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Video Game Resolutions and Goals in 2023
« on: December 22, 2022, 02:04:19 pm »
I know we're still a week and a half away from the new year, but I thought it would be fun to start thinking of gaming and collecting goals we have for 2023. Post what you hope to accomplish whether it's around collecting, beating a certain amount of games, getting a specific game, downsizing, or whatever.

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1. Complete 52-Games Challenge: This has become a staple of my gaming goals every year now for a while, and it's certainly where I have the most fun in this hobby these days. In fact, it's probably my favorite thing about this website still, beyond even the collecting aspect.

2. Continue to build by CIB game collection: This specifically relates to me obtaining various CIB N64, Genesis, and SNES games. I'm mostly trying to complete most of the loose games I currently have, although there's a few titles I'd love to just get, but complete at this point. I'm going to set the bar at 10 new CIB games on these consoles.

3. Focus on collecting for Saturn again: It's been a while since I've heavily focused on a specific console to collect new games for, but it sounds fun to go after more Saturn games again after taking a break from this for a while. While I don't have a ton of Saturn games I'm still after, especially NTSC/US titles, there are a good 30-40 games I'd still like to have between US and Japanese releases. I'd like to add at least 10 new Saturn games to the collection, and one of them I'd like to add again is Panzer Dragoon Saga. I regrettably sold my copy a few years ago thinking I wouldn't want to play it again, but guess what...I kind of do. Other than that, games like Shinobi Legions, Sonic Jam, Hyper Duel, and a few others are on my radar although I'm not as committed to getting those as much as PDS.

4. Get back into making youtube videos again: This last year has been terrible as far as my output of videos on my youtube channel which is all about countdowns and reviews for various video games. I think I only posted 3 videos in 2022, but it would be nice to post maybe 8 or more in 2023. I've had reasons for not getting back into it, but I feel like I fee motivated enough to get back into it like I used to be and also I had a lot of fun doing it, especially during the first year of my channel. So yeah, I'd like to create at least 8 new videos this next year.

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I actually started looking at my goals from this year a couple of days ago

Recap Goals for 2022.

1. Stay under 8,000.  I'd love to say stay under 7,800, but that's setting myself up for failure.
- Success
2. Finish Sonic franchise run.
 - Failed - I'm actually quite close and could maybe finish, but I'm chilling for the rest of the year
3. Finish Resident Evil franchise run.
 - Failed - didn't even try tbh
4. Play through the new Assassin's Creed games because new games released since I did my franchise run.
- Failed - didn't even try tbh
5. Paint shelving units black.
- Success
6. Unpack games.
- Success
7. Inventory collection.
- Failed - I actually did inventory a lot, but I know I need to catch up on some systems
8. Beat 104 games.  I won't commit to 156 from the start, but if it happens I'll update again.
- Success - Sitting at like 130
9. Start streaming again.
- Failed - It's been one thing after another, my back, then my teeth, still kinda my teeth, and I've been sick non-stop for what feels like weeks
10. Beat a game from every year from year x to 2022.
- Success - Beat a game from every year from 1977-2022.  Will detail the list in my year end status update for 52 game challenge
11. Get one of the last 2 N64 games I need. (ISS2000 and Super Bowling)
- Failed - lmao didn't even try.
12. Sell dupes.
- Failed - who am I kidding I wasn't going to do this
13. Sell games I no longer want to keep.
- Failed - this either, I'm such a procrastinator
14. Put together a better setup for Elden Ring.
- Success - I got a new portable monitor and it's great.  It's more compact, it's a better screen, and it has a fantastic viewing angle.
15. Maintain a positive progress index on backloggery.
- Partial Success - Currently sitting at 0, which I consider positive, but it'll probably go negative by the end of the year.
16. Do two unlisted franchise runs.  [Currently working on Spyro/Crash]
- Failed - I worked on some, but didn't finish any.

