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Limited and Obscure releases
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The Limited Run Games thread wasn't being maintained and the other obscure/limited companies get left behind, so I've decided to throw together a obscure/limited thread to track all of the limited/obscure releases.  I'll break them down by company and then by platform and try to include as much information as possible.  I intend to continually update this post.

For those interested, I started a discord server a while back with the explicit intent of tracking limited/obscure releases.  We have company representatives from most companies.

Limited Release Google Calendar
Quote from: *Legend*
Grape - Limited Run Games
Sage - Play-Asia
Tomato - Super Rare Games
Tangerine - Strictly Limited Games
Flamingo - Red Art Games
Graphite - Special Reserve Games
Banana - Hard Copy Games

Limited Run Games
N/A: Lawbreakers (PS4) - 5,000 copies/2,500 CE 1
LRG#1: Breach & Clear (PS Vita) - 1,500 copies
LRG#2: Saturday Morning RPG (PS4) - 1,980 copies
LRG#3: Saturday Morning RPG (PS Vita) - 2,500 copies
LRG#4: Oddworld: New 'N Tasty (PS4) - 5,000 copies
LRG#5: Oddworld: New 'N Tasty (PS Vita) - 2,500 copies
LRG#6: Futuridium EP Deluxe (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#7: Futuridium EP Deluxe (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies
LRG#8: Xeodrifter (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#9: Xeodrifter (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#10: Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#11: Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS Vita) - 3,500 copies
LRG#12: Lost Sea (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#13: Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype (PS Vita) - 3,200 copies
LRG#14: Breach & Clear: Deadline (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#15: Rainbow Moon (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#16: Rainbow Moon (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#17: Shadow Complex (PS4) - 7,500 copies
LRG#18: Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#19: Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#20: Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics (PS4) - 5,000 copies
LRG#21: Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics (PS Vita) - 5,000 copies
LRG#22: Thomas Was Alone (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#23: Thomas Was Alone (PS Vita) - 4,000 copies
LRG#24: Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut (PS4) - 6,000 copies
LRG#25: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (PS4) - 6,000 copies
LRG#26: Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition (PS4) - 3,600 copies
LRG#27: Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition (PS Vita) - 3,600 copies
LRG#28: Volume (PS Vita) - 4,800 copies
LRG#29: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (PS Vita) - 5,500 copies
LRG#30: Lone Survivor (PS4) - 3,600 copies
LRG#31: Lone Survivor (PS Vita) - 3,600 copies
LRG#32: Firewatch (PS4) - 7,300 copies
LRG#33: Curses 'N Chaos (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#34: Curses 'N Chaos (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#35: Aqua Kitty DX (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#36: Aqua Kitty DX (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#37: Oxenfree (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#38: The Swapper (PS4) - 3,300 copies
LRG#39: The Swapper (PS Vita) - 3,300 copies
LRG#40: The Swindle (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#41: The Swindle (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#42: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (PS4) - 5,000 copies
LRG#43: Runner2 (PS Vita) - 4,500 copies
LRG#44: Runner2 (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#45: Nova-111 (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#46: Nova-111 (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#47: Pang Adventures (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#48: Dariusburst CS (PS4) - 2,800 copies (Standard)/2,000 (Limited)
LRG#49: Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#50: Ray Gigant (PS Vita) - 5,000 copies
LRG#51: Astebreed (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#52: Drive! Drive! Drive! (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#53: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#54: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#55: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#56: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#57: Risk of Rain (PS Vita) - 4,000 copies
LRG#58: Risk of Rain (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#59: Flinthook (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#60: Broken Age (PS4) - 4,500 copies
LRG#61: Broken Age (Vita) - 4,500 copies
LRG#62: Furi: Definitive edition (PS4) - 4,800 copies
LRG#63: Deemo (Vita) - 4,500 copies
LRG#64: Bard's Gold (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#65: Bard's Gold (Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#66: Dariusburst CS (Vita) - 4,000 copies
LRG#67: The Bunker (PS4) - 3,700 copies
LRG#68: RIVE (PS4) - 3,800 copies
LRG#69: Oceanhorn (Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#70: Oceanhorn (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#71: Plague Road (Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#72: Plague Road (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#73: Wonder Boy (PS4) - 5,000 copies/3,000 copies LE3
LRG#74: Night Trap (PS4) - 5,000 copies/3,000 copies LE
LRG#75: Neurovoider (PS4) - 3,500 copies
LRG#76: Jotun (PS4) - 4,800 copies
LRG#77: Lili (PS4) - 2,900 copies/1,900 copies LE
LRG#78: N++ (PS4) - 4,800 copies
LRG#79: Asdivine Hearts (Vita) - 3,800 copies
LRG#80: Asdivine Hearts (PS4) - 4,800 copies
LRG#81: Ys Origins (Vita) - 6,575 copies/3,000 copies LE
LRG#82: Ys Origins (PS4) - 8,300 copies/3,000 copies LE/1,500 copies PAX variant
