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Re: Looking for - Dreamcast White Label Promos
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All I'm really after at the moment are as follows:

GBA: Harry Potter Collection [EU]

NES: Dragon Warrior II, III and IV [US]

PS1: Dragon Warrior VII [US], Digimon World [US]

The first one in particular is rather tricky, seeing as I'm American. Proper listings of the real deal are hard to find.

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Hello, I am looking for the Following games factory sealed / NIB for the Panasonic 3DO:

Need For Speed
Space Ace
Carrier: Fortress At Sea
Road Rash

I live in the US and will do business through Paypal or an Ebay Private Auction.

Looking for a Tapwave Zodiac
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Hi guys,

Looking to buy one of these handhelds. If you have one for sale, kindly let me know.

Many thanks

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I have started to collect snes games, NTSC versions. I am looking for as mint as possible, non sealed copies of these games:

- Super Metroid
- Zelda A Link to the past
- Contra 3
- Turtles in time
- Super Mario world
- Secret of mana
- Super Castlevania 4
- Donkey Kong country 1,2 & 3
- Super punch out
- Mega Man X, X2 & X3
- Super ghouls & ghosts
- Aladdin
- Demons Crest
- Castlevania Dracula x
- Hagane
- Joe & Mac
- Super R-Type
- Super tennis
- Aero Fighters
- Pocky and Rocky



Wanted: Cheap yet desirable Japanese Mega Drive game
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I modded a Sega Nomad recently and I'm looking for a cheap ($20 or less) Japanese Mega Drive game to test one of the mods. Would be awesome to get one of the Sonic games or something like Golden Axe. As long as it has been confirmed working then I don't care if it's complete or not. Again, my budget is $20.

Thanks in advance.


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Was wondering if there's away to still get Gauntlet Seven Sorrows on Xbox Marketplace? (Digital Version) in USA. Or a code that could still be redeemed or something? I'm probably a bit late to the party here, just just curious. Happy Collecting, y'all!

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It isn't playable on X1/XS though, you'd have to play on an Xbox 360.

Thanks! Yeah, too bad I couldn't play on XS. :/