1. Stay under 8,200 games. - Honestly, if GS/Walmart/etc keeps clearancing stuff, I'll fail so hard.
- Partial Success - I'm about 75 away from 8,200 and I don't think I'm gonna buy that many games before the end of the year, so pretty happy about that.
2. Finish Sonic franchise run.
- Failed - I made some progress to the point I only had 1 game left (Sonic Frontiers), but then a new game came out (Don't own it yet) and I decided to retroactively add a bunch of alternate versions of games I've already beaten to the list, so not gonna happen, but real close
3. Beat 104 games.
- Success - I'm past 110 games beat so far, so well past succeeded.
4. Start streaming again.
- Failed - I haven't done it yet.  I've been streaming to discord.  I streamed the majority of my playthrough of Lies of P to Discord (which isn't recorded), but it doesn't count.  Streaming really does sully my experience because I feel like I can't play unless I can dedicate at least 30 minutes, which means I wind up not playing at all sometimes.  Lies of P would've been good to stream though.
5. Start Armored Core franchise run.
- Partial Success - I did start, but once I hit the PS2 games I ran into problems with controls/emulators.  I really want to remap controls, but I can't get any emulator to actually play properly
6. Take new game room pics
- Failed - I'm going to preemptively fail this one because it just isn't happening.  I took some shelf pics of a couple of systems at the request of some folks, but new pics overall just isn't happening, life is too hectic for me to spend the time cleaning up enough for pics.  Still have boxes all over the place that I don't know what to do with.
7. Get into the top 1% (softcore) on RetroAchievements (Currently sitting at top 1.23%) - The goal post here keeps sliding, because I hit top 500 already and now I'm pretty close to top 1% will probably hit it in the next couple of days.
- Success - Sitting at 0.88% so I'm good with this.  Next year I think the goal is going to be 0.5%
8. Break 100,000 on Xbox 360 gamerscore (Excludes Xbox One)
- Success

When time permits I'll write up some stuff for 2023, but it's hard to care when you feel like shit.
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Everything at the top of my list is not going to be coming next year... games like the next Mass Effect, Witcher 1 Remake, Tomb Raider next gen game, and Instinction. For me, 2023 is going to be a replay year. Luckily, I got the Witcher 3 PS5 upgrade and so... my 2023 goals are...

1. Attempt to complete all quests in Witcher 3.
2. Attempt to get interested in modern gaming.


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1 - Acquire more physical games

     If it wasn't obvious my affinity for Epic Games free weekly digital game(s) is apparent. Given that A) I want to own more physical older/retro games and B) That's what this site is oriented towards, it couldn't hurt.

 I)    Breath of the Wild 2 - When the first one came out, I wasn't that interested to be honest. I didn't get more interested in the Zelda franchise until a year or two after. I then proceeded to beat ALTTP , Hyrule Warriors (I know...) and Breath of the Wild. BotW was different. I usually grind through RPGs and max out the characters like all the materia, limits, UWs etc in FF7, but the reward really was something else completing all shrines. Seeing the "full" health bar hud with all blue on the map and a *spoiler* Master Cycle Zero *spoiler* truly felt rewarding. Now, this game wasn't my most played with only around 200 hours IIRC, but out of all the RPGs I've played it may have the most time spent. Naturally, when a sequel was announced I was stoked and now await the release.
 II)   More PSP Games - My FFIV copy is lonely and could use the company of the other FF Ports
 III)  More PS3 games - Specifically Splatterhouse. I know, the game isn't the finest piece of art but given that the VA of Winnie the pooh is one of the main characters, it makes for a pretty interesting ride. This is also including the fact that the game just doesn't run on RPCS3 yet. Other than that, it's just a matter of acquiring the obvious and simultaneously cheap choices like Killzone 2 that I lack.
 IV) More PS2 Games - The specific choice here is .Hack//Outbreak. Already half of the way there to completing the image on the shelf! Other PS2 goodies will follow suit.
 V)  More new games - While I know I just said I was going to focus on older stuff, there's a couple titles releasing soon I want to mention. The RE4 remake will release at some point, and given that I played through it a few times I'm excited. Dead Cells is having a Castlevania Crossover, and the other Koumajou Densetsu (TouhouVania) game will be on Steam soon! I'm also stoked to get the new Crisis Core game, the Terminator RTS because I'm a sucker for that dead franchise, and the Amid Evil Black Labyrinth DLC.

