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Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
« on: June 06, 2024, 12:22:42 am »
Another year, another lack of E3, but also another year of Summer Game Fest.  Geoff has downplayed the event, which I can't believe the dope did that, but it seems he's trying to curtail expectations so that people don't go in expecting crazy reveals.  That being said, Monster Hunter Wilds is confirmed to be getting a new trailer there, so I'm on board for that at the very least.

What to actually expect?  Sounds like from what he's talked about, that it's going to be more upcoming releases, not "Here's a CG trailer, see you dummies in 2028!" type stuff, more already known things, so DLC content, and gameplay trailers for games coming out within the next year.  I know the Silent Hill 2 Remake is out this year, but apparently the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake was going to happen this year too.  Can't see that happening so close to Silent Hill 2, but we could at the least get gameplay for MGS3.  I'm cautious about that one, because I think it's Konami's first foray back into serious game development that isn't just a small release, collection, or one of their yearly release things (Silent Hill 2 is a third party developed game).

One thing I was reminded of, Sega reviving like a half dozen of their properties, so guaranteed we get something on one of those games.  None of the properties are big ones for me, but I'm interested to see what comes out of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio in particular for just something different gameplay wise to check out.

This could be where the next Resident Evil game is revealed, fits the right timeframe if it's going to come out by early next year.

If I had to throw out something as a surprise, it's been over a year since the last Mega Man collection, so give me Mega Man Legends.  Mega Man Legends 1, 3, and Tron Bonne, with some cleaned up visuals and performance, some updated controls, and I'm golden, could not be happpier.  That's my big "this is just for me, that isn't unrealistic, but would make me overjoyed" prediction lol

Oh and this is a Geoff event, so probably something Kojima.  Maybe more Death Stranding 2, but I'm avoiding anymore reveals for that game.  Also probably like the final trailer for the Elden Ring DLC with that out in 2 weeks.
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Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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Going to attempt a more optimistic approach for SGF than the State of Play as it's the entire industry...not just Playstation. There's the list of games I mentioned in the State of Play that I'm still routing for, but here are some other hopes...

Tomb Raider Collection 2 is announced -- TR Angel of Darkness, Legend, Anniversary and Underworld.
Tomb Raider current gen game announced.
Indiana Jones info, release date, PS5 announced.
Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake announced (quite possible)
Dino Crisis reboot announced (will always hope for this)
Max Payne 1 & 2 Remakes are shown off.
Unreal Tournament Revived
A Plague Tale 3 announced
Witcher 1 Remake or 4 info revealed.

Any of that would put a smile on my face. Although, in the current climate, I'm curious on how Capcom would handle Code Veronica given the main villain's instability.

Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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Hoping for a Kevin Hart appearance via Zoom to promote the Borderlands movie!

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A streamer just got sent some promo for the event tomorrow from Capcom, so makes me think they got more than a couple things brewing.  We know they are putting out a Monster Hunter Wilds trailer, NSO is putting out more Mega Man games, so I'm wondering if the chance of more Mega Man is likely to coincide with this...Come on, Mega Man Legends Collection!

Resident Evil news could definitely be a possibility.

They could tease Street Fighter 6 Season 2 DLC, though I'm not playing that game right now.

They did have that one game Pragmata that got a huge delay last year, so maybe that sees a comeback here.

Guess we'll see.
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Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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Nintendo just announced the Mega Man Game Boy games for Switch online, so that might be it for the Blue Bomber,but maybe there's more.


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A streamer just got sent some promo for the event tomorrow from Capcom, so makes me think they got more than a couple things brewing.

Guess we'll see.

Capcom was a top tier dev back in the PS1/2 days. They've always been steadily decent, but that was their hayday. Most of the great new IPs we saw during those times are dormant to say the least. I'd love to see something we haven't seen from them in a while.

Dino Crisis being the front runner for me.
Onimusha easily in 2nd place.
Shadow of Rome was incredible fun.
Lost Planet would be fun to revisit.
Haunting Ground had a cult following and an interesting method of play with the dog.
Devil May Cry may be due for another release.
Bionic Commando Rearmed port would be incredibly welcome.
Ducktales Remaster port would be welcome.

Capcom has left a lot on the table. A...LOT.


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E3 is dead and unfortunately will never come back.
I don't expect anything, I don't get excited anymore given the many disappointments and I think I'll only watch an hour of show, there's no point wasting more time watching between the ads and the rest...

The only game I'm actually "looking forward to" probably won't have any announcements.

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Slitterhead trailer was released early, looks kinda good. This is kind of what I wanted from Ghostwire: Tokyo before that turned out to be first person. It also reminds me of Gungrave G.O.R.E

Trailer here:

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Horizon on Switch WHAT (Switch but not PS4. Multiple games shown after including Qudditch and Civ 7 are coming to PS4. Not the Sony owned game that's able to release on Switch though.)

Qudditch game finally coming out. I thought it was free to play but at least it's free on PS Plus.

Cuffbust looks like a Twitch hit.

Star Wars Outlaws looks so good like a Star Wars GTA. Looking forward to seeing more at the Ubisoft event.

Once Human I've seen before, I think it's free to play? Nice if so.

Imagine a video game for Larry the Cable Guy's Delta Farce. Now that would be something!

Did Blumhouse browse the horror tag on Steam and just sign a bunch of games? That's what it looks like lol

3D segments of the Power Rangers game looked wild. Other than that just looked like a reskinned version of Shredder's Revenge.

Deer game was a reminder that Way to the Woods still has no sign of release.

Killer Bean looks to actually be more than the meme!

Remedy (Epic?) caves and Alan Wake 2 is getting a physical release.

Tim Robinson promoting skate.

