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Video Game Database Discussion / Defining Editions with Dash or Colon?
« on: August 25, 2023, 09:47:55 am »

Quick Q. I recently tried to add a game to the Database & missed the Edition details, I went to add them and noticed the request was denied and it was changed to something different:
In Sound Mind - Deluxe Edition (My version)
In Sound Mind: Deluxe Edition (Their Version)

I always thought a Dash was used to seperate the identification of the Edition & a Colon was used should a game have a subtitle like Wolfenstein: The New Order - has this changed at all? Because I don't believe the Full title of the game is In Sound Mind Deluxe Edition. Same geos for a digital title which I just posted:

I have looked at the Official Style Guide to before posting this -,22.0.html


I've already made note of this issue before but it is still happening -,12144.0.html

I am not just referring to PS1 titles either. I recently added a bunch of sports titles with clear stock images, yet soon after I find they have been replaced by poorly taken images from eBay. A lot of the time this is often justified by hologram stickers over the games sealed packaging... All I see is it brings the quality and effort I put into the site down and it is frustrating.

I can understand if the photos have more details but if they're going to replace a clear stock image it needs to be clear also, meaning:
- Not taken at a poor angle.
- Not taken with light reflecting on the packaging, ruining the image.
- Not taken in a low light making it unclear.

When I use images for the site I do make effort to make them presentable, I put them into photoshop, crop and resize where needed. So it is annoying to see that work put aside to see a shoddy image in its place.

Like everyone contributing, I want the site to be a great resource and look presentable. But there are times I am now hesistant to work on the site as i expect the details to soon be replaced by less quality material. I know the Admin team here works hard and I am glad there are people who check all details to be approved to stop any ol' junk appearing on here but this is something I feel needs a closer look upon.

I see on the topic about Styke Gudies this is to be addressed next, so I wanted to put this forward for consideration:,10837.15.html

Video Game Database Discussion / Steelbook Catagory Suggestion
« on: June 27, 2023, 10:44:55 am »

I've had difficulty adding a Steelbook entry (I won't go into it in this topic...) but felt it was worth putting my two cents through on the matter.

I've noticed a lot of the images on the section are inconsistent, some have both sides in the same image for example. Yet I thought it would be best to have the following:
Front Image - Front of the Steelbook
Back Image - Back of the Steelbook
Disc Image - The Inside of the Steelbook layed flat

The reason for the 3rd image is to display the interior. I believe this would be the best place to do so because really none of these Steelbooks will have games in them - Otherwise they would be listed in the games catagory (PS4 (EU) for example) - Either that of the Steelbook would be inlcuded within an Edition and once again listed within the appropriate game catagory. So with the disc image being free would it not make sense to utilise it this way?

General / Steelbooks with Games
« on: June 27, 2023, 05:18:17 am »

I know I can be really picky when it comes to the design of Steelbooks that we get with games. I think what it comes down to is that I don't like seeing cases without all the official identification on it - Console logos, Age Rating logos etc. There's just something inauthentic about it depsite even being an official product to me. I find they look odd on my shelf compared to everything else.

My ideal set up for a steelbook is to have one which is bare of any logos, has the title of the game on the middle part (Which faces outwards on a shelf) THEN has a clear plastic sleeve that goes over the steelbook which has all the official details on it. In particular I love the late PS3- Early PS4 designs which would have the PS3/PS4 logo at the top left corner, age rating at the bottom left and sometimes the logo for the game placed to fit the image of the steelbook - Look at games like Beyond: Two Souls, Final Fantasy XV, Until Dawn for examples. I really miss this.

Nowadays, I find that a Steelbook is often a bonus item. So when you pre-order a GAME you will get an additional Steelbook case with the case of the base game... so either way one is going in storage. It's either that or youe will get a Special Edition with will have a big outbox containing the base game case & a Steelbook in a bulky case... I don't like bulky cases on my shelf either - So for Final Fantasy XVI, I just have the base game on the shelf. With SIFU it was just an Artbook& Steelbook, so I had to decide on eithe the Bulky case or just the Steelbook, I went with the Steelbook and it stands out like a sore thumb - Hated the game anyway so I may sell it, but that is a seperate conversation  :P

Anyway, I was just curious on what other collectors thought on Steelbooks and how they like to present/receive them. I really do like getting Steelbooks but for me without a detailed sleeve they just seem like a fake case.

