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Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 18, 2024, 08:14:07 am »
hey guys, this is the closest topic i could find regarding my "issue", i cant find the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 day one edition (NTSCU) entry for switch, so i cant add it to my collection.
(its so weird that walmart had copies of this edition this... late... after release). will this be added soon?

Our entire site is built only with the help of member contributions, meaning any member is allowed to submit new entries and edit existing ones. Accessible from the homepage prior to logging in, or when viewing our site's About page, this site description can be found:

User maintained video game database

Our entire game database is editable by you. See an item with some incorrect or missing data? Submit an edit that will be approved within a matter of minutes. We attempt to verify all data and notify you when your update is accepted. If a game isn't listed you can simply add the game and it will be instantly available to add to your collection.

So, if there is an item currently missing from the database, you are more than able to submit it yourself. Ensure that what you are submitting is for the exact item in question, with correct images and item details. If you want a brief overview of our site's database entry guidelines, here is a topic created to help members become acquainted with those rules. Additionally, there is a more in-depth guide also discussing rules.

Found on every site page, the Submit New Item button accessible on the header will allow you to the page to create new entries.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 17, 2024, 09:59:07 am »
Requesting Games sub-cat for Philips Tele-Spiel, perhaps specifically ES 2201 based on the wiki article.

Requesting Games sub-cat for Bandai Denshi Manga Juku, also known in the west as the Design Master Denshi Mangajuku.

Requesting section for Capcom CPS Changer.

Requesting section for M&D Mono Color.

Is the Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot considered an electronic game, or a video game? It doesn't seem any different than the Funsation Off-The-Wall. If the latter, I am requesting a section for it.

General / Re: Fighting Game Collectors, what do you recommend?
« on: May 17, 2024, 09:43:24 am »
I have very little experience playing games within the fighting genre, and my knowledge about it is mostly limited to the more well-known franchises. You, on the other hand, seem to have a robust collection of games from the genre. You obviously know the core franchises which many gravitate toward while now asking for some of the lesser known titles.

With that said, it seems like you're not opposed to collecting Japanese games and have a considerable amount of PlayStation items from the region. So, here are the ones which aren't marked as owned or a part of your Currently Playing list (be it PlayStation or another platform), just through the letter F. Most are exclusive to Japan, or they're added because they seem easier to collect than for other systems.

Advanced V.G. 2
Armed Fighter
Battle Master
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S
Blue Breaker Burst: Bishou o Anata to
Blue Breaker: Egao no Yakusoku
Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer
Fighting Eyes

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 14, 2024, 03:31:13 pm »
To clarify, IQ-#### is EU, PA-#### is JP, and OZ-#### is NA, regarding systems. To my understanding, PA-#### cartridges are JP only, and IQ-#### cartridges are for EU/NA.

Made sub-cat for Sharp Electronic Organizer for the EU games under PDA.

I was wrong about IQ cartridges being for both EU and NA (which makes sense, but I do believe I read that somewhere.) I've identified an OZ game released in NA. Can this item also be submitted to Sharp Electronic Organizer, or do the categories now need to be divided by region since you mentioned the existing category as for EU only?

Requesting Visicom C-100 sub-cat within RCA Studio II parent category.

Requesting Konami Picno sections.

Requesting Milton Bradley Omni sections.

Requesting Video Cassette Rock sub-cat under PC-50x parent category. The name is incorrectly listed on Wikipedia (and your forum post) as "Lock," when that it actually an instance of mistranslation. Here is one instance of the correct term "Rock" being used.

Requesting Interton Electronic parent category and Video 2000 sub-cat. I don't think this item is related to the VC 4000, and there are other systems including the 2501, 2800, and 3000. For the latter three systems, I'm not sure what their compatibility is, though.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 14, 2024, 10:39:36 am »
Sharp Wizard for NA/EU however I cannot find any examples of game cards in those regions.

You'll have to document and archive those Bookman systems for future you, as I said we currently will not track those types of systems.

Here are previously supplied links. To clarify, IQ-#### is EU, PA-#### is JP, and OZ-#### is NA, regarding systems. To my understanding, PA-#### cartridges are JP only, and IQ-#### cartridges are for EU/NA.

That's a shame, especially since some bundles contain actual game cartridges. But, based on our rules, hardware including games belongs in Hardware categories, so I suppose that's the reason why they can't be added at this time.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 13, 2024, 02:29:18 pm »
Need to know what the Sharp thing is called. I see that some games are PA-7000, but are they all for that? Or what is the actual system called?

