Bases Loaded (round seal) Box Art
Bases Loaded (round seal) Box Art
Bases Loaded (round seal) Box Art


Bases Loaded (round seal)

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Jaleco
Developer(s): TOSE
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Genre: Sports
Rating: None
Item Number: NES-LD-USA
Barcode: NA
Release Date: July 0
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
02-24-2019 aliensstudios Name Bases Loaded (round seal)
02-22-2019 aliensstudios Name Bases Loaded (orange Jaleco logo / round seal)
03-25-2012 tpugmire Item Number NES-LD-USA
03-25-2012 tpugmire Name Bases Loaded (Orange Jaleco Logo / Round Seal)
03-20-2012 tpugmire Rating 9
03-20-2012 tpugmire Name Bases Loaded (Orange Jaleco logo)
NA NA Created

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1979blackmalibu Message
555ic Message
8bitboice Message
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acecomics Message
adrianoo Message
aicjdr Message
aikon82 Message
ajhackcore Message
akron90sgamer Message
alexbestd Message
amauzy Message
Anaelito Message
atariboy Message
backtobionic Message
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bellund Message
bernieberg Message
bigcraboski Message
blurrygil Message
bobonbass Message
bobster Message
bowzasaurusrex Message
bphoover Message
brhueser Message
busser Message
caferevolution Message
caneras Message
capncrunch53 Message
caseygarnerpdx Message
catfishjonny Message
cawzy Message
cbates002 Message
ccross Message
CedarPointFreak Message
cheezballs Message
chewbuzz Message
chickaboo600 Message
chrisballer Message
chuckfkndiesel Message
coliver80 Message
critter7405 Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darko Message
darthpepper Message
davecrosson Message
davidtlurker Message
deltron00 Message
destepp11 Message
drokkul Message
dstone Message
dtrain13 Message
dwarvendad Message
ecalleros88 Message
eliphas0 Message
elmotus Message
emagen303 Message
empireNA Message
empja Message
ericdlougee Message
ethalwasatree Message
evilclay13 Message
exsoldierff7 Message
famousmortimer Message
fenderholic88 Message
ffmaniac2050 Message
flash85 Message
flavo5000 Message
GamerNick Message
gamerrequiem Message
garanikor Message
geoff4376 Message
giffstone Message
ginchy Message
glicko Message
gomi321 Message
goteki Message
gothambat Message
gunstarheroes Message
guyincognito Message
hammerhead Message
haziz Message
helmut822016 Message
hexen Message
hotwings117 Message
hwwman Message
hyrule3333 Message
hyruleu Message
iammatto Message
iamzsdawgy Message
IFeelAsleep Message
jagh1984 Message
jaklyra Message
jamusaeons Message
jasonsgroovemachine Message
jcoulter79 Message
jeepjeepimabeep Message
jeffsgames Message
jehusephat Message
jisho23 Message
jitzuthemonk Message
joehaaafs Message
joeplaz84 Message
johnmadison Message
johnnyonthespot Message
jordanarowland Message
joshualeonhart Message
jrjigga57 Message
jrod7880 Message
jsgd241 Message
jsoldier1 Message
juegos Message
junior5150 Message
justinius Message
karp Message
katough Message
kdavenport03 Message
kevleo679 Message
kilros Message
kingrat101 Message
klevtherussian Message
kokonami Message
konekonoir Message
kuw139 Message
lallison Message
leatherrebel1984 Message
leatherrebel5150 Message
lordjano Message
lumonaut Message
magfest Message
makattack98 Message
marioman Message
marvelsofindustry Message
matt Message
matt Message
matt Message
mattsitton Message
mavjdm Message
mc8045 Message
mcockrum Message
mdoerty Message
megaman613 Message
merchantgamer Message
milehighconstruction Message
mintyfresh Message
mistercrash Message
mo1134 Message
mojojones Message
mrfaust Message
mrjakos007 Message
mtk88 Message
mtprezzy Message
mudduk175 Message
mudkart Message
mutatedleg Message
mviars Message
nait42 Message
ndemarco Message
neekow Message
nighthawkcj Message
nighthawkcj Message
nightowljrm Message
nintendoguy1981 Message
nitropunk224 Message
nme Message
noquartergaming Message
nqg Message
nschwartz01 Message
nukem90 Message
october464 Message
oldbitcollector Message
onilynx Message
panicblitz Message
player2 Message
pointpruven Message
professorspecs Message
projektsmiley Message
proskier Message
psychoapeguy Message
pww22 Message
quickpaw Message
radishattack Message
raggerreadfish Message
ramenwolf1485 Message
ranzrik Message
rappo Message
rct Message
rdhanded2 Message
realchris Message
redhare Message
regime Message
renny Message
retrogk Message
retroneshunter Message
retroone Message
retrotoycollector Message
rgordill Message
rgrindell Message
richard85 Message
ripriot Message
rnhwilliams Message
robj Message
rx79 Message
salty4life16 Message
samsung82 Message
schwarrzenegger Message
scottielindsay Message
scraph4ppy Message
scriptless Message
sessiz Message
sgtace Message
shadowmoses05 Message
shanewm Message
sicsemperevan Message
skepticferret Message
skunkape529 Message
slothingXPIG Message
slthomas303 Message
SmartSped Message
smgothic666 Message
sodapop18x Message
solidassnake Message
spoung45 Message
stellar2600 Message
stryfehiro Message
Stryphos Message
suckmydongle Message
talkren Message
tambourine731 Message
terminator0034 Message
tfitz Message
thebloodyhammer Message
TheDreadGazeebo Message
theflea Message
thekrug3r Message
therandel Message
thewiiguy Message
thomascozine Message
thunderbrain2002 Message
tjseeley Message
tmagtuna Message
toiletduck Message
tpugmire Message
tripredacus Message
twoforty Message
ubisoftectoplasm Message
usbmystery Message
vejadu Message
vibetribe42 Message
vmelo Message
w5e5e5d Message
walkeriffic Message
wallzter Message
warpedatari02 Message
weirdguy Message
westchi Message
wfc2566 Message
wheelkid Message
whybeare Message
wilky323 Message
wimvdb Message
wolfieburger119 Message
xshenkax Message
xsuicidesn0wmanx Message
yellowjacketguy Message
yesimnathan Message
zanda599 Message

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Username Message
matt Message
matt Message
matt Message
xcaliber Message

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Username Message
akron90sgamer Message
busser Message
dmassey Message
doubleunicorn Message
dysti Message
evrclr666 Message
luciuswclavius Message
ninjistar Message
patrickmeansly Message
scrillaagadee Message
winitosh Message

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