LRG#83: The Flame in the Flood (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#84: Caladrius Blaze (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#85: Absolute Drift Zen edition (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#86: Chariot (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#87: Mecho Tales (Vita) - 1,500 copies/1,000 DE
LRG#88: Mecho Tales (PS4) - 1,500 copies/1,000 DE
LRG#89: Crawl (PS4) - 3,800 copies
LRG#90: Nex Machina (PS4) - 4,500 copies/3,000 LE
LRG#91: Windjammers (Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#92: Windjammers (PS4) - 3,800 copies
LRG#93: La-Mulana (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies/2,500 copies LE
LRG#94: Steamworld Dig (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#95: Steamworld Heist (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#96: Rock Boshers DX (PS Vita) - 2,500 copies
LRG#97: Skullgirls (PS4) - 7,109 copies*
LRG#98: Senko no Ronde 2 (PS4) - 3,000 copies/1,000 PAX/2,000 LE
LRG#99: Rock Boshers DX (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#100: Skullgirls (Vita) - 3,831 copies*
LRG#101: Claire extended cut (Vita) - 2,500 copies
LRG#102: Claire extended cut (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#103: River city Melee (PS4) - 2,900 copies
LRG#104: Double Dragon IV (PS4) - 3,900 copies
LRG#105: 2064 ROM (PS4) - 6,192 copies (3 separate covers at 2064 copies each)
LRG#106: Super Gunworld 2 (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#107: Yesterday Origins (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#108: Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#109: Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#110: Revenant Saga (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#111: Revenant Saga (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#112: The BIT.TRIP (PS4) - 3,000 copies/900 PAX
LRG#113: The BIT.TRIP (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies/900 PAX
LRG#114: Screencheat (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#115: Sky Force Anniversary (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#116: Sky Force Anniversary (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#117: Croixleur Sigma (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#118: Croixleur Sigma (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#119: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies/1,000 PAX/2,000 CE
LRG#120: Organ Trail (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#121: Factotum 90 (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies/500 BE
LRG#122: Factotum 90 (PS4) - 2,000 copies/500 BE
LRG#123: Nurse Love Addiction (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies/1,500 ME
LRG#124: The Metronomicon (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#125: Organ Trail (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#126: Lethal League (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#127: Home (PS Vita) - 2,500 copies
LRG#128: Home (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#129: Super Hydorah (PS4) - 2,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRG#130: Kero Blaster (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#131: Thimbleweed Park (PS4) - 3,500 copies/2,500 BBE
LRG#132: Kill The Bad Guy (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#133: Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight (PS4) - 4,800 copies
LRG#134: (LR-VR01) Pixel Gear (PS4/VR) - 1,800 copies
LRG#135: (LR-P83) Typoman (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#136: (LR-P84) Future Unfolding (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#137: (LR-V52) Siralim (PS Vita) - 1,800 copies
LRG#138: (LR-P87) Siralim (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#139: Magicka 2 (PS4) - 3,500 copies
LRG#140: (LR-P87) Volume (PS4/VR) - 3,000 copies
LRG#141: Escape Goat 2 (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#142: Ace of Seafood (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#143: Aaero (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#144: Cosmic Star Heroine (PS4) - ?? copies/3,000 CE*
LRG#145: Cosmic Star Heroine (PS Vita) - ?? copies/2,000 CE*
LRG#146: Antiquia Lost (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#147: Antiquia Lost (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies
LRG#148: Toto Temple Deluxe (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#149: Super Hydorah (PS Vita) - ?? copies/2,000 CE 2
LRG#150: Pixeljunk Monsters 2 (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 CE*
LRG#151: Iron Crypticle (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#152: Splasher (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#153: Kingdom New Lands (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 CE*
LRG#154: Musynx (PS4) - ?? copies*
LRG#155: Musynx (PS Vita) - ?? copies*
LRG#156: Xenon Valkyrie+ (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#157: Xenon Valkyrie+ (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#158: Exile's End (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#159: Exile's End (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#160: Va-11 Hall-A (PS Vita) - 4,800 copies/2,300 CE
LRG#161: 2064 Read Only Memories (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#162: Observer (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#163: Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit: Full Course (PS Vita) - 4,800 copies/3,000 CE
LRG#164: Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive (PS4) - 3,000 copies/1,900 CE
LRG#165: Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds (PS Vita) - 2,500 copies/1,400 CE
LRG#166: Salt & Sanctuary (PS4) - 2,800 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#167: Salt & Sanctuary (PS Vita) - 1,800 copies/1,000 CE
LRG#168: Everspace Galactic Edition (PS4) - ?? copies*
LRG#169: Hue (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#170: Hue (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#171: Neurovoider (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#172: Thumper (PS4/VR) - ?? copies/1,000 CE*
