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Re: Do you have any mental disorders or conditions?
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There’s an interesting debate going on.

One side saying we (Americans) are chronically overworked:

The other saying it’s a myth and all in our heads:

All I can say, is I personally identify with a lot of folks on this thread.

Seems it’s normal to not be normal. :)

My son and father-in-law have Tourette’s. The repeated noises or physical tick kind. There’s an excellent book “Reality is Broken” which talks about why gaming is becoming a huge thing.

The author Jane basically believes that people are retreating from reality becuase reality itself is the problem. She believes folks are broken, burned out, and feeling powerless and useless. Games give us opportunities to be powerful, to safely explore possibilities, and to feel like we have value.

Instead of saying games are a problem she proposes that they can be the primer for fixing reality.

Instead of games simply trying to imitate reality and everything wrong with it, she proposes imitate the reality we wish we had. She argues we’d take those positive experiences and concepts with us back into the real world and over time reality would improve.

Interesting concept. If you think about it Star Trek (TOS and STNG) have had a dramatic impact on our reality.

Anyway. Since you brought it up I figured I’d share. :)

I could fill a whole other post with nutrition in the US but I’ll save that for another time.

Short version is check out I did a 10 day juice fast with my family. We are eating solid food again but still making juice for two meals every day. We feel healthier than ever and my wife lost 30lbs.

We didn’t buy his program. We just watched his “Fat sick and nearly dead” on Roku, bought a juicer and used the recipes from his website.

So yeah, work life balance, being careful what media you subject yourself to, and diet can make a huge difference.

Doesn’t magically fix everything but certainly makes things more bearable.
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Re: Do you have any mental disorders or conditions?
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I'm gonna give you the abridged version as I don't want to reveal too much about this considering that this is the internet, after all.

I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2011. This is a type of autism which, while not too limiting as opposed to other classifications on the autistic spectrum (in fact, it's one of the higher types of autism from a functional level), combines the side effects of a few other disorders, including ADHD, OCD, and (although it could be debated if this is a disorder or not) depression.