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Marketplace rules / guidelines
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Listing rules:
  • Each user should only have one active selling thread. If it becomes messy and you want to create a new one, please message mods so that we can lock your old thread.
  • Pictures of the items must be posted, along with a tiny note with your username on it. This is to prove that you actually have the item that you're selling. Cropped or stock images are not allowed.  If you're selling a large number of items, pictures upfront aren't required, but must be available upon request, however a detailed list of items must be provided including important information such as condition.
  • If you're only signing up to sell stuff then you're not welcome here.
  • There is a stickied Looking For/ISO thread, if you're looking to buy stuff, post there.

Allowed items:
  • Games and other merchandise related to games
  • Non-gaming items - as long as it's not the only stuff you're selling. So if you're listing games and want to see if anyone's interested in DVDs, or music, or comics, then that's okay too.

Banned items:
  • Cell phones and other similar electronics
  • Counterfeit items (game related items are fine as long as they are listed and correctly described as being bootlegs)
  • Burned media containing pirated game ISOs or ROMs

Acceptable payment methods:
  • PayPal (Goods and Services)
  • Other electronic payment methods that can be disputed in the case of a scam
  • Money orders (We highly recommend USPS money orders for US-based transactions due to their security)

Banned payment methods:
  • Western Union payments of any kind (they're used quite a bit in fraud scams)
  • PayPal Gift Payments (except in certain cases, like selling to trustworthy sellers or if you're only paying for shipping costs for an item)
  • Direct bank deposits (European traders may use these between themselves since their banks have increased security measures)
  • Cash (some users are allowed to receive or send cash as payment)
If you use any of the methods listed above to send payment, you do so at your own risk; there's a history of USPS employees stealing envelopes that have cash inside and the USPS will not help you if your envelope is lost.

List of users who are allowed to send and receive cash payments (as of 11/5/2014):
  • Disgaeniac

VGCollect is not responsible for any user transactions. All transactions are responsibility of the users and this forum's administrators will not act as mediators in the event of a dispute. If sufficient evidence is collected against a user he or she can be permanently banned from the site and the service.

The above rules are not final and may be amended in the future if necessary and as situations change. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please leave a message in the Site Feedback section of the forum. Thank you.

-- The moderation staff
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