LRG#173: Bastion (PS Vita) - ?? copies*
LRG#174: Bastion (PS4) - ?? copies*
LRG#175: Gunhouse (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#176: Gunhouse (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#177: Another World (PS Vita) - 1,500 copies/1,000 CE
LRG#178: Late Shift (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#179: Narcosis (PS4) - 2,800 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#180: Another World (PS4) - 2,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#181: Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition (PS4) - 4,000 copies
LRG#182: 8-bit Adventure Anthology Volume 1 (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#183: Dragon's Lair Trilogy (PS4) - 3,000 copies/2,300 CE
LRG#184: Jak and Daxter (PS4) - 5,000 copies/3,000 CE
LRG#185: Defender's Quest (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#186: Defender's Quest (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#187: Mages of Mystralia (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#188: To The Top (PSVR) - 1,800 copies
LRG#189: Dragon Sinker (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#190: Dragon Sinker (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#191: Siralim 2 (PS Vita) - 2,100 copies
LRG#192: Siralim 2 (PS4) - 1,500 copies
LRG#193: Night Trap (PS Vita) - 1,400 copies/1,400 CE
LRG#194: Double Switch (PS4) - ?? copies/2,000 CE*
LRG#195: Rabi-Ribi (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#196: Rabi-Ribi (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#197: Battle Chef Brigade (PS4) - 2,500 copies/1,300 BE
LRG#198: Race the Sun (PS4/VR) - 2,000 copies
LRG#199: Race the Sun (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#200: Butcher (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#201: Lumines Remasters (PS4) - ?? copies/1,000 DE/400 UE
LRG#202: Headlander (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#203: Rain World (PS4) - 2,500 copies
LRG#204: King of Fighters 97 (PS4) - 5,000 copies/2,500 CE
LRG#205: King of Fighters 97 (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#206: Koihime Enbu Ryorairai (PS4) - 2,500 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#207: Celeste (PS4) - ?? copies/2,000 CE*
LRG#208: Sundered (PS4) - 3,000 copies
LRG#209: Iconoclasts (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies/1,000 CE
LRG#210: Iconoclasts (PS4) - 3,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#211: Neonwall (PS4/VR) - 1,800 copies
LRG#212: Jak II (PS4) - 5,000 copies/3,500 CE
LRG#213: Tacoma (PS4) - 2,800 copies
LRG#214: Dragon Fantasy (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#215: Fernz Gate (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#216: Fernz Gate (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#217: Game Tengoku Cruisinmix Special (PS4) - 2,000 copies/1,400 PBE
LRG#218: Light Tracer (PS4/PSVR) - 1,800 copies
LRG#219: Proteus (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#220: Spelunky (PS4) - 3,000 copies/3,000 CE
LRG#221: Spelunky (PS Vita) - 3,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#222: Tales from space: Mutant Blobs (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies
LRG#225: Guacamelee (PS Vita) - 2,600 copies
LRG#226: Pix the Cat (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies
LRG#227: Forma.8 (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies
LRG#229: London Detective Mysteria (PS Vita) - 2,800 copies
LRG#232: House in Fata Morgana (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies/1,000 CE
LRG#233: Nurse Love Syndrome (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRG#234: Dragon Fantasy (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies
LRG#235: Chronus Arc (PS Vita) - 2,300 copies
LRG#236: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#240: Alone with You (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies/400 CE
LRG#241: Alone with You (PS4) - 1,800 copies/400 CE
LRG#242: Chronus Arc (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#243: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 CE*
LRG#244: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (PS3) - 4,000 copies/2,500 CE
LRG#245: Forma.8 (PS4) - 1,800 copies
LRG#247: Super Mutant Alien Assault (PS Vita) - 2,000 copies
LRG#249: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 CE*
LRG#250: A Hole New World (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#251: Bomb Chicken (PS4) - ?? copies*
LRG#252: Stikbold (PS4) - 1,800 copies
LRG#253: Project LUX (PSVR) - 2,000 copies
LRG#254: Giga Wrecker ALT (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 CE
LRG#255: The First Tree (PS4) - 2,300 copies
LRG#257: Prison Boss VR (PS4/VR) - 1,800 copies
LRG#258: Jak 3 (PS4) - 7,500 copies/3,500 CE
LRG#259: House in Fata Morgana (PS4) - 2,000 copies/1,000 CE
LRG#261: Aegis Defenders (PS4) - 2,000 copies
LRG#262: Freedom Planet (PS4) - 3,500 copies
LRG#263: Battle Garegga Rev2016 (PS4) - 3,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#264: A-Train Express (PS4/PSVR) - 2,300 copies
LRG#265: Transistor (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 copies
LRG#266: Doctor Dekker (PS4) - 1,500 copies
LRG#267: Desert Child (PS4) - 1,800 copies
LRG#268: Striker's Edge (PS4) - 1,500 copies
LRG#269: Airheart (PS4) - 1,500 copies
LRG#270: Oddworld: New N' Tasty (PS3) - 2,500 copies/1,800 CE
LRG#271: Psychonauts (PS4) - ?? copies/2,500 PPE
LRG#273: Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (PS4) - 7,500 copies/3,000 CE
LRG#274: Mercenary Kings (PS4) - 2,000 copies/1,500 CE
LRG#275: Tharsis (PS4) - 1,500 copies
LRG#276: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (PS4) - ?? copies/2,000 ME
LRG#277: Rogue Legacy (PS4) - ?? copies
LRG#278: Pix the Cat (PS4) - 1,500 copies
LRG#279: Corpse Killer (PS4) - ?? copies/1,500 CE
LRG#280: Super ComboMan (PS4) - 1,800 copies
LRG#281: Red Faction (PS4) - 3,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRG#282: Red Matter (PS4/PSVR) - 2,000 copies

