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« Reply #4620 on: February 15, 2023, 11:26:22 pm »
Finished Mega Man Zero the other day. Overall, while the screen visibility issues were very annoying, I enjoyed the game, especially the last stages. Before tackling Zero 2, I decided to give Hi-Fi Rush a go since that game looked really fun from the trailer and it reminded me of No Straight Roads which I really enjoyed. Finished the first stage and while it's really fun so far, I'm really not used to using an Xbox controller. Having grown up with Nintendo stuff, Microsoft's ABXY placement feel really off to me and takes a while to adjust to.

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« Reply #4621 on: February 17, 2023, 09:41:45 pm »
Wasn't planning to pick up Wild Hearts, but I've had the urge for Monster Hunter lately and World is kinda aggressive to hop back into, I love it, but most of the stuff I have left are VERY hard fights and it can take awhile to warm back up.  I didn't like Monster Hunter Rise a ton either, never got Sunbreak, so Wild Hearts seemed like a fresher take on the genre and so far it is.  It's got most of what you'd expect with a Monster Hunter type experience, it's just skewed in different directions.  You aren't using items, you are using Karakuri, which are big mechanical things that can give you a platform to jump off, a spring for a dodge or rush in, can build a wall to stop enemies from charging, it adds a whole new flavor to the experience.

Gameplay is pretty just Monster Hunter, easy to get into, I think overall may a smidge more casual than Monster Hunter World, but it's still a pretty hard game.  The world itself is actually more of an open world setup, so you aren't just popping into a contained zone, you have this persistent world that you can build into, crafting fast travel gadgets and camps, I was sorta wondering the "Death Stranding" aspect I heard about in a review or two and I see it's due to the zipline thing, as you can craft ziplines to help you move around the area which is great for getting to the Kemono or catching up to them when they run away.

Game does need a patch or two on PS5, it can have some performance stutters here and there, but at least it doesn't sound as bad as it does for those on PC.


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Still working my way through Novigrad in Witcher 3. Trying to get all the side missions done. I should be done some time in 2024. Just killed a cereal killer that was going around brutally massacring townsfolk.