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My Skyward Sword 25th anniversary bundle. It comes with a cd of orchestrated Zelda music and a gold Wiimote Plus. It was also the first game I preordered. I know it's not super rare but, it's one of my personal favorite things.

My Yoshi's Whooly World Yarn Yoshi amiibo bundle. Yarn Yoshi was the only amiibo I wanted as soon as I saw it and it's one of my favorite games to come out on the Wii U.


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Well, in terms of value, the most valuable item I have is Clayfighter Sculptor’s Cut which I bought directly from my local Blockbuster years ago. Other than that, I don’t really have anything super-valuable. I have a few of the rarer SNES games like Ninja Gaiden Trilogy and Dracula X.

Maybe the items that mean the most to me are my 13 Game & Watches, which I used to play all the time before I got my NES, and some were given to me by now-deceased family members around Christmastime.

In terms of unique items, I have three things signed by voice actors:
Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition signed by Jennifer Hale
Final Fantasy X-2 signed by Tara Strong
Bioshock Infinite print signed by Troy Baker

In the late 90’s I worked at a Software Etc, and sometimes we would receive a box of promotional items. From one of these boxes, I still have a set of unpainted Gauntlet Legends figurines meant to be used for tabletop gaming.

Oh, and I love my Killer Cuts CD. I used to listen to that thing all the time.
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You guys certainly have some impressive items in your collections! My 'prized possessions' are a bit more low-key, but my top three would be:

1. Chibi-Robo on Gamecube (rare on PAL format, CIB)
2. Xenoblade Chronicles Special Edition w/ Pro Controller Combo Pack (CIB)
3. Crash Bandicoot 3 on PS1 - certainly not rare or valuable, but the first video game I owned (purchased for me as a gift on my 5th birthday, and I still have the note from the relative I received it from tucked behind the manual). So this one is purely sentimental ;D

Really interesting to hear everyone's different perspectives on this thread, and it gives me some more valuable collecting goals in future!

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Some of my most prized possessions are ones that just hold a lot of sentimental value to me.

I still have my original Gameboy SP that I used to take on road trips growing up and have it displayed with all my other handhelds. Also my childhood SNES along with a couple of games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 2.

I think if I was ever to sell off my collection for any reason I'd make an effort to keep those items above everything else due solely to the memory tied to them.


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Sly Raccoon and PaRappa the Rapper 2

Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel and Silent Hill 3

All on PS2. The former two found in charity shops the latter two found at car boot sales.

I prize them because it makes me happy that I got such insane deals on them and they are good relatively sought after games (most PS2 are worth nothing). They remind me of how my eyes widened and I how good it felt to see them in the settings that I saw them at.
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The character art of Haunting Ground which I commissioned and framed and my retail promotional standee of BioShock 2 - little sister with Alpha Series.

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Glow in the dark super metroid poster sounds cool.Always wanted a white Japanese Saturn too thats sweet.You all have alot of things in your collections that are pretty darn cool.
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My Castlevania DS games + Aria of Sorrow, along with my gamecube, switch,Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee. and copy of Four Swords Adventures.


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Lotus Juice, the rapper who is on many of the songs for the Persona 4 OST performed live at an Anime con I went to in 2015 and I wish I would have decided to bring my cop of Persona 4 for him to sign. I had multiple opportunities too since he was out mingling with people and enjoying the con when he wasn't performing. Pretty bummed about that.

Ah man, that's a shame. I hope you at least got to meet him, he seems like such a genuinely nice guy and he's so good to his fans.


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I have some items in my collection that I would consider valuable, sentimentally speaking that is. For instance, my copy of Final Fantasy VII since it was my first PS1 game and my first (J)RPG, as well as my copy of Pokémon Red since it was my introduction and the game that catapulted my obsession to the series; my Pac-Man hacky sack ball; and my Ocarina of Time Link figure by Joyride are some of the few items that instantly come to mind.

However, I used to collect promotional flyers, and had about 5 binders filled with them. That to me would have been my most prized possession had I not lost them. I used to get them from Babbage’s, Electronics Boutique/EBX, and even Time-Out and Stop N’ Play. It’s one of those things I try to forget, but always find it hard to, which is the reason why I'm posting after having skimmed through the topic once. I still have some flyers in my collection, but it’s nowhere near to what I used to have.


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probably shady some would say but it only cost me around $50 USD

I have a lot of things that I enjoy having in my collections. One item is a home made Multi cart that has at least over 450 different games on it. it's red and is actually advertised to have 500 games on it But it has a version of Action 52 though, After I bought my copy I now realize that the thing could be rare (but probably not valuable in money). Most of the games even have a level select feature and it has 8 different Contra games on it, with them reaching TON's of new levels (edit) I think that some of them are vary good home brews and not real.

 I talked to the manufacture I believe  and he told me that this was one his best tested multi carts made only to run on emulators like the retro duo, and not to worry about anything. And the man was right all along! it is great multi cart. In fact I would recommend it but i can't find my version anymore, now the only versions I can find are different grey instead of red. I just might have a buggy release

It has a photo of the Ninja Turtles on it. It's red and has 500 games advertised on it

But everything I own I consider prized possessions anyway
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