I took my plain FF16 Steelbook and put it in the FF15 Special Edition Sleeve to show you what I mean as an example:

Video Game Database Discussion / PS1 PAL - List Quality Control
« on: January 20, 2023, 05:57:48 pm »

I've taken a great amount of time to sort out images for the listings over the years - Mostly scans from websites but I do make effort to crop or neaten them up with Photoshop at the very least. I just wanted to address some of the issues I am having here recently.

Admin comments: Missing corner holofoil label
I've uploaded many images before that have not had te holofoil label and it's been fine. What annoys me is when I upload are accepted then quickly overwritten by someone who is taking poor quality photos. Here are some examples: - I uploaded a replacement image a few weeks ago and it was denied then replaced with a poor quality photo at an angle. - I replaced this image which had a mannual cover and it has been replaced with another image altogether With the Holofoil (but lesser quality). - I repalced this image as the colour looked really faded yet it has been reverted back to the previous design in an instant.

There are a lot of examples of this, I don't want to harp on but there are times when I look back at my collection on the site and suddenly see a garrish image stick out. Is the protocol really to preference poor quality photos with glare or at an angle to a decent scan? Is the only way for me to fix this to place my game covers in a scanner CIB?

Photos of the manuals instead of the inlay
This is also a big problem, I find a lot of the images have the manual images rather than the inlay - The main indication is the gap on the bottom left corner.

Full Case Display - Do we included the full inlay with the sides or the Plastic Embossed strips at the side.

I'm not making this post to whine, I just don't want to keep wasting my time when I see the work I put out replaced like this - Othertimes I have posted images with minor faults on them and I appreciate the admin team making such notes.

Classic Video Games / The PS3 in 2023
« on: January 05, 2023, 06:13:30 am »

It's the begining of the year and I've been going through my game stock once again. Something that has become very apparent is my disinterest for my PS3.

The Console is Slow! - When did you last boot up your PS3? have you nicted how terribly slow it is? This isn't me tyring to compare it to modern consoles, it wasn't always this bad! I don't know if it's just a multitude of updates but the console is a chore to navigate one.

The Dualshock 3 - I have nothing wrong with the functionality of the controller, however trying to find one in this day & age is really difficult! I rememebr I bought a couple 'NEW' off eBay a few years back and while official they were bought lightweight and the analogue sticks didn't rotate natually (They'd stagger like the edge was an octogon rather than a circle). Maybe I just got duped but I'm not finding many pleasant alternatives out their either. Strangely you can use a PS5 controlelr wired up but even then I have noticed issuse when holding shoulder buttons down.

Not 1080p - This may not matter for retrogamers here but for me I always like to aim for the best experience possible on consoles and sadly it feels the PS3 doesn't offer this so much any more. I know a couple of gamse run in 1080p but for the most part games are set to 720p and it shows - This coming from someone who doesn't even have a 4K display yet. I know you can get HDMI plug-ins to upscale the content but they're hardly at accessible prices online.

Backwards compatibility - While not about the console itself this topic is very prominiten to my issues with the consoles content. The battle between 360 & PS3 gamse was very hit or miss, at first it seemed many games were made on 360 then ported to PS3 as the PS3 was renown for being difficulty to develope for. So it really is a case by case scenario as to what title is better one what system. I have been working on gathering replacement copies of PS3 game for their 360 counterparts and this is mostly due to the appeal of backwards compatibility. Now Xbox's BC is hardly perfect, a lot of original Xbox games accessible on 360 were dropped for Xbox One/Series & I have noticed that many of the game that are accessible via One/Series BC aren't even upscaled. Still, beyond all that, the notion of not having to deal with the PS3's archaic hardware is enough of an incentive for me alone.

Am I being too harsh? I noticed I didn't use my PS3 once last year, the year previous we had the panic notion of the PSN going down - I just have little positive to reflect on about the console in modern days.

I'm going to continue going through my collection but I have noticed I have already put aside some sale items.


