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Re: Consoles beyond 6th gen worthless
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Honestly a lot of people work behind a computer all and sometimes they just don't want to sit behind or even deal with a computer but want to just play a game. Also if you're worried about patches/DLC just get the GOTY/greatest hits/whatever the hell else those are called since those usually containt that stuff...


Re: Consoles beyond 6th gen worthless
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I just figure someone's backing up most of this stuff... some of it will inevitably become lost to the sands of digital time.

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This is why the PS4 Pro and XB1X really put a span in the works for my longterm collecting of those consoles: I will want to play these games on original hardware, but with the best performance, so I'll have to buy the upgrades and then get started with all the game updates once again. Trouble is, I absolutely love my Forza XB1 revving up and was very happy with my Nathan Drake bundle.

For Wii U, this is fine so long as my consoles don't give up on me. However, people can print off these inlays and this highlights the importance of buying sealed for me, which ij turn would be problematic when buying later down the line after the servers are gone.

I'm sure we'll see a comprehensive Netflix style library available to us at some point, which isn't the same, but I hope the solution comes sooner than later.