Author Topic: Forum Search Problem May Be Spreading Who Else Is Having These Issues?  (Read 239 times)

When The Word "A" Is Use in forum home Search I get a message telling me that that the letter A cannot be used by itself and If You delete the "A" and try again this happens

I have seen this code spread all year, mostly affecting my own searches while logged into the site. It appears to be the same bug as earlier only this time it appears to be more wide spread

When The word A Is Used In forum home Search. if you delete the text and try again. This Happens you get this code now included in more than a few topics

ong class="highlight">Gameong>s

General / Re: 52 ong class="highlight">Gameong>s Challenge *2016*

Video Showcase / Top Ten Must Have GBA ong class="highlight">Gameong>s! What Are Yours?

General / Re: ong class="highlight">Gameong>s That You Think Are Unplayable Or Are?

Edit: I do have some html programming experience and to me it looks like one of the tag codes may not be right  >Gameong>s! that may be what is causing this error

 this may require re reading all the code somewhere and making the needed changes the programming tag should may be something like,

 <ong class="highlight">Gameing</ong> NOT SURE

I can see a possible typo, by someone writing the code mistakenly it may, or may not need to be changed to what I said.

The ong tag might need to be closed properly somewhere.

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