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Modern Video Games / Square Enix Members
« on: February 18, 2015, 12:25:14 pm »
Did anyone use the old Square Enix Members site? Their games came with codes for a while, sort of like the Club Nintendo codes. Then after a year they stopped giving out points while re-doing it and I think it was that way all of last year. Now it is back but unfortunately all the old points are gone and the code cards are useless. I have a stack of codes I was waiting to use so I'm disappointed. It appears about the only way to get points now is to purchase items from the Square Enix Online Store. At least that's how it now is in the U.S., not sure if it varies in other regions though I'd guess they re-did this to make all regions work the same way. A link to the new program details:

The one and only year they had the points they sent out gifts at the end of the year based on what tier members had reached. I can't recall exactly what I received. I know I got a backpack and Space Invaders erasers. There might have been a deck of Space Invaders playing cards too.

Site Feedback / Lengthen Name Field on Submission Page?
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:20:49 am »
As the subject line suggests, why not make the name field box larger on the "Submit New Item" page? When you can see the complete title at a single time it is easier to spot any possible spelling or capitalization errors. It's shorter on the page after too and you can't really see the full title you've typed until after the item is submitted. The edit page has the short box as well but it does line up with the rest of the boxes so maybe there is a programming aspect to this I am unaware of.

Video Game Deals, Sales and Promotions / Torchlight - Free (
« on: June 18, 2013, 05:45:57 pm »
Torchlight is currently free on Expires June 20th at 19:59 GMT time.

Site Feedback / Company Names
« on: February 27, 2013, 09:14:21 am »
This has probably been asked somewhere but I wasn't able to find it. I know at some point you plan on cleaning up the various company names that have been added, but what I'm wondering is how detailed we should be. If a company makes a slight name change then should we go with that? I've been adding issues of EGM and for a while they all said Sendai Publications, Inc. Now I'm adding issues in the 50s and they say Sendai Publishing Group, Inc. Should I go ahead and start using that? Or would you rather just have everything under an entry that just says Sendai? Or even just the last name they went by in their company history (I'd have to look into what that might be)?

Site Feedback / NA vs. US
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:04:16 am »
I've noticed the majority of system listings for U.S. releases have [NA] but then there are a handful that say [US] (Steam, Vita, NES, Atari ST, Neo Geo). I'm assuming they should all be [NA] unless there is something I am unaware of. Of course, Canada does get some different UPCs from a few publishers but I've no idea if you want to separate those (probably not).

General / Electronic Gaming Monthly (early issues)
« on: January 20, 2013, 06:33:46 pm »
Does anyone know a way to determine the month of release on magazines that don't say? I've added a few early issues of EGM and they aren't very clear. I see someone added the first issue and it says May 1989 on it. On issue three which is the first one I have it says display until September 31, 1989. Then I have issue four which says display until November 30, 1989. So I put September on #3 and November on #4 but I don't really know if that's correct. Maybe they were not consistently releasing every month at first? I don't have issue five but I have six and that says display until January 31, 1990. Then the next issue I own is number ten which has no month on the cover at all and I can't find anything inside. Neither does issue 11. The best I can do for now is put year but they actually aren't even clear on that since the copyright inside on number ten is 1989 even though it had to have been published in 1990.

I also just noticed that they don't list in order nicely. Should I be putting a zero or two in front of the issue number? I see some others have done that.

Off Topic / Disney Buying Lucasfilm (!)
« on: October 30, 2012, 06:33:27 pm »
Not sure if there were rumors of this or not as I had never heard of Disney having interest in Lucasfilm before. However, they are indeed purchasing Lucasfilm and are planning on releasing a new movie in the Star Wars universe in 2015. No real specifics other than it might not be a continuation of the previous movies, could just follow new characters or some of the lesser known ones. If all goes well it sounds as if there will be a lot of new Star Wars movies, one every couple of years after the 2015 release.

General / Google + GameStop Platform
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:51:41 am »
I recently took a survey about a new console that reminds me a bit of Ouya, mainly because it plays Android games on a TV. Not sure if anyone is reporting on it yet, of course anyone who takes the survey isn't even supposed to say anything but I'm sure one of the big sites will get word of it. It's a box from Google and GameStop that plugs into a TV and uses broadband Internet or Wi-Fi and plays Android games, as well as big games from such companies as "Square Enix or Namco." The controller is wireless and has a keyboard on the back of it. It's also supposed to have all the usual apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. The survey put the cost at $99, though games are sold separately.

2D fighters aren't for me but I'm sure there are a few people here that are going to want this. The price is listed at the bottom of the press release: $149.99.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – May 23, 2012 – Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced the limited edition Street Fighter®25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, which will be available in North America on Sept. 18, 2012 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. A hyper combo-powered milestone, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary festivities will continue throughout 2012 (“The Year of the Dragon”) and will include the Collector’s Set and a series of high stakes global tournaments with over a half million dollars in support, the highest the fighting game community has ever witnessed.

Honoring one of the most popular videogame franchises of all time, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set is a must - have for Street Fighter® video game aficionados. Created as a celebration and tribute to its fans, the limited edition set is individually numbered and jam-packed with Street Fighter games, video, art, music, and exclusive collectibles. The items are housed in a specially created chest complete with a certificate of authenticity.