I'm now realizing this isn't as straightforward as I had hoped. Here is everything I've learned:

From my understanding, games can only be played on certain models. For instance, here is Backgammon IQ-8A02M, which lists that it may be played on IQ-7000 and IQ-8000 series devices. However, there are several series of devices, but they aren't the same between Japan and EU/NA. This post mentions how Hatris PA-5C01S is only for the PA-9500 device. Oppositely, here is Organizer Hatris IQ-8A01, which lists that it may be played only on IQ-8000 devices. The same information is also reported on a Tetris wiki.

Here is a Wikipedia article which references the entire line of organizer known as the Sharp Wizard. Here, it explains how the NA devices are OZ-#### and EU devices are IQ-####. However, it does not mention that Japan's devices are PA-####. Just for reference, here is a photo of many of Japan's Sharp organizers.

Unfortunately, compatibility for Japanese cards isn't listed on the item itself, but it fortunately is listed on the packaging. But, there is a post in the HP Museum forum topic which does mention Japanese software compatibility based on item numbers, though. It is nice information to gain, but verifying specifics by analyzing the actual product obviously should still be done.

Also, I came across these pages, which I feel like you will find beneficial to some degree later on, if more work is put into these sorts of items and categories.

I'll also mention this nice Muuseo gallery of Japanese cards (games and non-games) which someone's curated.

So, at this time, I believe that categories for 7000, 8000, and 9500 are needed. I don't think there is any one broad term used across all regions, but Sharp Wizard seems closest. If not that, then something generic like Sharp Pocket Organizers may just need to be its own parent category with the individual series as sub-cats.

Made Franklin Bookman sub-cat in PDA.
The system isn't applicable to be put on the site, as it is not a console or a computer.

After looking at the Franklin Bookman more in-depth, I've found that all of the below systems either include a game cartridge or mention that they have built-in word games.

To demonstrate, here is a video featuring the MWS-840 system which shows the "Games" button being selected that loads a list of games.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 13, 2024, 11:15:37 am »
Requesting a Games sub-cat for Sharp Pocket Organizers. Whether it be under the PDA or Sharp parent category doesn't necessarily matter to me, although the former would probably make more sense.

Requesting a Games sub-cat for NEC Pocket Organizers. See above.

For Bright Things, it seems the manufacturer is Bandai and Bright Things only handled the software side. I can make the Bubble section in Bandai but then the system(s) would go into Bandai Consoles. LMK if this will be ok.

For PC-50x, here is the list,6782.msg198590.html#msg198590
Ideally there should not be a PC-50x game category and the only entry that was in there is ambiguous, the PC-501 Supersportic which has a confusing release history and when I tried to figure out where it goes, I wasn't able to get enough information to put it somewhere else.
Bandai TV Jack 5000 already has a sub-cat in PC-50x, so they should be put into there. It has Stunt Cycle in there too, so the one you made is a dupe.

Bandai Consoles and a Games sub-cat for Bubble is fine.

I overlooked the existing section. It's been taken care of.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 12, 2024, 07:11:49 pm »
Requesting categories for Franklin Bookman, a system which includes games and non-games software (which only the former would be submitted, unless told otherwise.) This system may fall under what you mentioned in another topic, so if that's the case, let me know.

Requesting a section for Bright Things Bubble.

Requesting a new sub-cat for My Life Accessory. The two original entries in the current Games category also belong in this proposed section.

Regarding the existing My Life section, I have information and questions. From what I've read, the manufacturer is Giochi Preziosi, so perhaps that could be the parent category name. The name is also found on the system itself and packaging. Also, how should "My Life" be formatted? The term is inconsistent, as it's either formatted as My Life and MyLife.

Also, was it correct for me to have submitted TV Jack 5000 entries to the PC-50x category? The system itself is listed in its Consoles category and also on a wiki list, but I'm just double-checking since their entry names are formatted as SystemName - GameName.

News / Re: Big Category changes
« on: May 12, 2024, 06:48:22 pm »
But if we are lucky, perhaps we can expand into PDAs or those types of portables since we now track PalmOS and PocketPC games.

Just looking for some quick clarification on this since I've requested categories for pocket organizers with gaming capabilities that's been ignored twice. If I know it's something that can be implemented at a later time and not now, then I'll not mention again until then.

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2024!!!!!
« on: May 12, 2024, 01:49:53 pm »
23. Kids || PC || 05.10.24

Nearly six years ago, I remember first watching the teaser trailer for Kids and having my attention immediately grabbed. Despite it being a short experience and one which I've had available to me for about four years, I'm only just now properly playing it.

