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Modern Video Games / What Season Passes have you bought into?
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:27:34 am »

I am often very reluctant to buy into Season Passes - I'd much rather have the content on disc, but sometimes the chance simply never arises and I give into a Season Pass when on Sale. I was curious to see what games others have bought Season Pass Content for & if you felt you got good value out of them. Here's mine:
Alien Isolation - Didn't even include all the DLC...
Batman: Arkham Knight
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
The Evil Within - Very Good!
Final Fantasy XV - A mess, I also got the Royal Pack, but have yet to get Episode Arydn.
Lego Star Wars VII - Was £3.19 for 3 Levels & extras, not bad.
Wolfenstein II - Soon to play
World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA - LATE Post game content.

Here are DLC Editions I have bought which include a Season Pass slip rather than content on disc - Not happy that I didn't get them on disc, so putting them in the same category as Seaon Pass purchases:
Fallout 4 GOTY - TBC, seems like a lot but would have preferred it on a 2nd Disc like Shadow of War.
Mafia III:Deluxe Edition - TBC
Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - King's Edition - TBC
NieR: Automata - Game of the YoRHa Edition - Not worth it IMO.
South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Gold Edition (Got this one dirt cheap and it includes a digital version of the 1st game too!)

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I've been looking online and seen that Xbox One S Consoles are going for a decent £150... I admit here and now there are barely 1-2 Xbox One titles I even have interest in but the rise of the consoles backwards compatibility is appealing...

Are games like Final Fantasy XIII BC in Native 4K? Because while I could nab one of these cheap now, but in time I may want abckwards compatibility on a 4K system - I currently still have a 32' 1080P Samsung HDTV... I do have a 43' Toshiba 4K TV... but it's simply too big for my sitting area :P

I only bought a 360 last year cheap to play original Xbox & 360 titles, which I am quite happy with the bundle I've got, not all work on Xbox One, but I think most do, I'l have to compare through lists online later.


I noticed on my Collection DB that I had only one DreamCast game, While I don't have many I could have sworn I added them ages ago. Also, I am 100% Positive I added my 4-Disc scan imae of the Shenmue games, yet they weren't there... I'ev added them again and some other stock images I had on my PC.

I could have been very silly and just overlooked it but conisdering how hyped I am for Shenmue III the lack of my scan image makes me wonder, but just a little shout out incase.


I've noticed recently a fair few Japanese Physical Releases which included the English version encoded onto the Disc - I recently bought Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! & when you pop the disc into the PS4 it recognises your region and acts as an English copy:

I heard this morning that Japan is getting the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Remaster set on Physical & That the English translation is intact! Considering we're not getting a physical Edition overseas this is very appealing and I pre-ordered it from!

So, I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of exclusive PS4 Physical Titles released in Japan - Which actually feature English?  If not, maybe we can build one here!


With the release of more Final Fantasy XV DLC, I find myself in a position once again where I feel DLC simply doesn't suit my way of playing a game.

The thing is, I buy a game and play through the experience, then I am done with it and moving onto something else. When a developer then release a DLC episode or story content that is substantial, I'm reluctant to go back to it as I am playing my next game already. Going back to a game after the experience just to play DLC just doesn't feel right, especially when it is story content set in a certain time-frame within the games adventure - Final Fantasy XV is set within chapters and these Story DLC Episodes are set within the time-frame of chapters midway through the game. I can't just jump into the DLC with the same enthusiasm post game because I just feel I'm done with it - This is why I still haven't even touched FFXV's DLC, other than the stupid cross-over ones as they're effectively post game content.

but I am hearing that Kingdom Hearts III is also getting DLC, which after completing it was obviously lacking post-game content - to the point where there was no point synthesising items or upgrading to the Ultimate Weapon as there was no challenge available to test it with. Now, having moved on to other games of course, the news of upcoming DLC is just nauseating, I'm done with the experience and going back to the game without any of the momentum of a playthrough just feels like a slog.

I get why they do this, because of the importance of having a presence within the Social Media age, but I hate the repercussions of that in getting a game in drips and drabs. I just want to buy a game, day one experience it and be done with it... but them experiences are becoming few and far between with DLC. Now, if I see a game has a Season Pass, I usually wait 6months to a year to see if a Game of the Year/Complete Edition pops up with the DLC all on disc - Still waiting Wolfenstien 2! But when a games still got DLC 2+ years after the release it can be very trying.

I'm jus curious to see what other people think on DLC, as it is something that has really begun to test my patience with the industry as a whole and put me off buying games Day One in general.


I have a friend who is located in the USA looking to upgrade their interal PS4 HDD. They've got an original PS4 model and are looking to upgrade to a 2TB model.

I don't know where the best place would be to get one and was hoping someone here might have a better idea about where to find a good deal online. I'd appreciate any input :)

Hardware and Tech / Nvidia Shield TV (Skype & Sharescreen?)
« on: December 16, 2018, 05:41:47 am »
Hi ladies & gents,

After failing hard at getting a new PC I was looking for alternatives and was curious to know if the Nvidia Shield TV unit can run Skype? I often sharescreen while playing a game and chatting to a friend so if this can run the Sharescreen function the PC version does it would be a vry enticing device for me... but I can't find anything on this!