Nintendo Switch*
N/A: Oceanhorn - 7,000 copies1
N/A: Layers of Fear - ?? copies1
LRS#001: Thimbleweed Park - 11,000 copies/3,000 BBE
LRS#002: Mercenary Kings - 6,000 copies/3,000 TTB
LRS#003: Flinthook - 6,000 copies/3,000 TTB
LRS#004: Pixeljunk Monsters 2 - 4,500 copies/2,500 CE
LRS#005: Saturday Morning RPG - 7,500 copies/2,500 CE
LRS#006: Slime-San - 4,500 copies/2,500 CE
LRS#007: Kingdom New Lands - 5,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRS#008: Night Trap - 13,000 copies/3,000 CE
LRS#009: Thumper - 5,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRS#010: Oxenfree - 6,000 copies
LRS#011: West of Loathing - 7,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRS#012: Dust - 9,000 copies/3,000 CE
LRS#013: Yooka Laylee - 12,000 copies/3,000 CEB [12,000]
LRS#014: Furi - 5,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRS#015: Golf Story - 18,000 copies/4,000 CEB [?,???]
LRS#016: Broken Age - 6,000 copies
LRS#017: Outlast Bundle of Terror - 10,000 copies/2,000 Trinity Bundle
LRS#018: Outlast 2 - 10,000 copies/2,000 Trinity Bundle
LRS#019: Battle Chef Brigade - 6,000 copies/2,000 BEB [5,000]
LRS#020: Cosmic Star Heroine - 7,000 copies
LRS#021: Shantae: Pirate's Curse - 12,100 copies/2,900 CE
LRS#022: Windjammers - 6,100 copies/1,900 CEB [5,000]
LRS#023: Celeste - 22,500 copies/2,500 CEB [8,000]
LRS#024: Danmaku Unlimited 3 - 7,000 copies
LRS#025: Iconoclasts - 8,500 copies/2,500 CE
LRS#026: Another World - 5,000 copies/1,000 CE
LRS#027: Lumines Remastered - 7,000 copies/2,000 DE/600 UEB
LRS#028: Super Meat Boy - ?? copiesB
LRS#029: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove - ?? copies/2,500 CEB
LRS#030: The Escapists: Complete Edition - ?? copies
LRS#031: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - ?? copies/3,000 CEB
LRS#032: Bomb Chicken - 5,000 copies
LRS#033: Giga Wrecker Alt - 5,000 copies/2,000 CEB
LRS#034: Aegis Defenders - 4,000 copiesB [2,500]
LRS#035: Freedom Planet - 6,000 copies/2,000 CEB
LRS#036: Dragon's Lair Trilogy - 8,000 copies/2,000 CE
LRS#037: Momodora - 6,000 copies/2,000 DEB
LRS#038: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - 8,000 copies/3,000 ME
LRS#039: Transistor - ?? copies/2,500 CEB
LRS#040: Rogue Legacy - ?? copiesB
LRS#041: Double Switch - ?? copies/1,500 copies

