow and Teela right now), Target was practically giving away the Sky Sled, so I grabbed that for I think under 10 bucks.  I just got it posed up on the other side of my castle without the Prince Adam on it.

Other than that, I got my GIJOE Classified Snake Eyes Commando figure coming in the mail.  Commando isn't my favorite look, I always preferred the more Ninja style with the visory, but it's a great looking figure.

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I did a splurge on something as I generally don't buy expensive stuff, I'm more about buying more for less as a lot of the stuff I like is on the cheaper side, but after beating Death Stranding again, I really wanted to show my support of this game I love and I thought this would be a fun way to do so, by getting the Kojima Lady Ludens figure and a Death Stranding Trike for her to ride on.  Both are quite pricy, especially together, but I had a real need for them.


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My April O'Neil Signature Edition from NECA arrived yesterday, and she is in two halves. She could be snapped back together, but I hadn't planned on opening her.  It's very frustrating.
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