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Hello fellow gamers and collectors,

I'd like to discuss a funny issue, which accured to me while talking w. another collector about Germany's version of the game "True Lies" for the SNES.
A few of you might know, that many games that were free to purchase and play in most parts of europe, were censored in Germany, or completely put on the so called "Index" ... which actually is a list of games/movies/music, that are considered not suitable for younger audiences. A good example for such a game is GoldenEye64, which was retaken from this index just about a year ago.

When it comes to True Lies for SNES, me and my brothers remember to have owned a copy with green blood!  :o
After asking around in discord servers, we found out, that most of the copies of this game were sold with original red blood in it, even here in Germany, where I live. Almost nobody knows of those versions with green blood in it, but they exist.
Our theory about this is the following: After the first production batch of the game was sold, censorship got aware of the bloodiness of the game and forced the publishers to change the color of blood for further versions to be sold. It seems as if me and my brothers were some of the few people that got their hands on this latter - obviously more scarce - version of True Lies.

Did anybody of you know about this green-blood-version?
I'd like to hear your thoughts on that!

Hello fellow gamers and collectors,

I'm proud to own a fully equiped SEGA Medadrive II incl. Mega CD II and Master System Converter II.
I started collecting Master System cartridges for the latter one, and I hope somebody out here might be able to answer me a very specific question regarding this little adapter:

It appears that I have 2 games in my collection, that won't work properly when adapted via the Converter. After a friend of mine who owns a Master System II tested them and found them working well on his console, I wondered If some SMS games may not be compatible with the Master System Converter that I use oO ... every other game from my collection works fine, but only those two games don't, while still working fine when played via the MasterSystem.

Does anyone knows something about some games not working with the converter? I don't really care if I am not able to play them as long as I know they're functioning in general, but that situation just baffled me and I'm eager to know more about this, if anyone can help with some information.

Many thanks in advance, and sorry, if this post already existed in some form

General / Difficulty in games - back in the days & today
« on: September 17, 2020, 09:03:15 am »
Hello everyone!

Me and my gaming friends often discuss about the difficulty of games and how it all changed in the flow of time.
Today's games often seem way more easier to beat than retro-games from - let's say - 1990 e.g.

The most logic explanation on why older games are more difficult is, that this was a very important part on replayability and long time fun. As the games and their programing and graphics where more simple than nowadays, developers tended to make them as difficult as possible to make a player try beating a game a 1.000 times before really finishing it. And when we think even further back, like into the 80's, making a game really hard to beat meant also, that players would need to throw coin after coin in those arcade machines.

What are your thoughts on this matter?
Do you also think today's games are easier than older ones?
And what are your opinions on why they are/were ?

I'm lookin' forward to your replies - thanks a lot!


PS: Sorry for my spelling and grammar! I'm no native speaker!

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