2 - Beat games

     I'm also admittedly guilty of possessing a large backlog consisting of Epic/GOG free games, a good amount of physical ones and some other digital goodies. While I don't think I'll have the time for the 52 challenge, I do want to beat some titles such as the Shadow of the Colossus remaster, .hack//Infection, and maybe even Trauma Center: New Blood. Lots of great games to play!

3 - Acquire more shelving

     I am quickly running out of space on my shelf at the moment. I've got a little leeway with most of my physical platforms but I'm definitely going to need to get more storage soon. While a minor topic, I feel like storage is a topic not discussed much. While the world has certainly gone digital, for most of us on the website we need a place and way to store what we buy!

4 - Making more content

     While the days are only so long, I'd like to make more Youtube content as well. I haven't uploaded a lot of videos or done a lot of streaming this year and want to change that. Given that I have the equipment and now some mediocre video editing skills, I could stream my content (although I plan to get a higher quality capture card) such as the aforementioned New Blood playthrough, on real hardware! Doing that with a hand cam could be lots of fun! There's also a variety of other miscellaneous videogame related content out there, such as a Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia rom hack called Contravania that replaces Albus mode with various Contra characters such as Probotector, Brad Fang, Bill Rizer, and so on. Cool project someone made a reality.

5 - Potentially acquire more Gamecube Controllers

     While not particularly high on the budget, given roommates proclivity to drop the damn things on the hardwood floor, looking into replacements will be a necessity (for me) at some point in the future. They aren't shattered into a million pieces or anything, but the Z button on one doesn't work and the other has some other issue I can't remember at the moment. While it may certainly seem like I'm grasping at straws, I like my equipment to remain in the condition I received it in and don't like being that guy that hands you a busted controller. On top of this, given that I'm involved enough in smash bros. for this to legitimately matter, I'll need to address it with plastic or some Andrew Jacksons sometime.

Overall, I'm looking forward to what 2023 brings regarding streaming, gaming, collecting etc. I should be able to acquire some nice picks for my collection in the following year, upload some hopefully interesting content and maybe even hit 800 unique titles!
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Re: Video Game Resolutions and Goals in 2023
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1. Finish NTSC PS3 set.

1. Finish letter A for NTSC ps1.

2. Finish letter A for NTSC ps2.

3. Work toward finishing NTSC PS1 longboxes.

4. Reach 2000 PS4 games, currently at 1636

A Physical Chronicle of games for posterity.

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1. Finish NTSC PS3 set.

1. Finish letter A for NTSC ps1.

2. Finish letter A for NTSC ps2.

3. Work toward finishing NTSC PS1 longboxes.

4. Reach 2000 PS4 games, currently at 1636

Damn! Good on you for being so dedicated and persistent. I've know two people that went for complete PS2 sets and it was not easy. I know one guy who has been chasing a complete PS1 set for over a decade and I believe he is down to single digits, but it's been a massive undertaking.


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Well, here are my goals

1. Get my first Playstation Console!!!!! (preferably 5 because It can play 3 and 4 Games)
2. Grow my collection, of course!
3. Start going to Retro Stores, like Game X Change or something
4. Start purchasing cheap (10-70$) Lots on ebay or something
5. Get More Game Room/Shelves (Seriously, I only have space for like 2 more Games)
6. Start getting things for older consoles (like N64)
7. Start making Good Youtube Videos
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Cut down on my collection. I've spent the better part of the last decade collecting and I'm pretty content. I don't feel the urge to spend any more of my money on inflated eBay prices.

So my goal for next year is to only have games on my shelf that I really care about. Everything else is either getting stored away or sold online.

I've already made a pretty big spreadsheet for what I plan to put on display. If my numbers are right then 45% of my collection is going to be boxed up.


