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Best Memories Involving Gaming
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I have some positive moments gaming as well. My favorite memory and game of all time is  The Sims 1 series for PC. It may not seem like much, now but It was a well build solid video game for PC, in which a lot of PC games at that time, were not good the fact some PC game didn't work properly. The Sims 1 had it's issues but they only started when I started downloaded custom content for it.

I got a PlayStation 1 for my birthday one year and the family wore that console greatly. I remember playing Twisted Metal 2 with my dad and my younger sisters as well as WWF Warzone it was not my own home console because it was left at my dads home.

I just wanted to start another conversation but I had to contribute  :)
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I never had a ton of games growing up, so whenever my parents were able to buy me a game or a system it was a huge deal. Any game systems were usually around Christmas when they got a bonus. I will NEVER complain about how I grew up or how I was raised. That said, I still never had a console or a game as soon as they were released like some of my friends. Until I bought an SNES, I never had two consoles at once.

My birthday is December the 18th, so I would usually get presents that were both Christmas AND Birthday. After seeing a good friend play Final Fantasy VI on the SNES I HAD to get a SNES for myself and Final Fantasy VI, aka Final Fantasy III.

Since I got money for my birthday, my great ideas was save up as much as I could beforehand and then ask to have a birthday party. That, plus what I'd get from family, would put me at the amount needed for the console and the game.

So I saved up my money from doing side jobs for family and family friends. This was a hard thing to do as a 12 year old who was also into comics, baseball cards, and random useless crap. I was able to do it, though. The family Christmas came and went and I was sitting with about $150. The console itself was about $199, and SNES games at that time were around $50-$60, so I had a ways to go. I grew up in a small town and word about my birthday party travels fast. So what as to be about 10 people ended up being about 25. Bad news for my parents, good news for my pocketbook. A few of the guys showed up, ate our food, drank our sodas, but gave no money. Whatever, they came and we all had fun. I ended up getting about $100.

I could hardly sleep that night since the next day my mom, and I were going to the Tyler Mall. That was a huge thing in 1994, lol. Of course, the mall meant we would be going to other stores as well, but that's a small price to pay. Besides, my close friend, Ace, was coming with me and he was the dude who introduced me to FF6. After hours of shopping and a quick lunch, we finally went to "Software, Etc" last so I won't lugging around a huge box, or will be leaving it in a hot car. I proudly ask the clerk for a SNES AND Final Fantasy 6. The best part of all, the console came with Link to the Past. They grab it for me, and rang it up.

"That will be $285.81" (or something like that.) "But, but, but, I only have $250." Silly me, I didn't understand sales tax or math apparently. Little did I know, my buddy had talked with my mom and she had planned to cover the extra cost.

Soon, I was headed home with my new console and my new game. The anticipation of setting it all up and finally playing FFVI (III) was overwhelming. I read, and reread the game manual the whole ride home while chatting with Ace about what little bit of the game I had played. He kept telling me, "It only gets better."

After dropping my friend off, and patiently eating dinner, I quickly moved my Genesis aside and connected my SNES. I can recall everything. The music, the opening credits, saving Terra from the guards with the help of my Moogle friends. 13 hours later, I finally decided to take a break and get some sleep. It was the Christmas break and I had two weeks off from school. I put 60+ hours into that first playthrough and I still own that SNES, and Final Fantasy VI.

That started a trend of getting a RPG for Christmas and having 2 weeks off from school to obsess over it. I'm 37 now, and I still have that feeling when Christmas comes around. Only now, I play with my kids and share old gaming stories.


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That time I made love on top of an Xbox.
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That time I made love on top of an Xbox.

I have a very similar memory involving Destiny and a PS4, but for now, I'll focus on remembering my childhood. Haha.

I have two very good memories of when I got two of my consoles as gifts.
One was when I got my Master System with Alex Kidd and Paperboy. This was my first video game console and me and my father spent so much time playing it...
The other was when I found a PlayStation hiding inside my father's closet, just waiting to be given to me on Christmas (which was around a month away). I waited for him to go to work, took the box out of the closet, opened it, pluged the console to the TV and played Crash Bandicoot for a couple of hours. Then I put everything back in the box and hid it back in the closet. The original PlayStation was the last video game that I got as a present (without having to pay for it by myself) so this is a very nostalgic and vivid memory of the last days of my childhood.