Valorant finally coming to console with an overly long trailer and only on current gen.
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Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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Lego Horizon Adventures - Can't say I'm interested as I'm not a huge Horizon fan, but much like Astro Bot, this is silly stuff I'm happy to see show up.  It's actually on Nintendo Switch and PC also which is surprising.
No More Room In Hell 2 - Zombie survival game, not entirely sure what the gameplay loop is, might be kinda of co-op extraction sort of thing, like...Left 4 Dead, but less of a structured mission setup. 8 player co-op at least.
Quidditch Champions - Normally non-gameplay trailers are meant to make the game look better, but this looks like a mobile game lol
Cuffbust - I get Rabbids vibes from this, but it's an escape game with goofy rabbit bear creatures, trying to survive an escape from a prison with different ways to get out. Very silly.
Neva - Gorgeous 2D sidescrolling action game.
Civ 7 - It's a Civ game lol
Black Myth: Wukong - While I'm not excited for this game, I am interested as an action game.  August 20th.
Once Human - Not sure what this is, some third person co-op looter shooter?
Metaphor - From folks behind Persona 3, 4, and 5, comes...A game that looks a lot like Persona lol Though it is a fantasy setting rather than modern.  I'm sure people interested in that series will like this.
Arkham Shadow - This would be cool if it wasn't a Meta exclusive VR game lol
Street Fighter 6 Season 2 - Fatal Fury characters with Mai and Terry, Bison, and Elena
Dragon Ball Sparking Zero- While I wish we'd get an original story Dragon Ball game, the "What If" stuff is at least something.  October release.
Mecha Break - Multiplayer mecha game, looks like some fun.
Blumhouse Games - Basically they are putting out putting out a number of horror games all in varying styles from pixel art to like low poly PS1 style, kinda neat.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind - Pixel action game? I came back from the bathroom right at the end and I missed it and couldn't grasp what I was seeing in like 5 seconds I grabbed lol *EDIT* Found the trailer, looks sick, reminds me of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge but has some cool vehicle shooter action bits too
Slitterhead - Action horror game, kinda looks interesting with different characters and abilities, but...The combat looks likda rough to me? Very stiff, but who knows.
Killer Bean - Wasn't this like some sort of meme thing online? Looks like one of those no budget PC asset rip games lol
Cairn - Mountain climbing game.
Wanderstop - Kind of a chill shop/farming game that might be about dealing with PTSD/trauma.
Awakening - Action adventure game.
Enotria: The Last Song - Souls-like? Not sure with the gimmick being taking the mask/faces of the bosses for new kits.
The First Descendant - I have no idea what this game exactly is, but what a cool trailer lol July 2nd.
Outersloth - The studio behind Among Us is getting into publishing other indie games that they showed off.
Sonic X Shadow Generations - I'm interested in this as it's kinda the one modern Sonic game I liked.  October 25th
Dune Awakening - I still need to watch Dune 2 lol No gameplay for this game though.  I'm pretty sure nothing has been shown yet?
Battle Aces - What a sick trailer.  I'm not too big on RTS games anymore, but I am mildly curious as an old fan of Command & Conquer games.
Alan Wake 2 - Expansion content.  Night Springs.  Surprise drop with a release tomorrow. Getting my new PC built soon, so I'm going to actually get to playing this. Deluxe and Collector's Edition physical release this Fall.
Kinitsu-Gami - Action slasher that I can't say is isometric, top down, or third person lol Kinda slides in and out. July 19th.
Hyper Light Breaker - Gameplay, has co-op, Early Access Late Summer.
Skate. - Never cared for this series, but looks like another multiplayer open world skating game, which is kinda funny to see that info for Wreckless came out yesterday, which is ex-Tony Hawk devs making the same thing, though with more colorful/stylish vibes to it. I'm more interested in that for maybe having the gameplay I want compared to Skate.
Valorant - Coming to consoles.  I like the trailer having the most stylish, flashy, CG visuals, and then hard cuts it to the stiffest Counter-Strike-styled gameplay possible lol Nothing wrong with that, just seemed funny to me lol
Squad Busters - The ad for this dumb mobile game probably cost an absolute fortune, it's ridiculous lol
Monster Hunter Wild - Crossplay, releases on Xbox, Playstation, PC together which is cool.  More gameplay is great to see, it's definitely one of my most anticipated games of next year.
Phantom Blade Zero - Nioh/Seikiro like action game.  I think it's been shown off before in some way before, but looks cool.
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Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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This was a pretty solid show, it was full of indie games, new releases, and it wasn't overly bogged down by anything too much I felt.  I can't say there were tons of stuff I was personally excited by that wasn't already announced games, but games I might check out that were relatively newer for me were Mecha Break, Power Rangers, and Phantom Blade Zero.

*EDIT* I think one reason the show was fun was that there wasn't a lot of the really huge release, the massive franchise games, there wasn't some 5 to 10 minute trailer for CoD or Assassins Creed, Madden, etc...That stuff is coming up in their own showcases in the next few days for sure, but for this one, it was a nice spread.
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Dang, no one else cares to chime in?

Day of the Devs and Devolver did not have anything that interested me.

Five more shows tomorrow and IGN Live which started today will continue tomorrow. Xbox is Sunday morning with PC Gaming show after, Ubisoft Monday and Nintendo sometime this month. Last year Nintendo Direct was June 21 so may be around that time.



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Video game is dead.

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Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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Day one had nothing for me. Perhaps day 2 will have.... something?

Re: Summer Game Fest 2024 - June 7th 5pm EST
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I'm down with physical Alan Wake II and that very last game they showed.  That's mostly it.  I didn't think it was a bad show, though.  Nothing was particualrly embarassing, just a lot of stuff that wasn't for me.