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Sega Computers
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Sega Computers

Below are the sub-categories in the Sega Computers category.

John Sands Sega
Sega SC-3000
Sega Computer Hardware (currently Sega SC-3000 Hardware)
Sega Computer Accessories (currently Sega SG-1000 Hardware)
Sega SG-1000 [EU]
Sega SG-1000 [JP]
Sega SG-1000 [TW]

Other Sega computers not covered in this section include:
- Amstrad Mega PC which is considered to be Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Hardware
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Sega SC-3000
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Sega SC-3000

This category is for SC-3000 games. We do not track non-game software.

Sega SC-3000 (Japan)

SC-3000 games in Japan were released in a cartridge format similar to that of SG-1000, Mark III or Sega Master System.

The cartridges are compatible with SG-1000 systems but often require the SK-1100 keyboard.
There are very few games released with SC-3000 branding and SG-1000 games will work on this computer. The SC-3000 was primarily designed to use the BASIC cartridges, however since these are not games, they are also not tracked.

A 3" Compact Floppy Disk was released to be used with the Super Control Station SF-7000 but no games were commercially released in this format in Japan.

Mega/Yeno SC-3000 (France)
Loriciels released two games on cassette for SC 3000 and have text Sega-Yeno SC 3000 on the cover.

Sega SC-3000 (Italy)
Melchioni released one game on cassette

John Sands Sega (Australia)
The main types of packaging are a plastic case and a cardboard pack that includes a standard cassette case.

Grandstand / Sega SC-3000 (New Zealand)
Cassette games were released in standard cassette cases. The primary "official" release are the Grandstand titles.

Because the SC-3000 is a computer, most games are considered Official Releases, even those by Poseidon Software which have low quality artwork on their covers.

Unlike other regions, there were some games released on the 3" floppy disk. These can be differentiated by way of an additional label on the disk. The disks may be the Maxell CF2-D from the Amstrad CPC.

Any game that uses the Sega Compact Floppy Disk from Japan (such as the New Zealand release of Skull Island) are considered Unofficial release as well as things like the Mark II Multicart.
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Sega Computer Hardware
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Sega Computer Hardware
currently Sega SC-3000 Hardware
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Section for the consoles and computers based on:
- SC-3000
- SG-1000
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Sega Computer Accessories
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Sega Computer Accessories
currently Sega SG-1000 Hardware
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Section for the accessories of:

- Sega SC-3000
- Sega SG-1000
- Tsukuda Original Othello Multivision

- John Sands Sega

New Zealand
- Grandstand Sega 1000

- Yeno SC-3000

United States
- Telegames Personal Arcade (also plays Colecovision games)

- Aaronix Computer & Game
- Aaronix Sega-1000
- Bit Corporation 創造者50
- Bit Corporation DINA 2 in One (also plays Colecovision games)
- Fullwis Video Game FR-II
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John Sands Sega
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