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My GBA and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. It's practically what got me into gaming.

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There's a few, but one I loved was regular Halo LAN parties.  Me and my buddies regularly had overnight LAN parties with it, usually having plenty of friends come over to hang out as we were in highschool at the time.  In particular, with the gametype we would play on Halo 1, we'd do CTF matches with no shields on maps like Sidewinder or Blood Gulch that would last for hours, people killing themselves trying to do the level glitches, last minute saves with long distance pistol headshots, it was absolute madness and we loved it.  We regularly played Halo 1 and Halo 2 and some of Halo 3.


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Parents renting video-games weekly for Nintendo Entertianment System when I was a kid, eventually for Christmas having Super Nintendo home console.

Great memories browsing the rental-video store, as well as Toys'R Us catalog of games.

I was about 12 years old when I decided to buy Sega Saturn over Sony PlayStation, and the coming Nintendo 64 at the time.

What made me choose the Saturn were two things; I used to visit my local arcade once a week (since it was a long drive my parents would take me) and played many great SNK, Sega, Capcom arcade games (Virtual On, Daytona USA, Last Brox, Dead or Alive, Dungeons & Dragons etc.) the one that really enthralled me was Die Hard Arcade (Dynamite Dekka).

When I found out it was going to be a Saturn exclusive I wanted the console badly. It was at 1996 I went to Toys R Us and chose the Saturn bundle which came with three games (Virtua Fighter 2, Daytona USA, and Virtua Cop) shortly after getting Die Hard Arcade for $54.99 at the time.

I very much enjoyed my Sega Saturn. From years reading about futuristic CD based systems like CD-i, and 3DO, it felt really awesome to own one. At the time it was very cool to play your audio-CDs as well as games! I would play my favorite soundtracks (at the time) Mighty Morphan Power Rangers: The Movie, The Simpsons Sing the Blues, Weird-Al Yankovic albums, and Now! That's What I Call Music Volume 1.

Mind you besides playing my Saturn I still very much played/rented Super Nintendo games at the time.

For about two years I went to Blockbuster-Video and kept noticing how PlayStation library of games would cover two shelves where the Saturn section stayed roughly the same- small (less than half of one shelf) After renting majority of 'fun' titles that were available I would still have hope for the system. I would read in my magazine subscriptions on games that were being/been released overseas Cyberbots for example, really kept me anticipating a North American release that sadly never came. It became obvious towards the end of 1998 Saturn was going out of the market.

I would visit my friends house and he had a PlayStation which I didn't care for at the time. Since many of the games I loved and rented/owned were also for Saturn (Mega Man X4, Puzzle Fighter, Darkstalkers) BUT it was his older brother which was into more of the obscure titles being released for PS1 that got my attention.

He worked at Toys R' Us and used to buy games, play them for awhile, then return them for a full refund, a trick back in the day. He was into Japanese games, they were; Poy Poy, Silhouette Mirage, and Trap Gunner that got my attention. Also to my surprise he owned a Japanese Sega Saturn (at the time super rare, and expensive to own - you had to order in the back of a video game magazine) and he was running Vampire Savior on it!

The coming Christmas I got Sony PlayStation with Trap Gunner, still own them til this day. My Saturn took a hiatus for a good three-four years until around 2002 I discovered Saturn Torrents and the whole emulation via mod-chips and back-ups. I contributed and played many of the JP exclusive titles for the next years. Same to be said with PlayStation, then Dreamcast.

As for Nintendo 64, I never really cared for the system. It could have been the fact many of my favorite arcade titles were nonexistent on the console. That and I felt, many great games could already pull off the hyped up '360 degree 3-D gameplay' Super Mario 64 bragged about. Jumping Flash, Tomb Raider came to mind. I would play occasionally play Mario Party games over my friends house as well.