Any input/help would be appreciated :)

Marketplace / Distant Worlds III Vinyl Released!
« on: December 12, 2018, 08:25:26 am »
Hi Ladies & Gents,

I saw last night that the 3rd release of Distant World's albums was released on Vinyl!

A sneaky release as it isn't even listed on their official site, but I found it on Amazon:

UK -
US -

I don't know if anyone else here has been gathering these but I appreciate them :)

Hardware and Tech / PC Advice (Think I need a new Graphics Card)
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:30:03 am »

I recently got a new PC, which I have jsut set up - I say new but it is a refurbished model with:
Processor - intel Core 15-3470 CPU @ 3.GHz

But my Video Card is still the same as my old one:
AMD Radeon hd 5450
(Embarrassed to admit I thought this devices was just to use a HDMI port)

So I gather it is quite weak in the realm of gaming, I don't really game much on my PC anyway but I want a Video Card that can handle HD videos better too. I do want to run the Steam Version of Shenmue HD to its fullest capability if I were to upgrade so the minimum specs of that might be a refference point:

        OS: Windows 7 64Bit
        Processor: Intel i3-560 / AMD FX-4300
        Memory: 4 GB RAM
        Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti (1GB Vram) / AMD Radeon 6990
        DirectX: Version 11
        Storage: 30 GB available space

Any advice would be appreciated, I'm in t he UK so if you have any purchase links keep that in mind


I recently got duped on eBay in buyng a couple of chinese Dualshock 3's for cheap - CECHZC2U.
They're Awful! The material feels cheap and I was playing The Darkness II last night and couldn't even complete a mini-game due to the lack of accuracy I havewith the janky analogue sticks.

So I am looking for a proper replacement. but looknig online these controllers still seem to got @£20+ Which seems absurd to me! I'm looking for a place which I can buy one for £10-15 at most but really struggling.

if anyone knows of any decent online outlets, do let me know :)

General / Debate - Are Video Game Strategy Guides Redundant due to DLC?
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:41:00 am »
Ladies, Gents,

I was looking at some guides for games on eBay and a thought that often occurs resurfaced - Are Video Game Strategy Guides Redundant these days?

There is a lot to talk about on this debate, me personally as much as I wish to continue getting them I question their value. Of course, all the information you need is online, that's a given these days but I still like the idea of buying a Hardback companion guide with the latest BIG game - For me that is usually the next big JRPG.

However, the biggest hurdle I find now is that with the modern era of DLC, a lot of these guides can't cover the post release content - As they're release on the date of the original title. This is where I feel troubled, as I did with Final Fantasy XV. I've always bought the latest FF game with the premium Hardback Piggyback guide, I did with FFXV also and it served well for certain moments - Like the location of the Tombs for the Royal Arms. But with the Season Pass content, Extra events & even a 2nd Season Pass on the way, I just feel like the book is redundant - Paying £15-25 Which gets outdated within 6 months to a year is not a compelling proposition. If Kingdom Hearts III offers a guide I might skip on it this time round, which is a shame as I do like to have them upon my initial playthrough but if their lasting value is limited I can't quite commit to it.

But I find hunting older game guides satisfies my collector/gamer need - I really want to get Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep's guide to have all the item/command melding varities on a chart at hand. As with this game I had to have 3 or 4 seperate links saved to get this information which was pretty important. It's just more fulfilling to know that these guides content all the content and information I need for the experience.

But I was curious to see others perspective on this matter - Do you buy guides - if so are they for modern games?

Hardware and Tech / New 4K TV - PS4 PRO Set-up Advice, YUV 422/2160P RGB?
« on: October 11, 2018, 04:38:11 am »

I recently upgraded to a 4K TV & upon playing around with it (Having to turn on the HDMI Ports to 'Enhanced'...) I got HDR to work with certain games like Horizon: Zero Dawn - Is there a definitive list for HDR games on PS4? I ask because I ran Rocket League & didn't get a notification prior to playing like on Horizon.

Before going on my TV & changing my HDMI Ports to Enhanced I could only get YUV 420 Output setting. 2610p - RGB was unsupported.

Now after changing my HDMI ports to Enhanced, I can select 2610p -RGB but when running Horizon I go back to the settings on my PS4 & it says that it is on a YUV 422 Mode.

It mentions about limitations to a HDMI 2.0 - Are HDMI Cables that support a 2160p RGB setting in-game available? Is it even worth it if so?

Also, a side note, how come I have to go on my TV setting and select Enhance to get my HDMI ports upgraded - I am guessing this is just for HDR support?

Also, here Is the TV I got Toshiba 43V6863DB:


I noticed that DMC4 on the PS4 reached a greatest Hits Edition on Play-Asia:
I always thought the The japanese version didn't have English menus? is that correct for the Asian version too? Being at amroe affordable price is becoming more appealing.

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