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Record-Style Game Shelving Feedback
« on: September 09, 2019, 05:35:01 pm »
I recently saw a tweet from @TheLordReylus where he had switched from a standard game shelf display for his switch collection to one that used bins on a shelf that gives it more of flipping through records vibe. I personally find some appeal in this design and like that it adds some more space, but not sure how well it would work with other game cases. I wanted to know if anyone here has done this, and if so, what do you think of it? Do you feel this is tacky or unnecessary?

Before Pic:

After Pics:

Here is the original tweet:


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Re: Record-Style Game Shelving Feedback
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2019, 06:07:47 pm »
I’m not mad at that. It looks kinda cool. It’s different than everyone else’s “Wall ‘o’ Games”

Re: Record-Style Game Shelving Feedback
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Oh, I've stored my games in that style/a similar style (lidded boxes) for years now. It's a great space saver & makes for an interesting 'organized chaos' kind of shelf appearance (as opposed to the library style of traditional storage).

Sizing can be tricky, but not nearly as difficult as you might think- there's a myriad of media storage boxes out there designed to hold most game cases, and if you're creative about where you look, other sizes can be had fairly easily. I keep my loose genesis & N64 carts in boxes from Dixit board game expansions. My Sega CD games are in now-discontinued Ikea shoeboxes. My Saturn stuff is in boxes from Michael's Arts & Crafts- they're a smidge too wide, but that extra space is great for imports in standard jewel cases. Actually, a lot of the Michael's décor boxes work well for games, provided you aren't being picky over what's printed on them (you can always cover it with stick-on vinyl sheets.)

One thing you do lose with this method- since you can maximize the shelfspace for actual games, you won't be putting many figures & knickknacks in front of said games. So, if you intend to have such thing out, you'll need to plan for them!


Re: Record-Style Game Shelving Feedback
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I kind of do this now with my Switch games. My entertainment center has four bays at the bottom with three of them big enough to hold crates. In one of the crates I store my Switch games and have them in two rows, artwork facing me and lined up almost alphabetically. I was doing this for my XBOX One games but got to where there were more titles than the crate could hold so they got tubbed.  :P


Re: Record-Style Game Shelving Feedback
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My entire collection has been stored in plastic bins since my son was born and my office was turned into a nursery. Within the next few months we are installing a "built-in" desk and shelving for all of my books and games, so seeing people's shelving ideas and setups are helpful, and honestly just fun to see. I need to start getting measurements to figure out how I want to store it all since I have a ton of Vita games and don't like seeing a ton of empty space above them on a shelf.

Re: Record-Style Game Shelving Feedback
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While amiibos and toys look nice, if I had a choice my video game shelving unit would contain only games since you can't really do anything except look at toys or figurines. Me personally I don't care much for eye candy, but that just me :-\

and what happens if you want more games, than chances are your toys get tossed into storage than if you keep them it becomes clutter
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