Other notable games:
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 - the large scale of the game, stages, and music were very special.
  • Blazing Lasers - nothing as fast and frantic at the time.
  • Super Mario World - the graphics were something else at the time, depth and colors were amazing.
  • Mega Man 7 - such a improvement graphically, stood out at the time.
  • X Men Children of Atom - the huge sprites was never seen before shocking and amazing.
  • Virtual On - for the arcade really was ahead of time, futuristic arcade cabinet and gameplay.
  • Virtua Fighter II - the graphic frame-rate were great.
  • Omega Boost - graphics and fluency was something else.
  • Sonic Adventure - took a giant leap in the future, overall spectacular unlike anything at the time.
  • Silent Hill II - the overall package blew me away.
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The other was when I found a PlayStation hiding inside my father's closet, just waiting to be given to me on Christmas (which was around a month away). I waited for him to go to work, took the box out of the closet, opened it, pluged the console to the TV and played Crash Bandicoot for a couple of hours. Then I put everything back in the box and hid it back in the closet. The original PlayStation was the last video game that I got as a present (without having to pay for it by myself) so this is a very nostalgic and vivid memory of the last days of my childhood.
This is very similar to one of mine :D
I was with my mom when we got the SNES I was going to get for Christmas. I remember playing the demo at the mall and being amazed. Well, I was 15 and I couldn’t wait for Christmas. So a few weeks before then, I would wait until my parents went to bed, go in the storage room, unpack the SNES and play it for 2-3 hours. Then I’d carefully repack it and put it back :p

Other good memories:
When I was small, we lived in southern California and every weekend we’d take a trip to Laguna Hills Mall near Laguna Beach. Mom would go clothes shopping while my dad brought me to the Tilt arcade, where I’d play almost until she was done shopping. It got to the point that dad only had to give me 1-2 quarters because I got good enough at games games like Ms Pac Man and Dig Dug to last the whole time.

Also, one game that helped bring my now-wife and myself closer together: Katamari Damacy. She’s never been much of a gamer, but we spent hours playing that game together when our relationship was developing. One Christmas we almost ended up getting each other the We Love Katamari soundtrack, but fortunately she found out I got it for her first so she knew not to get another :p
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That time I made love on top of an Xbox.

did it still work after that? ;D
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Some of my best memories as a kid were being able to play arcade games everywhere I went. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s if you didn’t have an arcade machine in your store, something was very wrong. You could find games in pizza places, bowling alleys, coffee shops, restaurants, liquor stores, comic book stores, shopping malls, Landry mats, donut shops, local carnivals, even at the end of the pier at the beach. The arcade games always looked far better than those on any home console at the time too.
It was hard to convince the parents to buy an Atari or NES game, but a few quarters...scored every time.


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Honestly the best memories I've had gaming have been playing co-op stuff with friends. Stuff like Gauntlet Dark Legacy and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on GameCube, and New Super Mario Bros. U are just a few titles. Easily the most fun I've had playing video games ever.
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My fondest gaming memories are easily my early days of playing World of Waracraft, 2007 - 2009/2010. I have several to list so I'm just going to indulge in some nostalgic memories for a bit... I ended up reminiscing for about an hour as I typed this and got a bit carried away so I'll shrink the text so I'm not hogging the page, can't work out if I'm able to get a spoiler minimise thingy for it.

- I became interested in playing it after watching the South Park episode about it, I spent a while browsing the site and I just fell in love with the concept of it, I'd never heard of an MMO before and everything about the world and concept of an MMO sounded awesome so I decided to give it a download. Two problems: One, our internet at the time was shit. It was awful. Two, I didn't realise but I was downloading the American version of the game instead of the European one, so I was using a foreign server that was slower to me. All in all this added up to it taking two days to download. I spent the whole time browsing the site and hyping myself up for it, then when it finally installed I fired up my trial account and jumped in. Made my first ever WoW character, Jasonater (I was like 13 don't judge), Night Elf Hunter on the Vashj server. I remember starting up in Teldrassil for the first time and just being in awe of the world and everything I was seeing. I spent my entire trial account exploring the world, I kept making loads of new characters so I could look at their areas and their capital cities and check out their class abilities, then I started venturing out and corpse-running across the world so I could see all the different places, it was all amazing to me. I never got higher than level 5 but I was having fun anyway. This was when the 2007 Brewfest was on too so I had that whole nice vibe going on outside Ironforge. My sister's then-boyfriend decided to try out WoW while I was on my trial account, he actually got a European account and not being able to see him was how we worked out I had an American account, but he was on Darkspear because his boss played WoW on that server, so when my trial account ended after successfully begging my mum to let me subscribe for a full account I made my first European character who is still one of my mains today, Jasonaterr ('Jasonater' was taken) on the Darkspear server, Night Elf Hunter as before. Hell yeah. We both played Hunters but I was Beast Mastery at the time and he was Marksmanship, always used to brag about his Aimed Shot.

