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Hello folks.

Were talking mainline mario games only. You can separate 3D and 2D or go rogue lol. What are the hardest games and easiest in the lineup. In the age of babyfing and handholding. I kinda miss the days lost of true difficulty in a mario game.

3D Mario Games


1. Mario Odyssey - In Many ways Mario Odyssey stunned the masses with its visuals and beauty. Unique controls. Lavish color. But to me? It was a let down. It was about as challenging as beating a 3 year old at Trivial Pursuit. The game hand holds. It has moons that are as easy as jumpint from one tree to another. Some moons are even literally just there. Just placed in the grass like a news paper. The relics of the world. In arms reach. The whole point of the stars were they required skill only mario had. Otherwise couldn't Bowser just uber to the moons and stomp on them or put them in his backpack? Some of the moons are right there. Toad skill could get one. The boss pevels in mario 64. Werent necessarily dark souls. But they required some skill and timing. Nintendo underestimates the skill of kids. And thus the games suffer. It kinda sucks tbh.

2. Mario 3D Land - Relatively Easier and not as robust as 3D World. But still somewhat challenging on a small screen.

3. Super Mario Galaxy - Such fun and inventive game. Had its moments of challenge. I feel it balanced the right amount. The motion controls of wii made it difficult.

4. Mario Galaxy 2 - Same except slightly harder bosses and more to collect.

5. Mario 3D World - Easy up until champion levels. Then the game drags you over the coals. Stellar progression of level development.

6. Mario 64 - Had its brutality. The clock level with the cogs was a nightmare for young me. And the N64 controller was as precise as a drunk man throwing darts at a david cassidy poster. It was hard. Truly. But not hard enough where it was fathomable.

Mario Sunshine - Medium to beat. Brutal to 100 percent. Theirs side levels and those ones where its horizontally linear and you gotta time the jumps so perfectly. It made me feel challenged while being amazing.


2D Mario Games


1. Mario Wonder - switches biggest issue is difficulty. Not even worth playing. A game so linear and babysat that it is almost like watching someone else play a game.

2. New Super Mario Bros Wii

3. New Super Mario Bros DS

4. New super mario bros U

5. Super Mario World - Perfect difficulty. Stellar in every way.

6. Mario Bros U + Luigi

7. Mario 2

8. Mario 3

9. Mario 1 - Making you restart if you die is the hardest. Deluxe with save points is much easier.

10. Lost levels - like trying to paint the mona lisa using power glove and mario paint while wearing kilodscope glasses.


What was your hardest mario experiences? A game generally made to be easy. Any levels stand out as a kid?


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Polite pass on this one. I'm no masochist. Trying to remember every Mario game played over my life and then rank their difficulty? Yeah... polite pass.

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Of the ones I've beat and in order of hardest to least

1. Super Mario Bros 2
2. New Super Mario Bros 2
3. Super Mario Bros
4. Super Mario Galaxy
5. Super Mario 3
6. Super Mario World
7. Super Mario 64
8. Super Mario Odyssey
9. Super Mario Bros U
10. Super Mario 3D World