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Hardware and Tech / PS2 hdmi conversion issues.
« on: July 23, 2019, 04:38:04 pm »
I recently got a nice 4k TV that only has HDMI inputs. this wasn't a big deal because I used to record gameplay so I have an RCA to HDMI converter (one of the real cheap ones), but I noticed on the new tv whenever I fire up a ps2 game and the game were to normally display a darker image it would instead display true black. this happens to all greys, blacks, browns, etc but it never did so on my previous 1080p tv. on some games its tolerable but there are some were its impossible to even tell where the ground/obstacles are. whats even worse is this color issue seems to be strictly ps2 related as my SNES, gamecube, genesis does just fine color related on this tv.

I already went through all tv settings, adjusting brightness, contrast, etc and nothing fixes the color issues. does anyone know of any fix for this? is there another RCA to HDMI converter that will fix color or some other device or is this a issue with the tv itself?

Hardware and Tech / PC Advice (Broken Graphics Card?)
« on: December 10, 2018, 11:19:19 am »
Well I saw the other thread that popped up and thought about adding the question there but it did not seem to be ended so...

Recently on my wifes PC her games have been prompting her that her graphics card drivers were ~400 days out of date and needed to be updated to play the game. all well and good so we go to the graphics card manufacturers website and update to the newest drives. and everything works great then at the end of the day we shut it off and the next morning start it back up to an error message. something along the lines of "something you have recently downloaded has failed, reverting to a previous version" (unsure what the real message was). so it boots up after ~20 mins of reverting and find out the graphics card was what was reverted. so we tried it again, the update worked and we were able to play the games we wanted shut down and restarted to the same message. but this time the revert never finished and ended up blue screening in the process. so we force reset it and now nothing displays on the monitor at all.

the pc powers on just fine and runs but I can no longer get anything to display. did I brick the graphics card or is there a way to fix the no display? normally I would think a virus but we never clicked on any link and instead went straight to the graphics card website posted on the box it came in and downloaded the drivers from there.

General / What do you consider the credits at the end of games?
« on: June 15, 2018, 12:24:00 pm »
Personally I think of credits almost like a reward for beating a game and as such I watch them all the way through and legitimately read as much of the names as I can. My fiancé on the other hand as soon as credits roll she is completely done with it. presses buttons to skip it/ejects the disc/turns off the console anything so she does not have to waste the time. where do you guys fall? do you let them roll and go and do other things, do you turn them off, do you watch them through, or anything else?

General / Twin Galaxy Banned Todd Rogers
« on: January 30, 2018, 04:34:00 pm »
I know most of you probably dont care about video game world record scores but Twin Galaxy has finally went about Banning the most famous cheater on their leaderboards. he had owned hundreds/thousands of world records on many many games that had been entirely fabricated throughout his professional gaming career. including dozens of very clearly faked scores. scores higher than the scorecap. scores 50X the next highest player in that game. scores ending in a non whole number on games whos score goes up by multiples of 10. etc.

I say good riddance to someone who profited off of cheating.

Video Game Database Discussion / Skylanders
« on: January 25, 2018, 08:30:13 pm »
so i have a whole bunch of skylanders that are all loose and simply do not know the names associated with each one (the name is not printed anywhere on the figures). i believe this is a major issue with the database entries/titles for the skylanders and am wondering if placing the model number in the title/alternate title would be an appropriate fix for search-ability for all the figures. I would like to know what people think regarding these figures.

an example of the proposed change would be whats placed below or something similar.
Skylanders Giants: Slam Bam (83995888) [NA]

For reference model numbers are found on the bottom of each item and are unique to each charachter mold, not each different version, so you will still have things like and having the exact same model number.

This might be common knowledge but i recently went into a gamestop and noticed that they discounted all the gametrust collection to $2 a piece. The first store i went to only had 6 in, all of which i got sealed, and i was able to pick up 2 more at the second store i went to. Im hoping to be able to track down the last 2 i need to complete the 10 that were released tomorrow.

General / Animal Crossing: Pocket camp
« on: November 22, 2017, 11:30:46 am »
Is anyone playing this phone game? it released yesterday and im trying to get a few friends in it. My User id is 3089 7132 737.

also I would like to know your initial reactions to it. I think its a great concept but unfortunately I have run into quite a few connectivity issues in it. the touch controls definitely work well with the game.

Modern Video Games / non-violent fun kid games for the 3ds
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:22:57 am »
Hello All!

I have a Nephew that is turning 7 real soon and his parents are getting him a 3ds. Im trying to come up with a game or 2 that is actually good and age appropriate to around his age. 10+ is acceptable so long as there is no violence. unfortunately most of the easy to know stuff (Mario titles, pokemon, Lego, ECT) are already gotten for him and everything I can think of that I know he will love have violence in them (rule set by his parents not his age). as far as genera of games he likes I haven't the slightest idea. I know he plays roblox/minecraft a lot (this will be his first gaming console) but those are the only games I know of that he has access to play.