- I have a few fond memories of dicking around with my sister's then-boyfriend on it, one was we two-manned Blackfathom Deeps somehow (I think he was slightly overleveled for it but I was around the expected level), another was low-level attacking Crossroads with him. That was fun.

- Ever since I started my account I wanted a mount more than anything, it's different now but at the time you had to be level 40 to have a normal mount, it was a shitton more expensive, money was harder to get and levelling took forever. I never really bothered levelling properly, I just spent all my time exploring or dicking around in places, meeting other players and chatting with them or with my IRL friend who I talked into playing, etc. But one day I finally, finally pulled my way to level 40 after several months of playing (I remember I was questing in Stranglethorn Vale at the time), I don't remember how I got the money for it but I know it was hard and I was desperate, then I finally learned the riding skill and got my Nightsaber and it was like the best day of my life. Good times.

- Bit earlier on, since starting I'd also wanted to see Outland for the longest time (this was during The Burning Crusade, since I joined when it was already out Outland felt like the 'final level' of the game to me in a way and looking at it on the map I could tell it had a completely different feel to the rest of the game so it had this mystique about it to me) but at the time you couldn't go through the Dark Portal to get there unless you were level 58 (not sure if that's changed), but one day while I was level 21 I stumbled across a mage who offered to send me to Shattrath via portal, I thought why not, and in I went, and I got to explore Outland while I was 60 levels too low for it and it was epic. That was also when I got to see the flying mounts I'd heard about for the longest time, I remember seeing lots of gryphons, Netherwing Drakes, Nether Rays and flying gnome machines, some occasional flying carpets, one Ashes of Al'Ar, the Netherwing Drakes were my favourite though and I remember being like I WANT ONE OF THOSE. TBC Shattrath lag aside I fell in love with the whole place, set my hearthstone to the Aldor Rise so I could go back whenever I wanted. I did a circuit all around Outland corpse running the whole way, I took a flight path to the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula and used that as my starting point, got insulted by people in general chat and got into a shitty mood, ran through to Zangarmarsh and the people in the general chat there were really nice to me and I remember it was raining at the time and it all had a really nice soothing ambience, tried to get to Blade's Edge Mountains but the only way was through a passage full of spiders that'd one-shit me so I ran down to Nagrand instead, wasn't a huge fan but checked out Halaa, poked about, then went back through to Terokkar, got the shit kicked out of me because I went off the path for some reason, then ran through to Shadowmoon Valley, joined a party of people who were killing Uvuros there for a quest and got to shoot my little level 21 bow at him and miss every time but I had fun, then finally I had to hearth back to Shattrath and take the Darnassus portal back but I had my hearthstone set to Shattrath so I could go back later, I used it as a hub to get to the city portals easily, but that first visit is a really fond memory of mine.

- The Wrath of the Lich King announcement was like BOOOOM, smashed my world right open. Like holy FUCK, BRAND NEW CONTENT. I saw the Death Knight reveal trailer and immediately I wanted one so bad, but I was still level 42 at the time and I couldn't be bothered to quest to get to the required level 55 to make one, so I just.. didn't. But then the release date for Wrath got dangerously close and I was still level 42 so I was like FUCK, okay, I need to level up but I literally can not be bothered to quest, I can't think of anything else I'd rather do less right now (at the time questing in WoW suuuucked. Best comparison to any WoW players who started playing after Cataclysm is think of Bloodmyst Isle or Ghostlands, they're perfect preservations of what questing was like in the old game. Then picture every zone in the game like that). Outland sucks too but it feels a bit different to vanilla zone questing, then Northrend was the first time questing felt fun), but yeah, still level 42 and didn't want to quest, so I decided to farm exp from mobs instead. For 13 levels. I went to Blasted Lands and literally spent weeks of my life killing boars and hyenas there. The whole time I was there I was playing the album The Scattering of Ashes by Into Eternity there because I loved it and I always associate that album with that farm now, but then Wrath dropped and I was still somewhere between level 50 and 55, I was like SHIT, but then when I got to level 53 I moved to Hellfire Peninsula and started killing hellboars there, finally reached level 55, high fived myself, and I could not have created that Death Knight faster. My boy Nightmares became my main for several years and I still have him level capped today.

