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I never would have picked up titles like Tharsis and Wandersong had I looked them up before purchasing them.  :P

How DARE you- Wandersong is amazing and you're a terrible person for saying it's not worth it! I'll have you BANNED for this!

(I kid, I kid- it's super not for everyone. My fiancé would hate it. I just found that funny since it's one I was excited to get.)

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Katamari Damacy REROLL is now sold physically at Best Buy and Walmart if you want to remove it from the GameStop list.


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Two new fun games announced on LRG: Blossom Tales and Dark Devotion ;D

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is a Zelda Like top down Rpg. I had fun playing it and I'm glad I can change my Digital copy to Physical and add it into my collection!

Dark Devotion - Rogue-like side scrolling action game, looks challenging, right up my alley ;D. Have it in my Digital Switch wishlist, time to cross it off and get a Physical copy

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Walmart is now exclusively selling Ubisoft two pack game bundles.

One is the Tom Clancy's Bundle with The Division 2 and a newer version of Rainbow 6 Siege. This is for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Another is a Switch bundle with Mario + Rabbids and Starlink. Starlink being just the game case and not the whole box with toys.

They both have sleeves covering half of the cases.

World of Simulators now has a Switch version with 3 games instead of 5 like the PS4 version. Not sure if that's on Xbox One or not.

There's also a version of Race with Ryan on PS4 with a "Special Offer - Toy Car Inside!" but I'm not sure that's limited to just Walmart.
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I will likely stop updating the OP as i've migrated most of the information to a Google Sheet.  The sheet is linked at the top of the OP.  Myself and a few other people will be updating it as necessary.