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Wii shop
« on: May 31, 2022, 12:52:36 pm »

I'm planning to revamp the European wii shop and dsi shop.
Which pictures are appropriate to represent European games from the Wii shop and dsi shop?

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Re: Wii shop
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The artwork that GameFAQs and MobyGames supplies should be used in that order. If there are no images on either of these sites, then Nintendo UK's site is fine to use.

The first title I selected at random to see what kind of images exist from all three sites yielded no results. The Official Style Guide states that, in these circumstances, a screenshot of the title screen is permitted to use for the front image slot. If a screenshot of the title screen can't be found, then no art should be submitted. Let it be made clear that this rule is for digital items only.

Box art for digital games has their own set of rules, and are as follows:

Any digital game that does not have some sort of cover art, gets a screenshot of the title screen
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