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PS2 turn 20 in NA
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The legendary PS2 was released 20 years ago in NA.

I have never understood were there aren't many stories about the console, or about the development of the console.

There a few interesting stuff that I consider memorable or curious, for example a lot of developers and people thought the console wasn't as impressive like for example, Sega console the Dreamcast and there were unfortunately rumors that the console was too hard for program and develop games.

The launch day of the console in Japan wasn't too good either, the software sold was too poor because most people bought the console for the cheap dvd player instead of the catalogue of the console and even is documented that one person jumped from a building because he couldn't get the console.

While that the future of the console didn't looked too promising, people at Sony were calm and just waited until people could understand the greatness of the console, and like most of you should know at this point it happened.

I absolutely love the console.
The controller, the design of the console, the iconic boot up screen and more.

Also the console indeed had a great catalogue of games.

The logo in the console, the blue PS2 logo is also rather clever, because it meant that the logo was the world and the black raven of the console the universe, that's what I call good design.

So yeah.
Happy anniversary to Sony, legendary console.

My favorite game is Contra Shattered Soldier.
And you?

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Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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I haven't done any real research about the PlayStation 2 consoles, If I can recall the most of the first games that came out for the PlayStation 2 had a blue colored reflective surface on the bottom. not sure why though. Then later games, for the PlayStation 2 had the silver reflective surface,

The Positive:
Has plenty of games released for it, a great DVD player, nice controller a better memory card then the PS1 I actually love the PlayStation 2 phat consoles Favorite game? I like them all there is too many good games to pick a favorite  but here is what I don't like about  the PS2 consoles

The Negatives: what few ever talk about

for anyone who collects PS2 games in north America. it's worth noting, that the laser used for the blue discs can actually fail quick and makes having a PlayStation 2 with a working blue laser disc harder to find,

Mine works but I heard a lot of original model PS2s like mine don't have it still functioning. Also the I have 2 PS2 slims and I don't like them at all, because both of them scratch the disc as it spins and I don't think there is a way to stop it, I mean I just used my black PS2 slim not too long ago and it cut circle scratches on one of my movies, to the point I need to thow the disc away in the trash, I don't know why everyone give the PS2 slims praise because I got 2 and my white one won't stop spinning when I turn the thing off and open the tray.

I never had those issues with the origionals, plus the slims will over heat if you have them on a carpet floor
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Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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My favorite console of all time.
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Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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Hear! Hear!

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Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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I love the PS2. Favorite console from my favorite generation of gaming. Many of my favorite games of all time came out on the PS2.
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Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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I was happy playing my Sega Dreamcast when the PS2 first launched in NA. Even the DVD selling point wasn't enough to sway my opinion early on.
It wasn't until next year when Sega was pulled the plug on DC, and I wanted to play Zone of the Enders that was exclusive to PS2.

Looking back if it wasn't for its massive catalog of unique software, arcade compilations /re-makes, the blockbuster AAA titles were not for me (ex. GTAIII series). I prefer more simpler video games without a large map or realistic graphics.

I still own my 2001 phat PS2 system that works today. Even enjoyed for a short-time playing online the few titles it offered, on dial-up nonetheless.


Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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20 years old? Jeez... It's okay I guess. It least it wasn't the Nintendo GameCube amirite? It was probably the console for which I owned the most games prior to becoming a full blown collectard. I kinda had crap taste in games at that time. I was a teenager, my judgement was clouded. A lot of the best PS2 games (according to me now) may as well have not even existed then. I didn't want to admit my curiosity for a game like Jak and Daxter to friends. I did end up getting it. Opened that sucker up years after the fact, and wow. Great game.

Favorite PS2 game: Jak and Daxter.

Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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its what got me into "Hoarding" of Video Games, and probably my best during High School years. Defiantly thought me how to get thru hard times. It is my favorite Console.  Favorite Game on their? Final Fantasy X cause it was my first game i got on the console, it thought me about friendships/love.

Others i like as well was Shadow Hearts, Grand Theft Auto 3, TRAPT, .hack and GU series, Grandia 2, Arc The Lad, Armored Core 3, Zone of Enders 1 and 2.

Way too many great games on their to name, but i defiantly recommended the ones above.
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Re: PS2 turn 20 in NA
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I enjoyed my PS2. My favorite memory of PS2 is getting it ready for Resident Evil Outbreak. At the time, the slim wasn't out yet so to prepare, I went all out on upgrading my system. RE Outbreak was the first Resident Evil to go online and it was one of the few games on PS2 to use its hard drive that was sold only with FFXI. Having the HDD used for the game allowed for marginally faster load times and in hindsight wasn't worth the price of admission. I ended up buying the following:

 - HDD - $100
 - Network Adaptor - $40
 - USB Keyboard - $25
 - RE Outbreak - $50
 - Strategy Guide - $20

I played the ever loving hell out of that game. I believe I actually unlocked everything and to this day, it had my most used strategy guide ever. It was amazing how much there was to unlock and the game was tons of fun online. It was a sad day when the servers were eventually shut down.