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The developer is not announced. The Last Ronin is a return to the original mature style of TMNT from the original creators.

This will entirely depend on the developer if it's good or not, licensed games still don't have a great reputation these days, but I would like to hope for a really good game, we got a cool retro revival, but a full 3D action game could be cool.


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I have been waiting for a mature Ninja Turtles game for about two decades now. My hopes originally included...
 - Playing all four turtles looking like they had in the 1990 original movie.
 - Each turtle had their own point of view in the story with different sections.

So, while this isn't exactly what I had hoped for, it's more than a step in the right direction. Given what little I know about The Last Ronin (yes, it was spoiled for me), we know only a single turtle remains. Everything else I had hoped for in the darker game, is easily attainable for the new game. I'm very curious to see...
 - Who is the developer?
 - What is the art direction looking like?
 - What is the gameplay style going to be? (outside of being inspired by GoW)
 - How dark will this go? T rating? M rating? I want to see anger, vengeance, and blood in this game.
 - Modern systems confirmed -- I don't want this to skip PS5.

The above aside, I'll look into picking up a physical copy of the complete graphic novel. Fingers crossed my wife picks it up for me for my birthday.
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Sounds cool.


Just finished reading the comic. It'll be interesting to see where they go with it. Without spoilers, I'm wondering if we'll be playing as the different turtles during flashback scenes.

I got The Last Ronin for Christmas and it is easily my favorite TMNT story in a long time.  I'm as cautiously optimistic about the game as I can be, considering we know pretty much nothing concrete about it yet.

 I love TMNT but I hate GOW. What I really want is a non-Activision published and full budget and proper time for Platinum to make another one. Last time Activision gave them less than a year and a small budget. Give them a full budget and dev time. They could make an amazing game.