Self-described in succinct ways such as it's "a game about crowds" and "the psychology of the group," Kids presents its audience a strange series of screens with nondescript cartoon persons—I suppose the titular kids—interacting with another as a crowd. In some ways, Kids blends the puzzle game genre with interaction animation, as its development grapples with the connection between game and short film. Like those short descriptions imply, the project demonstrates what a crowd is and the various events which often surround them, whether they be positive or negative. As the player, it is not necessarily about our controlling or even guiding them but instead witnessing what happens through our brief engagement which serves as a catalyst for some sort of event, whether it affect two or two hundred.

At times, these faceless figures you dictate are few in number, but other times you will see their presence grow into the hundreds. Then, the screen becomes a sea of figures who, on their own, represent nothing, but, as a collective, are perplexing to understand what they are exactly based on their actions and reactions. In some situations, crowds demonstrate groupthink as they stand motionlessly, awaiting for any one of their neighbors to act of their own free will first, so that they themselves know what to do. However, other situations are the inverse. During these moments, we instead see crowds disrupt to devolve into minor conflict, as they react in clear opposition to someone's initial action, perhaps thinking they know best. No matter the scene, all kids must agree to progress.

Through its simple yet effective visual design, the project's presentation is often hypnotic as patterns seemingly unfold, greatly evident once a proper crowd is a part of the scenario at-hand. This is especially the case because, until the player understand what sort of action is necessary to progress, the game runs on loops. Additionally, great use of contrast is employed through its binary color system, as new screens may appear suddenly and shift from black to white. I'll also mention that I surprised to hear voice acting, however minimal it may be. In each of these scenes, the simple dialogue complements the on-screen action, perfectly demonstrating what it's like to be in a group. At the same time, the project's use of music sung by a boy's choir is haunting as it amplifies the empty void these characters reside in.

Ultimately, Kids is a project up for audience interpretation, which was an intentional design choice. I don't necessarily think there is one explicit takeaway to be gained from the experience, but clearly there is some sort of commentary on groupthink and the dissonance or harmony it may bring. Nevertheless, Kids offers an alluring experience to the introspective, which I'm glad to have played. Like I mentioned above, Kids is short, about 15–30 minutes. I know several here have access to it through a massive games bundle from years ago, so I'd suggest for any one with immediate access to it who are curious to try it for themselves.

Concerning rejected description for Neo Cab

1Print refers to this particular cover as a "Limited Edition".

information gathered from 1Print by GamesPress: "The Neo Cab Limited Edition is now available for USD34.99 via the 1Print Games website. Limited to 3000 units, the Neo Cab Limited Edition includes a copy of the Nintendo Switch game, inner cover artwork, Feelgrid Acrylic Keychain, Neo Cab Driver's Manual, Neo Cab Numbered Authenticity Card, and Neo Cab Logo Sticker."
This cover is packaged with several items. Check out others on eBay.

What marketing terms an online retailer use mean nothing to how an entry should be named, unless that same term is actually present on the item itself. This is an issue with nearly every Limited Run Games "special edition," but it's also common with other limited print companies. Since the Limited Edition term isn't actually present on 203349 (from what I've been able to tell), then the term can only be submitted to the Alt-Name field. However, there is no reason to repeat the entire game name, so only submit Limited Edition and not Neo Cab - Limited Edition. The Description field can also be updated to mention something like "sold online as Limited Edition."

Since we have no means to verify any reported production numbers, it's best to not submit that information at all. For instance, the product page for the standalone Neo Cab doesn't mention anything about how many copies were manufactured. But, let us assume the information being reported by some third-party site is correct, that there are 3,000 copies. If that is true, we must also recognize that there are numerous bundles including Neo Cab also being sold. Are those copies a part of the reported 3,000? Or are there 3,000 standalone copies in addition to more that are included as part of these bundles? We don't know that answer, so it shouldn't be submitted as fact.

The other information about the item's contents are fine to submit (i.e. keychain, manual, and so forth.)


The image on the back cover is of a Standard release, not a platinum.
A release that is English, Dutch(?) and Greek does seem to exist but with a different front cover.

Front and back images have been updated. Both previous images and the Barcode field information were original to the entry, so the latter becomes prioritized in this instance.

The incorrect front cover image relates to the UK release. I didn't bother trying to identify the back cover image, since it wasn't even for a Platinum item.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Questions on scans
« on: May 10, 2024, 10:34:17 pm »
my only other question would be should I leave out anything with stickers? I saw my Silent Hill 3 Brady guide rear photo was accepted despite having a price sticker on it. I'm guessing that fell into the higher quality tier?

