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Questions on scanning Xbox One Covers
« on: June 03, 2024, 12:50:59 pm »
I just submitted a few Xbox One front cover scans and they were rejected for not including the top banner. Older Xbox One games have this on the case itself and not the paper insert. Do I scan the front of the case? I know the rules state to take paper inserts out of the cases for the best scan quality. However, one game did get accepted without the top banner (King's Quest Collection)


Re: Questions on scanning Xbox One Covers
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Entries represent physical items, so providing entry art which show the entire item will generally be approved over art which doesn't. Here is an example of entry art which does that. This is especially true with certain items like with Xbox One games, as the inlay art itself disregards a major detail which ties the item to the platform from a casual observation.

Your edit for King's Quest: The Complete Collection was approved only because the previous art was outdated stock art that omitted the top-left "All 5 Chapters" text. Your other artwork submissions were no different than the existing art for those entries, except that they omitted the top Xbox banner.

As was previously suggested in your last topic, make an effort to provide the existing entry art and rejected submission art when creating topics like these or submitting to the Error Listings topic.