Author Topic: Are You Ever Considerate Of Other Collectors OR Do You Only Think Of Yourself?  (Read 560 times)

I have been considerate of others before and it back fired. I've sold games for a very generous price on eBay only to find the next week they're selling it for more  - Since then i've just not bothered.

Well yeah, don't do that! Ebay is not the place to try and offer deals to collectors, the net's too wide- you're going to end up with resellers.

My deal offerings have always been on forums or in-person. I would never have sold my spare NES for half of market value at random, but for a co-worker trying to help her husband set up a game room? The story about catching him looking in the box & giggling the day before they went out to buy games was worth the lost 'profit'. Plus, there's something great about the confusion/gratitude from messaging someone on a forum & offering them a free game(s).

Donating to secondhand stores can be a little hit-or-miss. I've known people who worked in such places, and it's not uncommon to get resellers who literally sit in the building, open to close, to get to every restock cart first & check for good stuff- to the point that the restockers push the cart out the back door & walk away, knowing it's going to get mobbed. At the same time- no guarantee those resellers know what to look for game wise. I once got a tip that a bunch of boxed & loose Atari games had been donated, they'd let me know the day they went out. But that day- I had food poisoning. I couldn't get to the store until the afternoon the day after. Only a handful of loose carts were left... but amongst those was H.E.R.O. for the 2600. Flipping that paid for the rest of the games I bought that day, I'm really amazed no one picked it up!

Let see I have two copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga for saturn and this is why.A store had a lot of games that thay wouldn't break up believe me I tried to get them to. It was 600.00 and money was tight about 20 games 4 Tomb Raider, 2 Resident Evil, Dark Savior,Doom,Guardian Heroes,2 Mr.Bones,Myst,the above mentioned Panzer Dragon Saga and about 7 other titles I needed and 1 system. I only wanted Guardian Heroes,Dark Savior,Mr. Bones,RE2 to replace my disc only copy and Doom to replace my disc only copy.and the 7 random games plus I figured a back up system would be a good idea. After I did it I was kicking myself because the 12 games I needed and system weren't even worth 600.00 but shortly after that. All those games rose in value I ended up getting one of the best deals ever. Now with that said I dont buy games online I dont sell games online (im very old school)  I dont hord games but sometimes shit happens and I get stuck with extra copies. If a fellow collector I new wanted it I would be happy to hook them up I have done this in the past. I guess im very lazy but I dont feel like shipping games across the country. I would never intentionally buy somthing just to stop someone else from getting it.
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I'm not saying I don't care about other collectors but there are specific instructions in my will to bury me with my game collection.
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People who buy things just so others can't have it are a bit nutty  ;D.  They should evaluate their psychological behaviors and probably suffer from clinical sociopathic tendencies.  I think their is clear deviant intent.  Even beyond something a reseller would have.  Because scalpers do have a motive of making money.  Someeone buying something so others can't have it is even beyond that.  I don't think i've seen someone like that. 

If I became filthy rich i'd probably buy like almost every game.  But only because I truly love them and want to read every box and hold every game and see them all come together in stacks.  Not because I wanted to hold them from someone.  :)

I hate people who do that.  I know a lady who is competitive and buys games to flaunt to people as well.  Which is a bit annoying but still not as bad as it being the sole intent because she does enjoy them too. 

Most of the dupes I have are from back in the day when I was heavy into collecting. I knew a lot of people who played games and we would trade our finds.
A lot of other dupes I have were bought off the clearance racks or bins. I wouldn’t call that depriving collectors. I would buy stuff I knew I collected and the hope was to trade it for something down the road that I missed.


The only time I would buy a game or any other collectible for that matter that I already own would be either because it was part of a lot or because the price was so good I couldn’t pass it. With some obvious exceptions, the idea of owning more than one of the same thing just doesn’t fit in my brain. I sell whatever I have multiples of. And this is coming from someone who obsessed in buying as many variant covers of a comicbook as possible.


Ill put it this way...I won''t judge others for their actions too much, but I would never, ever be caught dead being that guy who buys everything on a shelf and prevents anyone from getting it