- Going to the interim of the above paragraph, the pre-launch event for Wrath was amazing, I've never had that much fun in WoW in my life, maybe even in any other game. Basically for about a week during the run-up period to the release of the Wrath expansion a zombie plague was added to the game, and if you contracted it (either by standing near infected cockroaches or being attacked by other infected players) your character would die and then come back to life as a zombie. While a zombie all zombie players were friendly to you even if they were in the enemy faction, and all non-zombies were hostile to you. Only other zombies could understand what you were saying, anyone else reading your messages would just see "Braaains! ...Brraaaiinns...!". On top of that, as a zombie you could infect other players... OR NPCS. THIS. WAS. AMAZING. Those zombie NPCs would become hostile to all non-zombie players and kill, and on occasion infect any players or non-zombie NPCs they saw. What we would do was we'd gather massive raiding parties of players, all get infected and tear across the game world infecting entire towns, turning all the NPCs there into zombies, and basically taking over places. We infected the whole of Goldshire, then we went and took over Sentinel Hill, then we went to Redridge and took over Lakeshire, that basically became our base for a while. Players questing in the area would come back to Lakeshire to turn their quests in and suddenly find the entire town replaced with zombies chasing after them trying to kill them and they'd be wondering what in god's name was going on and oh my god it was so much fun you have no idea. Then when we or the NPCs infected any other players we'd bring them into our group and they'd come along for the ride with us. I was so sad when it was over. It was amazing. We just ruined the entire game for a week and it was awesome. There would always be killjoy players complaining loudly about all the zombie players running around 'ruining' the game for them so we'd just kill them and raise them as zombies too! CATHARSIS!

-  Very very early on in my time playing my DK (in fact I think it might have been while I was still in the DK starting area) I spoke to a guildie I'd befriended from the guild I was in at the time (called British Elites, doesn't exist anymore) and she'd joined a new guild, asked if I wanted to join, I was like why not, and I got invited to a guild called The NuGen Alliance and there began probably my fondest memories of all playing WoW. At the time I was going through a really shit time at school, was a complete social outcast, bullied to hell, I only had two friends and one of them didn't go to our school, self esteem was in the shitter and I was lonely and starved for affection, my mum's then-boyfriend who lived with us casted a bit of a shadow over me and I was never really comfortable at home either, and I ended up making some really really valued friends in that guild who really kept me going, I loved talking to them so much. I became known as the loudest/chattiest person in the guild because I'd never shut up in the guild chat (in a joking way, I don't think they had a problem with it) because I just loved chatting with them so much, I had such good times and I felt so happy. Really loved those guys. The guild eventually fell apart because the guild leaders moved servers and people stopped playing, no-one still in the guild logs in anymore, it's completely dead now but still hasn't been disbanded, think it died sometimes during early Mists. The guild's called Compromised now though, long story behind that. But I'll always love those memories.

- At some point during Wrath I met this dude in Goldshire and became friends with him, started talking to him outside of WoW, the guy was actually a complete bellend and a pathological liar, didn't actually like him much, but the good memory is that he had his own personal private server that he used kind of as a sandbox and he let me play on it, at that time I didn't have any level capped characters so getting to play level 80 felt really really weird. He'd set up this 'mall' with vendors selling stuff you couldn't actually get ingame and I got loads of weird flying mounts like the Swift Nether Drakes, Frostwyrms and stuff and it was a hell of a good time. He also used his GM powers to fuck around with me while I was playing, kept teleporting me to weird places, changing my player model, changing my running speed, etc. I also became Illidan, I had him change my player model to Illidan's model and give me all the skills that Illidan uses during his fight at the Black Temple, using those against enemies in the game felt epic. Though when I summoned the Flames of Azzinoth they attacked me rather than my target... but that was a lot of fun. I got to fly around Dalaran on an armoured Nether Drake and there was no lag because there were no players. Nice.

Then Cataclysm rolled along and WoW's been on a downward slope ever since, it's not even the same game anymore, but man, those are some fond memories.

Now I'm stuck in memory lane and I can't get out.
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Off the top of my head, Smash Bros. (64, Melee, Brawl, Wii U) with my brothers.
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