Author Topic: VGCOLLECT Auction for Pre-Order of State of Decay 2 - Ultimate Edition  (Read 4572 times)


Hey guys I'm having a unique forum auction here on video game collect go check it out follow the link!,

          Donald Stafford
        State of Decay 2 - Ultimate Edition - Xbox One Pre-Order


Starting Bid amount:
                                1 random physical console working order game equals 1 point

           03 April. 2018 9:00pm PST

         May 13, 2018 9:00pm PST 
1. State of Decay 2 - Ultimate Edition format is physical only
2. the physical console game bids must be in playable working order
2.The winner will be Messaged and provided tracking



its real. i clean out unwanted games to add to my collection you should bid


why would anyone bid on an unreleased game?


because you would have it the day it comes out.   and this is an easy and cheap way to get the games. I'm taking games you cant pawn or sell and giving you a day one release brand new games for you boxed up unsellable games


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I think people are just confused, not attacking you. This auction is not very clear. Do you want people to pay you with actual games, instead of PayPal or money? Does that mean I can bid with cheap copies of NHL '04 or Pac-Man on Atari 2600?

And it's odd. I've never heard of such a thing. Ranting on your potential customers for being understandably confused, is probably the last way to make a sale, though.


We also have marketplace rules here:,5314.0.html

Please don't create multiple threads. You should just have one active thread instead of creating a new one each day advertising the same things.

With all that said, this is not a huge community for trading/selling, and the transactions that do happen usually occur between longtime users who have established a reputation with the forum. Just a heads up that people will naturally be suspicious/skeptical, especially if it's a transaction that is not the usual straightforward sell/trade.
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please, help me word it.


I want people to pay you with actual games, instead of PayPal or money! :D   That means I you bid with any working order console game.   

copies of NHL '94 sega cd or Pac-Man on Atari 2600!

all working order games for consoles are eligible for bidding