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1. Get back to collecting. I don't just hoard games. I have a very curated wishlist of games I want. My goal has always been, "If you won't play it, don't buy it". We have been saving since the pandemic started so I have hardly bought any retro games since. We can finally start doing fun stuff in a few months.
2. Complete my modded handheld collection. I need an Atari Lynx, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Wonderswan, Sega Nomad, and TurboGrafx Express to complete my main handheld collection. I have most of my handhelds with modded screens (some I've done myself), so they're more enjoyable to use.
3. Play more retro games. I have several hundred and have so many I need to play if not finish, or at the minimum spend an hour in.
4. Get better lighting and a photo booth/box setup and get back to Instagram posting. I was doing fairly well and stopped because I don't have a dedicated setup for it.


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Re: Video Game Resolutions and Goals in 2023
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1. Complete at least 20% of my backlog, including several Triple-A titles.

2. Get some of the games I've been wanting all year long.

3. Get an N64 and an OG X-Box

4. Get more room for my games, eg. more shelves or bookcases


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Limit the amount of games I buy. Safe to say I went overboard this year and need to be more selective on what I buy going into the next. I try to evaluate my collection constantly and decide if I should part ways with any of it. If it's a game I can't see myself playing in the foreseeable future and/or holds no sentimental value, I'll sell it. I've already sold a few of my games since late November.

Instead, I'll be saving that dough to get more hardware next year. I'll be looking for a Sega Saturn, Everdrives, ODEs, and a ROM dumper. The last consoles I bought this year were a PS1 and Fat PS2. The PS1 has the XStation ODE installed while the Fat PS2 came with a 1TB HDD and OPL. They've both convinced me to focus more on backups and tech that can play said backups on actual hardware.

Lastly, I want to complete more games next year. My backlog is massive to the point where I don't think I'll get through it in a realistic period of time. So I'm going to try to develop a strategy to tackle what I can at a comfortable pace. I've been trying to beat one game a week and it seems to be working well, but going forward I will likely have to tweak it often to fit my schedule outside of gaming.

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1. Finish more games/Play more games - This self-explanatory. With the amount I possess and even more so with digital games, I have alot and while I realistic will not get through everything, I would like to have more of a taste of what I have already.

2. Cut down the spending - I was definitely more in control this year but just like the previous year, the holiday sales got me but in between that I purchased a Steam Deck and wound up getting more PC games as a result. That's not to say that I will stop but I want to be more conservative with what I buy.

3. Consolidate the collection - I would like to keep what I have with me and anything that is either not to my liking whether finished or not gets sold, traded in or take to storage if I don't have a way to rid at that moment.

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1. Attempt the 52 Challenge - I did good in 2022 as i had multiple GamePass trials. Not worried if I beat 52 or not but like to keep track of them all the same.

2. Play More Classic Games - I've gotten access to a way to play PS2 games now so I want to really xplore that catalogue as there are many I have missed out on over the years.

3. Play More Sonic Games - Sonic is a series I have really wanted to explore more, I've beat most of the mainnline ones but I'm curious to try ones like the Advance games.

4. Avoid Day One Purchases if I can - Tends to be a benefit to hold out for a while these days, the only Pre-Order I have is for Final Fantasy XVI. Any sign of a Season Pass I'm out.

5. Continue Collecting for Backwards Compat 360 titles


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Adding to my 2023 resolutions.... First pick up of the year is Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (PS5). Looked it up and there are an insane amount of skins to unlock among other things. Goal is to get each character the skin I want them to have within 2023. Will not be an easy task.

Also, I really don't care about modern gaming much anymore. I'll pick up Zelda in 2023 but that's basically it for my confirmed 2023 releases I'm interested in. So I'm erasing "Attempt to get into Modern Gaming again."

So... to update my list:

1. Witcher 3 -- Attempt to complete all quests.
2. MK11 -- Unlock specific skins for each character (minimum for favorite characters)
3. Zelda TotK -- Beat the game and have fun.