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Video Game Database Discussion / The Rating List
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:09:13 pm »
I was searching for a rating guide for video games on the net but i couldn't find anything that suited me, i was even shocked by how incomplete some guide are, like the English Wikipedia page of the USK rating. So i thought "why not make one myself ?" and... well here it is. It's certainly not complete and probably have a few lot of errors, in the guide itself and also grammatically (English is not my native language), so feel free to correct me and even contribute if i forgot anything (which i certainly do).

*I give to the Moderators the rights do edit any of my post on this thread without asking me permission*

ESRB (North America)
PAS (North America)
3DO (North America) defunct
RSAC (North America) defunct
VRC (North America) defunct
INCAA (Argentina)
ClassInd (Brazil)
PEGI (Europe)
aDeSe (Spanish)
USK (Germany)
ELSPA (Europe) defunct
VET/SFB (Finland) defunct
SELL (France) defunct
IGAC (Portugal) defunct
ESRA (Iran)
FPB (South Africa)
RARS (Russia)
GSRR (Taiwan)
GRAC (South Korea)
KMRB (South Korea) defunct
CERO (Japan)
EOCS (Japan)
IMDA (Singapore)
ACB (Australia)
OFLC (New Zealand)
TIGRS (Online) defunct ?
GCAM (Saudi Arabia)
NMC (United Arab Emirates)
Calificación de Videojuegos (Chile)
Lineamientos Generales del Sistema Mexicano de Equivalencias de Clasificación de Contenidos de Videojuegos (Mexico)
IARC (Online)
TecToy (Brazil) defunct
Sega (Japan) defunct

Video Game Database Discussion / Soundtracks Questions
« on: August 21, 2016, 12:35:53 pm »
I have two questions about the soundtracks category... well in fact the first question is a bit more general :

If an item is part of a bundle, let's take as an exemple the OST of Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel that came with the game on PS3, that OST can have is own entry in the database ? I took that OST as an exemple since it really have is own entry, i think i have seen items in others category too (especially in accessory like controllers) so that doesn't only applies to soundtracks. I wouldn't mind if that was the case, i find it more easier that way to know what we really have in our collections especially since people often sell these items separately, like this morning in a flea market i've seen someone trying to sell the little artbook that came with the limited edition of Alone in the Dark... if that guy was selling the OST instead of the artbook i would have bought it without any hesitation because i didn't remember it came with the limited edition too  :-[ but is VGC have a rule about those items ?

And my second question is about digital soundtracks, there is already a few of them in the soundtrack category (like the digital soundtrack of Bloodborne or the Void Invaders soundtrack on Steam) but are they really accepted in the database ? and if so would it be better for them that have their own category ? I ask that before i start to add any of them because i would literally flood the Soundtrack category with them (i have more than 300 of them on Humble Bundle, more or less an hundred on Groupees, a few of them as download from Collector or Special Editions... and Lord Gaben only know how much on Steam  ::))... or maybe it would be better if i find an alternative to take care of those ? I really don't mind either way, i just ask what would be better for the database  ;)

Video Game Database Discussion / Item in collection for no username
« on: April 10, 2016, 04:31:16 am »
I don't really know where i should put this so i hope you don't mind if i write this here, every 10 minutes or so i got log out from the database (and only from the database, i'm still logged on the forum), i don't really mind and it's not really the problem but when i was checking a few OST i apparently got logged out between the time i open the page and the time i added the item in my collection so the item got added to a collection with no username (look under collection, there is an empty username), it is possible to delete those empty username ?

I made that error on these three items :

Video Game Database Discussion / A few questions
« on: October 24, 2015, 04:08:30 pm »
Hello fellow gamers, i'm just a little frenchie that was having some questions before starting to add my collection (well most of them have already been answered by the Style Guide, thanks for them ;) but i still have a few more).

My first question is based on the OST, i'm glad that you accept them on the site by the way, i wanted to add the two OST that i have for .Hack//G.U. but after a search i found an OST for .Hack//Legend of the Twilight on the site, it's an OST for an Anime not for a game, are Anime or Movie OST accepted too (because i have a few more OST for all .Hack// anime series so i was wondering) ?

My second question is for the different edition of the same game, like i said i'm french so of the games that i own i mostly have the french editions, most of the time it doesn't really matter because the cover is the same (same art, same name, only the language on the backcover and the barcode is different) but some games have a different name, for an exemple i will use Dragon Quest VIII, the french edition is called Dragon Quest - L'odyssée du Roi Maudit, should i create an new entry for games that have a different barcode (but the site will have a lot of duplicate :-\ ), only create a new entry if the game have a different name (or a different cover) or should i just add the EU version with the english name (that is already on the site) to my collection (i don't mind any of these but what will be better for the site) ?

And... that's all for now, ho yes one more thing, i apologize for my poor grammar :-[

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