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300+ Positive Reviews on Facebook
80+ 100% Satisfaction Positive Reviews on Fiverr
1 Positive Review on Livejournal (Don't sell on here much obviously, lol)

0 negative reviews EVER on ANYTHING :)
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Just picked up a couple of games from Caiterz; Fair price, quick delivery.  Thank you very much!!!


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Very thorough with answering any questions I asked, even sending additional pictures. Prices were honest and fair, and shipping was fast and kept the items secure. They all arrived in the same shape as described, with a checklist inside to confirm what I bought. C:

Caiterz is super friendly, and I definitely intend to do business with her again sometime! <3

(BTW, this seriously made my day. I, like, couldn't even handle myself when I found it in the box. > w<)
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