Wii U
Axiom Verge - 6,000 copies

The Silver Case HD - 1,970 copies
LawBreakers - ?? copies*
Night Trap - 2,500 copies
Pixeljunk Monsters 2 - ?? copies*
Kingdom New Lands - 500 copies
SIGIL - ?? copies*
Celeste - ?? copies*
Spelunky - 1,000 copies CE
Glittermitten Grove/Frog Fractions 2 - 1,000 copies CE

Quote from: Not Numbered, but Confirmed.  (All Platforms)
With dates/release windows
July 19th
Rogue Legacy (NS/PS4)
Double Switch (NS)

July 26th
Hover (PS4)

Atari Flashback Classics (PS Vita)

November 19th
Shenmue 3 CE (PC/PS4)

Quote from: Not Numbered, but Confirmed.  (All Platforms)
Without dates/release windows.  Sorted alphabetically
Accounting+ (PSVR)
Atooi Collection (3DS)
Bad North (NS)
Battle Princess Madelyn (PS4)
Blaster Master Zero (NS)
Blazing Chrome (NS/PS4)
Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka (PS4/PS Vita)
Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo (PS4/PS Vita)
Dark Devotion (NS/PS4)
Deadbolt (PS4/PS Vita)
Fault Milestone One (PS4)
Forgotton Anne (NS/PS4)
Narcissu (PS4)
Night in the Woods (NS/PS4)
Nuclear Throne (PS4)
Papers, Please (PS Vita)
Real Myst (NS)
Red Faction 2 (PS4)
Revenant Dogma (PS4/PS Vita)
Revenge of the Bird King (PS Vita)
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (PS3/PS Vita)
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (PS4/PS Vita)
Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita/NS)
Super Meat Boy Forever (PS4/NS)
Turok (NS)
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (NS)
Va11-Ha11-A (NS/PS4)
World End Economica Episode 1 (PS4)
World End Economica Episode 2 (PS4)
World End Economica Episode 3 (PS4)

*Open preorder and print numbers may not have been officially announced.
1This release doesn't have an associated number and isn't considered as part of a complete LRG set.
2This release doesn't have a print number stated on the product page.
3This release also had/will have a full retail release.
BThis release had/will have a retail release with Best Buy.
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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
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More limited, obscure, interesting, and other such information

Strictly Limited Games
SLG#01: Tokyo 42 (PS4) - 2,600 copies
SLG#02: Gryphon Knight Epic (PS4) - 999 copies
SLG#03: 99 Vidas (PS4/PS Vita) - 1,400 copies/300 CE per platform
SLG#04: Guns, Gore, and Cannoli (PS4) - 1,500 copies
SLG#05: Bunny Must Die (PS4/PS Vita) - 1,600 copies per platform
SLG#06: Immortal Redneck (PS4) - 1,600 copies
SLG#07: Knights of Pen & Paper (PS4) - 1,600 copies
SLG#08: Steredenn (PS4) - 1,900 copies
SLG#09: Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax (PS4) - 2,000 copies (1,000 per variant)
SLG#10: Pankapu (PS4) - 1,800 copies
SLG#11: Gundemoniums (PS4/PS Vita) - 1,800 copies (per platform)
SLG#12: Sayonara Umiharakawase++ (PS Vita) - 1,994 copies/999 CE
SLG#13: Fox n Forests (PS4/NS) - 1,700/3,000 copies respectively/ 700/1,000 CE respectively
SLG#14: Hyper Sentinel (PS4) - 1,600 copies
SLG#15: Velocity 2X (NS) - 2,500 copies/1,500 CE
SLG#16: Wonder Boy Returns (PS4) -  1,700 copies/1,300 CE
SLG#17: R-type Dimensions EX (PS4/NS) - ?? copies
SLG#18: Raging Justice (NS/PS4) - ?? copies
SLG#19: Ultracore (NS/PS4) - ?? copies
SLG#20: Necrosphere (PS4/PS Vita) - ?? copies
SLG#21: 99 Vidas (NS) - ?? copies
SLG#??: Vasara (PS4/PS Vita/NS) - ?? copies

Play-Asia Exclusives
PS4 Some titles appear to have reprints
unnumbered: Aerea
EAS-P4001: Blue Rider - 2,500 CE
EAS-P4002: Cursed Castilla EX - 3,000 copies
EAS-P4003: Alchemist Jousts - 1,888 CE
EAS-P4004: Semispheres - 2,000 copies (1,000/color)
EAS-P4005: Ghost Blade HD - 3,000 CE
EAS-P4006: RIVE - 2,500 copies (1k orange, 1.5k blue)
EAS-P4007: Tachyon Project - 2,000 copies
EAS-P4008: Caveman Warriors - 2,600 copies
EAS-P4009: Unepic - 500 copies
EAS-P4010: Vesta - 2,000 copies
EAS-P4011: The Coma: Recut - 2,000 copies
EAS-P4012: Bleed & Bleed 2 - 3,000 copies
EAS-P4013: Defenders of Ekron - 1,500 copies
EAS-P4014: One More Dungeon - 1,000 copies
EAS-P4015: Dimension Drive - 2,000 copies
EAS-P4016: Devious Dungeon - 1,000 copies
EAS-P4017: Reverie - 3,000 copies
EAS-P4018: X-Morph: Defense - 3,000 copies
EAS-P4019: Rainbow Moon - Open Preorder
EAS-P4020: Rainbow Skies - Open Preorder
EAS-P4021: Shikhondo: Soul Eater - 3,000 copies
EAS-P4022: Blacksea Oddysey - 1,500 copies
EAS-P4023: Fall of Light: Darkest Edition - 2,000 copies
EAS-P4024: Leap of Fate - 1,200 copies
EAS-P4025: Sword & Fairy 6 - ??
EAS-P4026: RYM 9000 - 1,600 copies
EAS-P4027: Fast Striker - 2,200 copies
EAS-P4028: Earth Atlantis - 1,700 copies
EAS-P4029: unannounced - ??
EAS-P4030: GhoulBoy - 1,000 copies
EAS-P4031: Oniken + Odallus Collection - 1,200 copies
EAS-P4032: Furwind - 1,000 copies
EAS-P4033: Death Road to Canada - 1,500 copies
EAS-P4034: unannounced - ??
EAS-P4035: Ghost 1.0 - 1,000 LE