Since there was no back art information for Silent Hill 3, any correct image should be approved. There are rare instances when I reject an image submission when there isn't already image information and instead advise the member to re-submit with higher quality, but that's only when the lowest quality image imagineable is submitted for a common item. Sometimes I approve that kind of image quality anyway but will immediately update it myself. Below is the specific blurb of image quality tiers from the aforementioned topic:

Front/Back art slot image type priority for physical items
We prioritize the best quality image for each slot, however if a better quality image is submitted that is a tier below the existing image (even if the existing image is poor or lesser quality) it will be rejected.

1. Sealed

2. Not sealed but complete

3. Not sealed but missing labels and/or obi strip

4. Any picture of the physical item

5. Post release stock photo

6. Pre-release stock photo

I'm glad you guys are patient and appreciate it. I've hesisted in the past with uploaded large amount of changes because I was worried I would flood the admins with too many submissions. It's unfortunate that dedicated video game cover sites are now pretty much gone like and The Cover Project has a very small library these days and they allow custom submissions. I am also uploading everything to because the photos there are kind of like the wild west with not much oversight.

Regarding submission quantity, I'll only mention that, if you really do plan on submitting thousands of image submissions, it may be better to space them out, only so that staff don't get bogged down with the edit queue. Those responding to the queue have to get to everybody's edit submissions, and reviewing them can, at times, be a lengthy process. Don't let that deter you from submitting edits in bulk, though, if you're adamant about getting it all done at once. Although, spacing submissions out will also make it easier for you to review your Notifications log, in the event that any submission is rejected.

Personally, the only other database I sometimes frequent for images is MobyGames, since their submissions are generally okay. I've not come across any other site which accounts for variant items in large numbers, though, which is one focus of our site, so usually resorting to eBay or sites like it is necessary for my purposes.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Questions on scans
« on: May 10, 2024, 09:59:38 pm »
1. If a submitted image has higher quality than an entry's existing image, it will be approved. However, be aware that we group the quality of images into different tiers, which you can read about in the "Front/Back art slot image type priority for physical items" section of the Item Images post of the style guide.

2. You may need to clear your browser cache to see newly-updated images. Because you sent the same submission twice, there was no reason for the second submission to be approved since the first was already approved. With that said, if someone submits an image edit to a field, then re-submits a second, different image to the same field before it can be responded to by staff, the second image will overwrite the first. This means staff will never see the first image, only the second. This is even the case when two separate members submit images to the same image field for a specific entry.

3. Those sorts of blemishes are fine to submit and will be approved as a replacement if the existing image is lower quality. That said, as I mentioned in the Admins Comments upon rejection, your image submission for Juggernaut's front image slot is lower quality due to its markings on the top-right corner, which seem to be from a removed pricing label that's left residue. We can all see its quality, as this is the eBay listing you purchased, evident from the back cover pricing labels which were scanned as part of your submission. Because the entry didn't previously have back art information, the back art image submission was approved.

4. Currently, neither spine nor inlay art should be submitted to any field. Perhaps one day, dedicated fields for that sort of information will be implemented.

5. All submitted images scale to 200px, no matter if they're submitted smaller or larger than that size. It's unfortunate that the size isn't a little larger to help with identifying information, but that's how the system is designed.

No need to feel like you'll upset anyone with submissions. We value them and the work that everyone contributes. Obviously, we encourage the highest quality effort which members are able to provide, but even low standard submissions are appreciated.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Category/Platform Requests 2.0
« on: May 10, 2024, 09:36:46 am »
Can't make changes to Nintendo category naming conventions, Jason reserves this right. So this is why I'd say Famicom Network System should be used because we aren't going to change the other cats to match if we called it Family Computer. I have made the "Famicon Network System" sub-cat in NES/Famicom.

Not a problem.

Apparently, there are specific Sharp and NEC pocket organizers with game capability and game cards.

Mentioning this again in case it was overlooked (since I have been requesting many categories, so it's easily possible.)

Requesting Funsation Off the Wall Projection Console and Games categories.

Requesting Decathlon parent category, sub-cats for Domyos Interactive System.

Requesting Tomy Data Battle Virtual Simulation Consoles and Games categories.

When searching for the above Data Battle Virtual Simulation, I also came across a number of Rockman EXE systems and "chip" cartridges, which I am having a difficult time understanding. Below are the three types of cartridges I've identified so far, for various systems:

The items in the above third link seem to be the same as the following link which includes an accessory for Game Boy Advance:

I've found two wiki articles for mentioning some of the items, but since they share the same name of a much larger video game franchise, finding information for someone unfamiliar to Mega Man EXE and Mega Man on a general level is challenging.

If I can understand what these items are exactly, I'd have no problem submitting them to the database.

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