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PC Engine System Cards
« on: June 22, 2024, 03:21:56 am »
Going through the various versions of PC Engine System Cards, I found out that most of them are listed as games, but the Super System Card Ver.3.0 ( is listed as NEC System Accessory (
I understand all those cards should be categorized as Accessories, but I'd like to ask for your opinions first.

Also, I noticed that there seems to be no standardization regarding the naming of the cards:
CD-ROM System Card Ver. 1.0 (
CD-ROM2 System Card Ver.2.1 (
NEC Super System Card Ver.3.0 (


Re: PC Engine System Cards
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2024, 08:43:09 am »
As you thought, all three entries belong in the NEC Console Accessory sub-category. Regarding entry names, there are many old entries which utilize incorrect formatting. As rules have changed and have been more strictly enforced over the years, we as a community simply haven't corrected them, as doing so is a difficult task to accomplish with around 250,000 live entries and few people to contribute that effort. So, when coming across entries which need obvious corrections, members can either submit those updates themselves or post the issues in the dedicated Error Listings forum topic for staff to handle.

Since items in Accessory categories ideally take on the ManufacturerName ItemName format, the three entries are now named as such:
NEC System Card Ver.1.0
NEC System Card Ver.2.1
NEC Super System Card Ver.3.0

To my understanding, the Ver.1.0 card was bundled with the debut CD-ROM² accessory; I haven't been able to determine if the card was loose or had its own dedicated packaging, so a better quality card image replaced the existing front art which also featured the card. If it's later learned the card was packaged in some sort of case, then that image placement can be updated.


Re: PC Engine System Cards
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2024, 10:32:18 am »
They are technically software, not games nor accessories. Accessory typically means that it is hardware related, but unfortunately we do not track software. So you'll find many other instances of this, particularly with any other Console based software that is in a game category. Such as Photo CD Operator for Saturn or BASIC for Atari 2600.

This is a situation similar to multi-branded accessories where there is no rule on the site to say where they should go, with the exception that category types have precedence over everything else. This only effects reports but we would like them to be accurate, but we already know there are many items marked as Games that are not games, such as the above examples.

We've had some interest in creating categories for software but it has never been approved by whoever makes the decisions at the top over the years. This is primarily tied to Computers, of which we only track games and not any software, even if it was released on a cartridge unless it could be conceivable considered to be an Accessory.