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I can't wait for some of these updates, especially updated Price Charting hopefully, and collection value! Thanks for all the hard work


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how is the list progressing? Also are you looking at an updated search algorithm?
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Here's another great idea to add to your list. Have the programmers add an extra field to the edit page allowing the editor to give optional remarks or source citing for the change. I have had many incorrect rejections and had to re-submit using the Alternate Name field for my comments. That so far has seemed to work. Of course, my comment will get rejected.

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I found the VGcollect a great tool  for catalog my retro games. I love the way it works and are organized, but i have a few sugestions that i think could improve.

- Export option to choose the fields to export to csv

- Rarity field on description

For the rarity field the easy way is to be a manual input. Other possibility could be the auto mode to get this feed on digitpress or retrocollect (EU versions) websites