Over the last year or so I've been working on a Fandom page for Shadow of Memories / Shadow of Destiny, as I feel it is often forgotten and wanted to raise more awareness for it. I've most recently made a Youtube Channel which offers walkthrough guides and secret scenes - Today I've completed a walkthrough guide for every item in the game, something I've wanted to do for a while! So I thought I'd post it here too! I have plenty more videos planned and work to do to the Wiki site but I feel it is in a decent enough state for peopel to see. So if you have a moment please feel free to check it out :)

Youtube -
Wiki -


I was wondering if there is a website which details the difference between PS4 ports & Xbox One ports?

I'm considering getting an Xbox One X & I'm curious to see which games are better than the PS4 counterparts I already own.

I've already seen the Xbox List of of Xbox One X Enhanced titles, but I was still curious for other games:

Classic Video Games / List of Notable DLC for PS3 Games?
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:55:34 am »

With the recent nonsense of the PS3 Store closing down I was looking around to see what I could acquire still, in Europe the PS Store does not allow you to purchase anything, however there is a loop hole you can take advantage with if the game offers an in-game store to make purchases - You need to use PSN vouchers to make the purchases, I covered that in this video here:

Note, I'm not including games that have DLC on GotY Editions like Fallout 3 or Bioshock Infinite, as they're accessible offline. I'm looking to add DLC which is substantial, mainly story related content. Nor do I want to include any Online Add-ons OR Map Packs.

Dead Space 2 - Severed - Single Player DLC accessible on the PS Store via the game.

Dead Space 3 - Awakened - Co-op DLC accessible on the PS Store via the game.

Drakengard 3 - All Sisters Prologue Set

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - - Single Player DLC accessible on the PS Store via the game:
Story DLC:
Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
Snow: Perpetual Battlefield
Sazh: Heads or Tails?

Boss Battles:

Opponent: Lightning & Amodar
Opponent: Ultros & Typhon
Opponent: Gilgamesh
Opponent: PuPu
Opponent: Nabaat
FFXIII-2 Pack: Fight In Style (Includes Omega Boss Encounter)

The rest of the DLC is cosmetic.

Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns:

Cosmetic DLC - Costumes from Yuna (X & X-2 Designs), Cloud, Aerith and more

Prince of Persa (Reboot) - Epiloque
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - Revelations
Asura's Wrath - Story DLC Packs
F.E.A.R 2 - REBORN Story DLC
Star Wars Force Unleashed II - Story DLC
Street Fighter X Tekken - 12 Character Pack
X-Com The Burea - Story DLC
Alice Madness - Comes with Free version of the 1st game, Make sure you download it off the store
Rage - Story DLC
Portal 2 - Free Co-op DLC
Enslaved - Pigsy's 10 DLC
Sonic Unleashed - Level Packs (No Idea if these are good or not...)
Metal Gear Rising - Most of this DLC is FREE on the Xbox 360!

I've noticed on the Vita, if you want to look for DLC use the search function, a lot of the DLC doesn't show up on the store unless you go through SEARCH!

Modern Video Games / Day One Purchases - I'm feeling Less Inclined
« on: February 21, 2021, 01:54:43 pm »

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my gaming purchases recently and one thing which is becoming repeatedly clear is the lack of value to buying a game upon its release. Often these days, games upon release are less polished than 5-6 months down the line with updates - You can take an extreme example like the recent Cyberpunk 2077 but I think it really does apply more subtly to most games overall.

One of the big incentives I find gets me is to buy into the many Editions released. I never go out of my way to buy these £300+ Editions we see all too often these days - A lot of the time its tat. However, I will often be tempted buy the more mid-tier bundles that offer a Steelbook or Artbook for an extra £10. Added DLC does nothing for me either and one of the first things I look out for when a new game is announced is to see if they have a Season Pass or plan. If so, I will avoid it entirely. I've bought a few games this gen at launch and later regretted it due to future DLC making my bare bones edition worthless - Fighting Games are the worst for this IMO.

