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What is your biggest collecting regret?
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:01:23 am »
What is your biggest regret during your time collecting? 

Mine has to be when I sold off my Castlevania collection. I had all of them, complete and in great condition with the exception of Castlevania Adventure II and Castlevania Legends, both for the original Game Boy.

It was probably around four years ago. I really needed the money and Konami's decision to pretty much leave console gaming behind made that decision a bit easier.  I pretty much didnt look back until Bloodstained from Iga cropped up on Kickstarter. It made me start longing for wielding the Morning Star again.

Then comes the excellent (in my opinion) Castlevania series on Netflix. Then my wife buys me the NES & SNES Classic systems with Castlevania, Simon's Quest and Super Castlevania IV. And again this Decenber just passed, Simon and Richter are in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Man...that classic Castlevania music. The battle with Dracula where he takes on his second demonic form...I'm really missing those old games.
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Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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I have several.

Not purchasing Panzer Dragoon Saga at $250 back in 2015: I local used media store got a complete, really minty copy of PDS in and had it at $250, which is still a lot of money. At the time it was on the low end of what it typically went for on ebay. I had no idea it would jump to the $500/600 range it currently commands. If I had known I would have bought it without a 2nd though.

Not purchasing Rule of Rose for $90: Very similar situation at PDS; local media store gets it in, is priced on the low end of what it sells for online, pass on it, then it more than doubles in price a few years later.

Selling a lot of my retro gaming collection: This one isn't as much me regretting not picking something up for cheaper, but rather me selling a big chunk of my retro games in 2017 for medical expenses. What made that sting even more is that I found many of those games for dirt cheap with hunting for video games was still very fun and lucrative. I've recently began rebuilding that collection, but I still miss some of the specific copies of games I used to gave.


Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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I dont think I have any regrets. My collection focuses have changed from time to time but its all a learning experience honestly.

Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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Zero regrets but that's mostly because i'm a player first and collector after, so I don't usually buy games that I don't want to play and if I want to play a game that's to expensive or rare i'll just play it on an emulator. I don't have a huge budget so it's either I do that or don't play the game.


Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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I guess buying more than I should and as a result, the build up of unplayed games became bigger and bigger. I remember having like 25 games max prior to getting a job and most of it was on one system but soon as you get money to splurge, the increase started. I dont necessarily regret what I have but I do regret not getting to play them over the years is all if that makes any sense.

Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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On a similar theme to having so many games so little times - Portable games.... I just never get around to them.

I played the heck out of the PSP in my college years but now when I am out I simply never have the need to play a gaming system. I have a DS & 3DS too as many of the games seem like ones I'd love to get around to (the Dragon Quest's being a main example.) But sadly I just never get the time to sit down and experience them. Mostly due to being so busy with my PS4, I'm never short of games to play on that system and usually moving onto another new release/title monthly. I had the exact same problem with the Switch, it was a decent console but I was just too busy with the PS4 to give it the time of day and after a year of it sitting on the shelf I decided to sell it - I think a big part of that was to being dissapointed by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 after i fell in love with the original on Wii.

Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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Buying so many games I don't know what to play, I am hoping after I get surgery on my sinuses I can play more games and actually feel good enough to actually try some of the games I have already. I have a backlog so huge it's close to every single game in my collection. And my collection has more games than what I have on display under my collection. For example I got a 500 full NES game Multicart that has at least 450 games with all levels included on it. and most ever single PS2 Arcade Compilation that I can't add the games to on VGcollect, I was told not to add them and I can see why

But I play video games most times on an easier setting, and I believe in mastering all my video games on each and every setting in the options panel, I know I'll be dead before that could ever happen lol. and that is why I have my signature that, is what I believe. read my Philosophy below you may find it helpful to you :)
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Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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So many games I've regretted buying, not many instances of regretting not buying something, but I'm sure I've been in that scenario.

Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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My biggest regret is to have sold all my game collection  12 years ago when i was like 15 years old ... and there was a lot of rare expensive game...every time i think about that i have an over whelming amount of regret, and at the time the hype for collecting retro game was not as big , so it was for the most part big lots of games i bought for almost nothing to friend , people from school and garage sale. And sometimes videostore where getting rid of those ''ancient time''  games dirt cheap to make space for new generation game. anyways i was in possesion of a lot of big title of super nintendo , nintendo 64 , Nes , etc..with some awesome hardware too. and someday , probably in a state of teenager crisis, I decided i didint need those thing anymore , and i sold EVERYTHING, to a local videogame store that was still at the time buying older game...and i sold it for a fu***** ridiculous amount of money not ridiculous in a good way. Anyways like 6 years later at like 21, the urge to get a lot of thing back and start collecting game again hit me . and since then i have accumulated a lot of awesome game and game related stuff . I've made some incredible deal on stuff since all these years and im really happy with what i have . Im not finish yet entering all my collection on the site , im working on it Lol. oh..and Of course since rebuilding my collection i've regreted a couple of time not getting something at a good price and then later wanting it at higher price  >:( Lol
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Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
« Reply #9 on: January 02, 2019, 12:46:05 am »
I’ve had quite a few, but none so big that I couldn’t forget after a while...
My most recent one was passing on a mint condition Sony HBF1-XV MSX2+ that was being sold for ¥15,000 (around US$ 140.00) at a shop close to my place...

Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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I regret a few things.

1. Selling my NES/SNES games prior to moving across the great pond to Germany. I have a bunch I have spent way more replacing...
2. Selling my GB games when I got a modded SNES in Germany... to buy US SNES games.
3. Giving away all those juicy SNES games in their complete boxes... including Earthbound. Ouch.
4. Shipping my games across country... My Suikoden II + 20ish other games... that never arrived.

I would be so much richer now... Oh well, I love looking at my shelves!


Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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buying so much so fast. when I was in college I had a small collection of games ~50 I was a collector back then but had no disposable income. when I finally got disposable income almost all of it went into buying all the games I had played and wanted. finally after years and a marriage I cut WAY down on the amount of games entering my collection to a fully manageable amount.
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Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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I passed up Little Samson for $50. It was on a store shelf in Memphis for over a year. I had a personal rule of never paying more than $20 on a single game. It was early in my collecting. Samson was about a $100 at the time. I knew I’d find it at a yard sale.

Fast forward to Retropalooza 3 in 2015. I paid a shitload for it.

Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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Trading in my GCN and GBA stuff for a Wii.  It wasn’t a lot, but what I miss most is all the progress on my memory cards.

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Re: What is your biggest collecting regret?
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We've had similar topics in the past, and I was going to respond to this one in a similar fashion - getting rid of the PS1 games i owned from new, many of which I have yet to replace. But, for some reason, I got thinking about this and a few things running a lot deeper popped out.

I regret having overestimated my free time since I started collecting again properly @ 10ish years ago now. I've gotten good at trading for stuff, picking stuff up when it was cheap etc., but I've ended up with a bloated collection containing stuff I wouldn't want to play even if I did have the time, I've had to invest one hell of a lot of time trimming it down to where it is now and re-arranging my 'actual' collection. That's time I would have rather spent elsewhere. At least my collection is now a collection of things I want to play or keep, not just things.

The other thing, which has sort of been at the back of my mind for some time, but crystallized when I was thinking about this topic, is that I've been picking up fishing and flight sim games for the past 10ish years with the intention of playing them with my Dad or at least setting them up for him to have a go on. I've moved out, have a long-term partner and a baby on the way, my Dad's nearly 70, it's just not going to happen. In a way that's regret, right there, but the thought of browsing through these games in the future after my father passes away and getting smacked in the chest by it.. well that stung. Subconsciously that must have been there awhile, but when realization really dawned I pulled the 360 flight sim games (Ace Combat aside) out of my collection as quick as a flash, either yesterday or the day before. Certainly don't need something like that staring me in the face somewhere down the line. I'll be going through the fishing games and flight games on other systems very soon.

Between the two I'm feeling a lot happier with my collection and have also got rid of something that was at the back of my mind, so thanks for the topic GF78!  8)