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Alternate cover - Pinball
« on: June 13, 2022, 03:25:23 pm »
Ive come across an alternate cover for a game in the database 55871

Every other metric is the same as this entry in the database except it has very different artwork on the front and back cover.  Totally different picture.  After checking Ebay there are alot of each variant so i have no idea which one takes precedent.

Sidenote: the game is called 'Play It Pinball' on the spine and not simply 'Pinball' as it currently sits in the database.  This brings up another question, Do you prefer the game title that appears on the front cover or on the spine of games in the database?


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You didn't show an example of the variant item, so I am assuming it is the version with the darker cover.

They both seem to be UK items, so they are variants. As with all variant items, they're both fine to exist in the database together but will both need descriptors in the entry name field. While there are some text differences, the only other difference is the cover art, like you mentioned. Something like Pinball (light cover) and Pinball (dark cover) would be fine to use.

When deciding how to name an item entry, we largely rely on GameFAQs with our established common name rule. Because this item exists on GameFAQs and is titled as "Pinball," that is the name we use. However, "Play It Pinball" may be supplied to the Alt-name field as that is the game's title indicated by the spine, which is something that has already been done for 55871.

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This game seems strange as there are a significant amount of listings which use the darker cover but have old media - alongside a significant amount using the darker cover and newer media. I would be curious if they released them this way and what their reasoning might be.

(ex. Listing : )

Old Style (2003) -,185272/
New Style (2004) -,231499/


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There was a reprint. There are more PS2 games in EU that are like this, maybe from the same publisher. You can determine the release order from the disc images you posted. The white disc has 2003 year on it, the photo disc has #2 in item number and 2004 year on it.


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Very sharp and a good addition to the Playstation 2 library!
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Re: Alternate cover - Pinball
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Yeah, I also own the non-yellow cover version of the game, yet the yellow cover version is in my collection here on VGC.