Holding back on some releases recently has shown me that I have the restraint to do so. One game I did so was with Contrtol, as soon as I saw it had a Season Pass, the Day One Edition/Standard Edition seemed pretty much redundant. A year or so down the line and it's now free on PS+, The Physical Collector in me may eventually buy the PS5 copy on disc but certainly not at launch or over £15. Another example is Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon. PlayStation Owners have gotten shafted pretty bad with this release and the PS5 version is finally coming out next month. I had the intention of buying it Day One so I could take advantage the game on my PS5. However, last month the PS4 Steelbook Edition dropped to half price. The game also offers a free Upgrade when the PS5 version is released in March so this seems quite a deal - The PS5 version also seems to have no fancy Steelbook Edition either. Once again, the collector in me will want a Physical Copy but for now I have access to play the game with the enhancements of the PS5 through this cheap PS4 version. The game was release in November, not even 3 months down the line and its dropped to half price and through waiting I will get access to a superior version of the game also.

I have upcoming games that I am interested in, the NieR Remaster on PS4 incoming in April for one, but I still feel I have so much to play that I can wait on this. A game I have been anticipating is Resident Evil 8. I've yet to buy a true PS5 exclusive and was thinking this would be it - though now they have announced a P4 version with an upgrade system the same as Yakuza 7 mentioned before. But still I have yet to get a proper next gen title (DMC5SE & MK11U Are PS4 enhanced titles), so part of me is tempted to really relish in the power of this new system but considering how quick Yakuza 7 dropped I'm genuinely considering holding out 3 months and seeing if it does drop. RE8 doesn't seem to have any excessive DLC either (As of yet), so the temptation is even greater but I'm going to give it a go.

I'm just curious to see if anyone else has changed their opinion on buying new titles? If so what has caused the change for you?

Marketplace / GAMES TM Magazine - Issue 197
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:18:38 am »

I've recently been working on major additions to the Shadow of Memories / Shadow of Destiny FANDOM page. It's a wonderful game and I wish more people knew about it so I've tried make a more comprehensible space full of media and fun details to explore.

I saw on Twitter and advertisement for GAMES TM magazine which has an interview with the games director Junko Kawano. I've tried eBaying the magazine for a while now with little success nor can I find scans of it online. So I'm wondering if anyone here collects these magazines or happens to have a copy of it they can scan so I can place on the website & have a good read of!

I'll give credit to whom ever manages this on the site and be very grateful.

For anyone that hasn't played Shadow of Memories, please look into it! It's a wonderful interactive narrative with a very compelling story where you have to travel back in time to change things to prevent your own death in the present. It's available on PS2, Xbox, PSP & Up to Windows 7 (Sadly no GOG or Steam release yet.)


General / Do you think PS4 Digital sale will become less frequent?
« on: November 17, 2020, 04:12:32 pm »

I've noticed for the last 2-3 years that the PS3 barely gets any sales within the PlayStation Store - Nor does the Vita for that matter.

So I was thinking tonight on the PS4 Store & how future content will be handled. A rise in concern came about in thinking that in time I might struggle to get Season Passes for games I own at a decent price?

The good news is that unlike the PS3 to PS4, the PS5 has catered the PS4 with backwards compatibility. Also the PS4 content is available on the PS5 Store (I'm assuming, I haven't got mine yet :P) But while it still may be accessible will they still continue to highlight it? I'm not expecting a sudden drop at launch of the PS5 but maybe 1-2 years down the line it could be a different story.

So I think from now on I will be looking out for DLC I haven't acquired if it goes on the weekly sales.

Had this thought today as news came out about Days Gone getting significant 4K/60FPS Upgrades - Do you think we will get HD/4K Remasters of PS4/XBX1titles?

I expect we'll still get PS3/360 Era games Remastered but I think If "99%" of games work on the PS5 i'd rather just an upgrade Patch like Days Gone has received.

As part of the big new update, Sony is removing the ability to purchase PS3, PSP and PS Vita games from the online PlayStation Store. PS4 Apps, Themes and Avatars will also be removed the web and mobile PlayStation Stores.

I'm pretty sure it's just noting the Online Website & not the PS Store one consoles - Even so, it might be a good time to check out them DLC/Updates you have & make a PS3 back up to an External HDD.

Hardware and Tech / PS3 Wireless Controller Recommendations?
« on: October 06, 2020, 02:31:41 am »

After buying 2 official controllers which turned out to be poorly made I am look elsewhere - The ones I got were CECHZC2U

Does anyone know of any good PS3 wireless controllers? Which I can get from the UK?

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