PS Vita
VLAS-36106: Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype (PS Vita) - 5,000 copies
EAS-PV001: Tachyon Project - 2,000 copies
EAS-PV002: Semispheres - 1,000 copies (per color)
EAS-PV003: Cursed Castilla EX - 4,000 copies
EAS-PV004: Unepic - 500 copies
EAS-PV005: One More Dungeon - 1,000 copies
EAS-PV006: Sir Eatsalot - 2,000 copies
EAS-PV007: Reverie - 3,000 copies
EAS-PV008: Devious Dungeon - 1,250 copies
EAS-PV009: Rainbow Moon - Open Preorder
EAS-PV010: Rainbow Skies - Open Preorder
EAS-PV011: Severed - 3,000 copies
EAS-PV012: STAY - 1,300 copies
EAS-PV013: Fast Striker - 2,200 copies
EAS-PV014: Super Destronaut DX - 1,000 copies
EAS-PV015: Ghoulboy - 1,000 copies
EAS-PV016: Pato Box - 1,500 copies
EAS-PV017: I am the Hero - 1,300 copies
EAS-PV018: Furwind - 1,500 copies
EAS-PV019: unannounced -
EAS-PV020: Devious Dungeon 2 - 1,000 copies
EAS-PV021: unannounced -
EAS-PV022: unannounced -
EAS-PV023: unannounced -
EAS-PV024: Back in 1995 - 1,000 copies

Nintendo Switch
EAS-SW001: Dimension Drive - 2,000 copies/3,000 LE
EAS-SW002: RXN -Raijin - 1,000 copies/3,000 LE
EAS-SW003: Shikhondo: Soul Eater - 2,000 copies/3,000 LE
EAS-SW004: Reverie: Sweet As Edition - 2,000 copies/3,000 LE
EAS-SW005: Oniken + Odallus Collection - 2,000 copies/3,000 LE
EAS-SW006: Pato Box - 3,000 copies/2,000 LE
EAS-SW007: Death Road to Canada - 2,500 copies/2,500 LE
EAS-SW008: Panty Party - 3,000 LE
EAS-SW009: Ghost 1.0 + Unepic Collection - 2,000 copies/2,000 LE
EAS-SW01X: Ghost Blade HD - ??
EAS-SW00X: unannounced -
EAS-SW00X: unannounced -
EAS-SW00X: unannounced -

EAS-0001: Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer - 3,000 copies

Super Rare Games
Nintendo Switch

SuRG#1: Human Fall Flat - 5,000 copies
SuRG#2: The Flame and the Flood - 5,000 copies
SuRG#3: Shelter Generations - 3,000 copies
SuRG#4: Lovers in the Dangerous Spacetime - 3,000 copies
SuRG#5: Mutant Mudds Collection - 4,000 copies
SuRG#6: Worms W.M.D. - 4,000 copies
SuRG#7: Snake Pass - 4,000 copies
SuRG#8: N++ Ultimate Edition - 4,000 copies
SuRG#9: Steredenn - 3,000 copies
SuRG#10: Adventure Pals - 4,000 copies
SuRG#11/12: Knights of Pen and Paper 1+2 - 3,000 copies
SuRG#13: QUBE 2 - 4,000 copies
SuRG#14: Fairune Collection - 4,000 copies
SuRG#15: Lone Wolf - 4,000 copies
SuRG#16: Earthlock - 5,000 copies/1,000 CE
SuRG#17: Machinarium - 5,000 copies

Special Reserve Games
SRG#001: Strafe - 2,000 copies/1,000 LRG
SRG#002: Shadow Warrior 2 - 2,500 copies/1,000 LRG
SRG#003: Absolver - 3,250 copies/1,000 LRG
SRG#004: Ruiner - 2,000 copies/1,000 LRG
SRG#005: Enter the Gungeon - 5,000 copies/1,500 LRG
SRG#006: Messenger - ?? copies/?? LRG*
SRG#007: Minit - ?? copies/?? LRG*
SRG#008: Gris - ?? copies/?? LRG*
SRG#00?: Downwell - ?? copies/?? LRG
SRG#00?: Broforce ?? copies/?? LRG
SRG#00?: Metal Wolf Chaos ?? copies/?? LRG

Nintendo Switch
SRGNS#001: Messenger - ?? copies/?? LRG*
SRGNS#002: Minit - ?? copies/?? LRG*

Strafe - 1,000 copies
Absolver - 3,250 copies

(Sorry the logo sucks, there were no good transparent versions)
Hard Copy Games
HCG#001: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human - 1,500 copies
HCG#002: Lichtspeer - 1,500 copies
HCG#003: Elliot Quest - 1,500 copies
HCG#004: The Bridge - 1,500 copies

