Author Topic: Blood Omen 2: The Legacy of Kain or Legacy of Kain, The: Blood Omen 2?  (Read 93 times)

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain is second part of sub-series of Legacy of Kain Series. Style guide suggest that series name come first but in actual game Legacy of Kain is subtitle.
Now both versions are used in data base:
and what worse most of the entries simply ignore Legacy of Kain part of title:


"The Legacy of Kain series" is more of an identifier/label than a name per se. I understand where you're coming from, though, since I remember having the same reaction when I was adding them to my collection. Still, if you check, both of these games happen to have their names exactly as displayed here on their spines. I'm pretty certain that's what was chosen to follow. Places like GameFAQs and Wikipedia have them named the same for whatever that's worth.

Check the PS2 spines here for reference: Blood Omen 2 and Soul Reaver 2.
Done and done.


It seems the US releases the title is Legacy of Kain Series, The: Blood Omen 2 and in EU it is Blood Omen 2: The Legacy of Kain Series.

Spine title is to be put into alt-name if it contains terms not in the item title. For example, I wouldn't put "Blood Omen 2" in the alt-title because that information is already covered in the item title. You could put into the description field that the spine title is Blood Omen 2.


Gotcha. I took the liberty of making the proper edits. Some had erroneous info, so I fixed that, too.
Done and done.