Author Topic: Do y'all have your digital games added to your collection list on this site?  (Read 523 times)

Same here. And if I happen to get one for free on PSN Plus, I will nevertheless try finding them in the wild and, only then, add it to muy collection here...

Oh yeah, the whole plus/gold thing... those ones I actually don't list. I don't actively keep subscriptions going on my consoles. If I'm playing something that benefits from online, I'll renew. If I'm not, I let it lapse. So for me at least, the subscription games don't really count becuase I typically don't have access to them.

I do,when I first set my account up I started to add digital games, then decided not to add anymore I still haven't removed the ones from that day but I plan to.
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I know what it means to “own” digital games in this day and age, but I bought them, so it seems logical for me to add them to my collection – the site gives you the option to, and it even tracks them separately, so. Besides, whenever I purchase any one of these type of games, I make sure to back them up at least twice, in a way kind of making them mine.

Regardless, I can see why some wouldn’t add them to their collection and fully respect that.