Red Art Games
RAG#001: The Bard's Tale - 5,000 PS4/3,000 PS Vita
RAG#002: Ice Cream Surfer - 2,000 copies per platform
RAG#003: Demetrios - 999 copies per platform
RAG#004: Riddled Corpses EX - 3,000 copies per platform
RAG#005: Bit Dungeon+ - 2,000 copies per platform
RAG#006: Jack Quest - 999 copies PS4
RAG#007: Fullblast - 1,500 copies PS4
RAG#008: Deer God - PS4/Vita
RAG#009: Old Man's Journey - PS4/NS
RAG#010: Stay - PS4/NS
RAG#011: Oure - PS4
RAG#012: Gekido - PS4/NS

VBlank Entertainment
Retro City Rampage DX (PS4/PS Vita/NS/MS-DOS/"PSP")
Guacamelee! STCE (PS4)
Shakedown Hawaii (PS4/PS Vita/NS)

Warned Collectors
WCPS4#1: Boiling Bolt
WCPS4#2: Dungeon Rushers

Nintendo Switch
WCNS#1: Pankapu
WCNS#2: Dungeon Rushers
WCNS#3: Zombie Night Terrors

Only @ Gamestop + GameTrust
Nintendo Switch
Has-Been Heroes
Katamari Damacy: Reroll
Party Planet
Toki Retrollector Edition

Playstation 4
Cities Skylines
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anny World Tour
Has-Been Heroes
Home Sweet Home
Invisible Hours, The
Killing Floor 2
MotoGP 17
Prototype: Biohazard Bundle
Secret of Mana
Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition
Song of the Deep
Star Child
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Complete Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Unbox: Newbie's Adventure (I've seen this at Walmart)

Xbox One
Cities Skylines
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anny World Tour
Has-Been Heroes
Invisible Hours, The
Killing Floor 2
MotoGP 17
Prototype: Biohazard Bundle
Song of the Deep
Star Child
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Complete Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Other Platforms
Crush 3D (3DS)
Formula One 2009 (Wii)
May's Mystery: Forbidden Memories (NDS)
NASCAR 15 (PS3/360)
Tales of Hearts R (PS Vita)
Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Random Exclusives
Tiny Troopers XL (NS) [Walmart Exclusive] - 5,000 copies

Undertale (PS4/PS Vita)
Slime Rancher (PS4/X1)
Shovel Knight (PS Vita)
Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita) (This is what remains of the original LRG run)
Undertale (NS)3
Hollow Knight (PS4/NS/PC)3

Hyper Light Drifter - 9,000 copies
REZ Infinite
What Remains of Edith Finch
Gang Beasts
Grim Fandango
INSIDE Collector’s Edition
Donut County

Gone Home

Signature Edition games (Brought to you by Merge Games)
Aragami (PS4)3
Candle: The Power of the Flame (PS4)
Count Lucanor (PS4/PS Vita)
Dead Cells (PS4)3
The Long Reach (PS4/PS Vita)
Slain: Back from Hell (PS4/PS Vita)
Sublevel Zero Redux (PS4)
Unbox (PS4)3
Yonder (PS4)3

Nintendo Switch
Candle: The Power of the Flame
The Coma: Recut3
Count Lucanor
Dead Cells3
The Long Reach
Slain: Back from Hell3

Game Fairy (Powered by Headup Games)
Bridge Constructor
Darkest Dungeon3
Dead Cells3
Hero Defense
The Inner World3
Pixel Heroes
Toby: The Secret Mine
Trulon: The Shadow Engine

Nintendo Switch
The Coma3
Darkest Dungeon3
Dead Cells3

Dispatch Games
Penguin Wars (PS4/NS)3
Psyvaria (PS4/NS)3
Soldam (PS4/NS)3

Playstation 4
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Blade Strangers
Crystal Crisis
The End is Nigh
1001 Spikes
Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap

PS Vita

Nintendo Switch
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Blade Strangers (28 August 2018)
Cave Story+
Code of Princess EX (31 July 2018)
Crystal Crisis (27 November 2018)
The End is Nigh
Ittle Dew 2+
Redout (Possibly Cancelled)
RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore
Tiny Barbarian DX
Umihara Kawase Fresh!
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Not confirmed for physical release, but Nicalis is the publisher
Elliot Quest
Knight Terrors
Save me Mr Tako
Super 90s GP

Skybound Games
Limited Editions direct from Publisher, Standard editions at retail.

The Long Dark
Slime Rancher (PS4/X1)
Skull Girls: 2nd Encore (NS)
Gang Beasts (PS4)

Leadman Games
Guacamelee: 1-2 Punch (NS/PS4)
Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition (NS)
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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2018, 04:33:57 pm »
Still have a bit more to add, and I'll add links to active products and more companies.

Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2018, 05:08:34 pm »
God, this generation is going to be a mess to collect for, especially if someone tries once this gen is no longer supported. There are so many of these limited release games that I imagine it'll create massive spikes in price for many of these games down the road. With a some exceptions I'm glad few of these games appeal to me enough to buy them physically.

Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2018, 05:10:34 pm »
Also, didn't Iam8bit do some limited releases, or at least REZ HD?

Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2018, 05:13:27 pm »
I'm still building the OP.

Added iam8bit, Red Art Games, Hard Copy Games, and Fangamer.

Next is Vblank and updating LRG, Gamefairy, and Signature Edition.
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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #6 on: July 19, 2018, 07:53:28 pm »
I will most definitely not get into ps4 collecting wouldn't have time to play those games anyways to much great stuff on older consoles or curren gen nintendo anyways It Really depends if price spikes will happen unless the supply is really small like 100 or less like the ps3 sports game that became crazy expensive.

I personally don't think brand new consoles will have the same effects as the ones in the past as far as collectebility goes if were going many years in the future. Things in the past were not made to be collectible while these days with all these limited edtions and limited run releases the games have been especially made to be collectible. I think the prices will stay the same It's to much of a collectors fest not to mention the super big limited editions which are getting more plentyfull by the day.

Supply is limited but I would be kinda suprised if there would be a massive a amount of collectors in the future hunting down those limited run released ps4 games. The games are usually not games that were meant to be on a ps4 they are more knock offs wanna be pixel style retro games. With ofcourse some modern 3d games here and there.

They will most likely hold there value slight price decrease for the most part but super high price spikes are not really a thing that comes to my mind. unsealed copies will be more rare than factory sealed ones that's one thing that I can guarantee.

I wish future collectors the best of luck to collect all these releases might be kinda impossible unless you have a crap ton of money. Not to mention that even if you would decide to buy them all on release It's still pretty pricy since these are brand new games and the amounts released in a short time are getting pretty crazy these days.

You might get lucky as far as price drops go but the interest has to be very low if were going that route, however since there are so many releases and people might lose there focus what to collect since there is so much to choose from it can also cause massive price drops as a beacon of hope for people who might want to snagg them real cheap in the future.

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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #7 on: July 20, 2018, 03:18:45 am »
Awesome list! 

I can't believe how many different "limited" publishers are around these days.


Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #8 on: July 20, 2018, 10:34:32 am »
Ugh, hadn't even heard of some of these..

Fortunately, it's getting easier and easier to not buy these things, there's so many it's vital to really narrow it down to must-haves. So many are nu-retro pixel-things which aren't worth investing in anyway, so that'll keep the spends down.


Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #9 on: July 20, 2018, 01:35:04 pm »
Ugh, hadn't even heard of some of these..

Fortunately, it's getting easier and easier to not buy these things, there's so many it's vital to really narrow it down to must-haves. So many are nu-retro pixel-things which aren't worth investing in anyway, so that'll keep the spends down.

Yeah, not a whole lot fits into stuff that I need to buy/play, so it's getting easier to pass on some of these items. I'm thankful I'm not a PS4 completionist! It gets so difficult now that we're in the era of reboots, remakes, remasters, definitive editions, etc.

Thanks, ignition365, for getting this thread together! Looks great - really appreciate the time you took to work on it.
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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #10 on: July 20, 2018, 02:50:58 pm »
Nice list man! Honestly I think this should be stickied instead of the LRG only thread.
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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #11 on: July 20, 2018, 03:31:31 pm »
VBlank added and LRG, Gamefairy, and Signature Editions updated.

Plan to move Gamefairy, Signature Editions, iam8bit, Fangamer to the second post given that these releases aren't generally "limited"

Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #12 on: July 20, 2018, 10:45:17 pm »
Just saying, Knights of Pen and Paper 1 + 2 (SRG) I believe is going to be a collection, and not separate releases.

Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #13 on: July 21, 2018, 01:11:06 am »
Just saying, Knights of Pen and Paper 1 + 2 (SRG) I believe is going to be a collection, and not separate releases.
Sorry, confirmed to be separate releases.  They might go up for sale the same day, but they are definitely two separate releases.
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Re: Limited and Obscure releases
« Reply #14 on: July 23, 2018, 05:01:38 pm »
Yeah, not a whole lot fits into stuff that I need to buy/play, so it's getting easier to pass on some of these items. I'm thankful I'm not a PS4 completionist! It gets so difficult now that we're in the era of reboots, remakes, remasters, definitive editions, etc.

Thanks, ignition365, for getting this thread together! Looks great - really appreciate the time you took to work on it.

Definitely, it's seriously snowballing now. I can't believe they're rebooting the Bard's Tale - I mean don't get me wrong, horses for courses, but how many gamers are seriously itching for that one to get remade out of all the games from the GC/Xbox/PS2 era? It's just so random.

and where are my manners? Thank you for taking the time to put this together ignition.