Author Topic: Would you keep a gaming related gift from your ex? Or sell or dispose of it?  (Read 724 times)

Hello everyone

One of the many intriguing things about my brother's collection is the seemingly endless chapters of his life he lives through gaming. Some of which involve failed friendships and relationships. One time I asked him if he ever taught about selling the things that came from his exes, and he said just because a book closes doesn't mean you have to forget the text. Since then my brother has grown astray so I have found myself needing to do the same with the gifts he got for me. It's hard to seperate the good from the bad. The memory from the present reality.

If your ex girlfriend or boyfriends bought you some adorable Kirby plush or that sick black label Klonoa 2 you loved. The smells of transparent scotch tape flying as you open the paper wrapped moment in a lifetime not just a mere lifetime in a moment.  Would you be able to keep that plush on your bed knowing the gifter flirted with your 2nd cousin? The gifter preferred fanta to sunkist? Knowing that unlike the fabric and stichings of it's origin that the relationship has since fallen apart while the gaming gifts stand the test of time. Would it be a constant reminder or a game you love?

Can you seperate a gift from the gifter?  Would you sell or give back your exes gifts or just keep them?

For those of you who don't have exes or have exes that exited on good terms you can answer in hypothetical.

Thank you for sharing :) 


The first girl that bought me a videogame, I married. Still together after 16 years.


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None of my family or exes would ever buy me games or related items because they felt it was a waste. So instead
 I would get things I didn't want like jewelry or clothes that didn't fit or a style I would never wear. But to answer
the question I would be fine keeping anything my exes gave me. I even refuse to dislike a song that was considered
to be our or her favorite song just because we were no longer together. Why should she get to have that song? 


Between about 2004 and early 2008 I had mostly taken a break from video games because I was too busy with college, dating, and being a crazy guy in my late teens and early 20s. 2008 was the year I started to develop a ton of interest in returning to gaming, but also to start collecting games from my childhood on systems like the Saturn, N64 and PS2. That was also the year I broke up with my last serious girlfriend before I'd meet my wife later that year and the rest was history. But because I wasn't that into gaming when I was with my last girlfriend she never got me video game related gifts, so fortunately I've never had to deal with wondering what to do with them. If I'm being honest I'd probably have kept them since I still have a few shirts that my ex-girlfriend had given me.


It depends on what the game is. if it's shovelware or a shitty game it has to go, if it's something like rocket knight adventures/ contra I'll keep it around, I would have wanted those regardless of the situation.
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It depends on multiple factors. 1. Is the game good or not? 2. How bad did my hypothetical ex hurt me? Is the game my hypothetical ex gave me rare? Because if the game was bad, I'd keep it if the ex didn't hurt me too badly, but get rid of it if so. Same with good games, but maybe to a lesser extent, depending on how much I like the game. If it's a rare game tho, I'm keeping that.


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Funny enough I'm fairly sure that an ex of mine was borrowing the game she gave me at the time we decided to split and I just forgot about the game until i found the case a couple years ago


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I still have my ex's Midnight Club 3 for PS2 that she gave me.
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I’d keep it if I liked it. It might be a gift that had some thought put into it, but it’s not a personalized symbol of your undying love like customized jewelry or a bottle of her favorite cologne ;D. As for a plushie or other trinket that I’m not really into, it’d go right into the bin or I’d give it away.
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I'd most likely keep whatever the stuff is. I tend to have relationships end on decent terms, but even if I didn't I would be able to separate the object from the person. Now if they tried to murder me or something, that may be


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Keep it.
It’s mine now. I keep it.


I can't see why not, the game at the end is just something material.

Though, I assume some people would rather it be gone instead of being a reminder from someone left.


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Depends if the game was good or not.

My ex bought me Fallout 76 to play with her and it was the worst shit I’ve ever played so I sold it for the 50 cents it was worth after we broke up.