Any help would be great!

General / Help figuring out what game cartridge I saw
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:56:12 pm »
So while I was out and about a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a pawn shop that had these strange looking game cartridges. they were very small and ovular (Egg shaped maybe?), very thin (only about the thickness of ~4 dimes stacked up), and had a screen that appeared to be LCD in the cartridge itself (it obviously needs some system to play them). the screen was probably only 2 - 2.5 inches and each cart had the name of the games above the screen (the ones there were very generic names and I don't remember them). on the back side there appeared to be some sort of clip that stuck straight out from the center of the cartridge (possibly to hold it into whatever actually played it) and the pins were barely exposed out of the bottom of it. It also gave the impression that it was heavily marketed towards kids (like a leap frog or some such thing) but I can not be for certain on that one. the strangest thing was that I could not find any company information on it (it was not logo'ed, there was no plastic molding for the company name that I can remember, nothing)

I tried searching online for this kind of cartridge and nothing popped up so I thought I would place it on here to see if anyone knows. I never took a picture of it but would know it if I looked at one.

thanks for any help guys!

Site Feedback / sub categories leading to 404 errors
« on: December 30, 2016, 09:17:29 am »
I was looking through the browse section clicking on random entries to see what kind of games they seemed to have and I decided to click on the Neo Geo Pocket [NA] to see if there was anything I would like to play and it popped up a 404 error so I started to browse around and came up with this list of sub categories that lead to 404 errors.

Capcom Power System (CPS-1) [NA]
Capcom Power System III (CPS-3) [EU]
Capcom Power System III (CPS-3) [JP]
Nintendo Playchoice 10 [EU]
Nintendo Playchoice 10 [JP]
Sega Naomi 2 [EU]
SNK Hyper NeoGeo 64 [EU]
Atari 2600
Atari 2600 [JP]
BBC Micro Hardware
ColecoVision [AU]
ColecoVision [EU]
Commadore 64 Cartridges [AU]
Commadore VIC-20 Cartridges [EU]

I only got through the list to the commodore VIC-20 but as you can see there are a lot of them. I understand that these errors are being caused by 0 entries under these sub-categories but shouldn't they be directed to blank pages instead of errors?

Marketplace / Is it bad i kinda want to buy these fake games?
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:40:53 pm »

geez with classic pokemon title like pink version, red version full color edition, rage, adventure, super pika land and everyones favorite pokemon cock version... I just cant even begin.... they are so cheap also...

Modern Video Games / No Man's Sky
« on: August 10, 2016, 10:26:03 am »
I'm thinking everyone who is playing this game is having a little bit of difficulty and would also like a place to put anything interesting they have found.

This game is super confusing and I'm having a bit of difficulty with it. It asked me if I wanted the tutorial and I hit yes but nothing ever popped up. I managed to figure out how to get off of my starting planet but there does not seem to be a way for me to get out of my 2 planet solar system. I'm assuming I need to buy a warp drive at the space station around my planets but as of yet I have not found any from the traders coming and going.

the good news is my 2nd planet although a dead world and a massive drain on life support has very abundant gold reserves so as soon as I find a warp drive I can just straight up buy lots of fuel for it and travel a great distance. through the 4 hours or so I have played (because of my gold world) I have already purchased a MUCH larger ship. 28 inventory slots instead of the starting 15. but the downside is it is bigger bulkier and harder to maneuver so if I ever get into a space battle I am screwed.

General / Pokemon go
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:49:20 pm »
Just released in the us.

General / Video game contests
« on: July 01, 2016, 05:14:26 pm »
This thread will be for contests that are video game related in nature that the general public can enter.

The below post is for a Nintendo T-Shirt design contest from Uniqlo with the following prizes taken off the original techtimes article I found it on. The contest entry deadline is August 31st. and multiple entries are allowed.

$10,000, plus a Nintendo NX console. The second prize isn't bad, either: $3,000, plus an NX. Runner-ups get $500. Uniqlo will print all winning T-shirt designs and have those shirts up for sale in 2017

Winners of Uniqlo's first and second prizes will also receive an invitation to an awards ceremony with Shigeru Miyamoto in attendance in the spring of 2017 — around the time that Nintendo hopes to finally release the NX. Miyamoto will also autograph the "new concept game console NX (Development Codename)" for the top two winners. - Link to the contest - link to article showcasing it.

GL everyone as I would like to see someone on here claim either of those prizes.


It has been brought to my attention that the rules and conditions of this contest seem to be a bit off so PLEASE before you enter read through it and if you don't agree with it please do not enter.

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