The limited edition Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set includes:

    Past and Present Street Fighter Games – Playable on current gen PS3™ and Xbox 360 console systems, the four critically-acclaimed titles selected from the star-studded catalog are: Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter® III 3rd Strike Online Edition, Super Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition with all costume DLC, and Street Fighter® X Tekken® including all character and Swap Costume DLC.
    Exclusive Video – The two-disc Blu-Ray set includes a documentary that highlights the profound influence the franchise has had on fans - and vice versa - throughout the years. The collection of videos also includes Street Fighter®IV and Super Street Fighter®IV Anime movies as well as all episodes of the Street Fighter animated series and Street Fighter®II: The Animated Movie.
    Light-up Ryu Statue – A specially commissioned and highly-detailed collectable Ryu statue stands prominently at 8” tall and features the iconic character in mid-Shoryuken, with flames lit from below.
    11-Disc Soundtrack – Street Fighter game music spanning the past 25 years, in addition to remixes and fan-created music inspired by past Street Fighter games .
    64-page Hardcover Art Book – A tribute to Street Fighter game fans from all over the world, the art book includes fan pieces submitted by professional and aspiring artists alike.
    Ryu’s Belt – Created to regulation specs, the full-size martial arts black belt is a replica of the one Ryu wears and even includes his classic "Fūrinkazan" in kanji!
    Certificate of Authenticity – Each Collector’s Set comes individually numbered complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Further bringing the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary celebration to its fans, Capcom is currently organizing a series of tournaments throughout the year in locations across the globe that will include over $500,000 worth of cash, non-cash prizing, and amenities. This high-stakes tournament series will culminate in a grand finals event held in San Francisco on Dec. 8, 2012 and will include players who qualify in the preliminary tournaments throughout the year.  The tournament series will feature the following monumental titles from the past and present: Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Revealed today, the list below includes the most current dates and locations (subject to change) for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary global tournament series:

•       July 28-29 in Austin, TX
•       August 11-12 in the NY area (location pending)
•       August 26 in Taipei, Taiwan (location pending)
•       Mid-September in the Tokyo Region, Japan (date and location pending)
•       September 27-30 in London, England (in conjunction with Eurogamer Expo)
•       October 13-14 in Sao Paulo, Brazil (in conjunction with Brazil Game Show)
•       October 27-28 in Los Angeles, CA
•       October 31 – November 4 in Paris, France (in conjunction with Paris Games Week)
•       December 8 Finals in San Francisco, CA

Adding an extra level of white-knuckled excitement to the competition, the first-place Street Fighter X Tekken player will be crowned champion and be handed the keys to an all-new custom designedScion FR-S Sports Coupe. Capcom has partnered with Scion, Five Axis and Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), to create a one-of-a-kind Street Fighter-themed sports car, complete with video entertainment hardware from SCEA and a modified exterior from Five Axis including a custom FIVE:AD aero kit, spoiler, wheels, as well as many more premiere components from leading automotive aftermarket companies.

Lastly, a new Street Fighter 25th Anniversary website will be created which will allow fans to share their stories of how the Street Fighter series has influenced their lives, and will host all details of the anniversary celebration including how to register for the tournament series.  The new website will be released soon and will be located at:

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set carries an MSRP of $149.99.

Modern Video Games / Worst Idea for a Kinect Game? (NBA Baller Beats)
« on: April 25, 2012, 09:44:15 am »
I'm reading the latest press release from Majesco and can't help but wonder what they are thinking. I'll include the press release below, though the basic idea is using a real basketball to play the game. Unless I'm not reading it correctly, I don't understand how this will work because no parent wants their kid dribbling a ball inside the house, let alone in front of an expensive HDTV. Then there is the issue with flooring; hardwood will get marked up and carpeting won't work for dribbling a ball. I don't own a Kinect but I just can't imagine too many Kinect owners would be able to easily play a game like this indoors. It's these kind of poorly thought out ideas that will sink a company like Majesco.

Edison, NJ—April 25, 2012—Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), publisher of the wildly successful Zumba® Fitness video game franchise, today revealed plans to release NBA Baller Beats, a fun, high energy and first-of-its kind participative basketball video game launching this fall exclusively on Kinect™ for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Developed by HB Studios, NBA Baller Beats gets players on their feet mastering mad ball handling skills using a real basketball while playing to the beat of an eclectic soundtrack.

The Kinect motion sensor captures every movement of both player and ball to create an entirely new basketball gaming experience.

“NBA Baller Beats introduces an unprecedented way to experience basketball through a video game like never before,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer of Majesco Entertainment.  “Our innovative play mechanic combined with Kinect technology puts the ball in players’ hands, tracking both full-body gameplay and ball movement, so players are going to have to get up and actually play basketball to get in the game.  Ballers and fans alike will love this game.”

“We are excited to work with Majesco to provide basketball fans and gamers with a unique experience like NBA Baller Beats,” said Vicky Picca, Senior Vice President, Licensing & Business Affairs, NBA. “Showcasing the energy and dynamic elements of the NBA against the backdrop of a compelling soundtrack will be fun for fans of all ages."

Aspire to perform like a pro in NBA Baller Beats as you train alongside your favorite NBA franchise unlocking songs, difficulty levels, and over 100 posters and trading cards showcasing NBA players’ greatest moves.  The music is your guide as you master ball handling skills, dribbling, and baller moves with a real basketball as Kinect technology tracks your every crossover, pump fake, behind-the-back, around-the-world and more!  Become the ultimate baller and increase your stamina in single player mode, break it down and practice different skills in Move School mode or show-off in multiplayer mode and go head-to-head against up to 8 players – the highest score wins bragging rights.   No matter the level of your skills, players of all abilities will enjoy getting off the couch and raising their game with NBA Baller Beats.

The NBA Baller Beats soundtrack features a mix of music across decades and genres including hip-hop, rock, and old school classics, with tracks from Kanye West, Run DMC, Gorillaz, Them Crooked Vultures, Common, Tiesto and more.  Majesco Entertainment will unveil NBA Baller Beats gameplay, as well as additional soundtrack artists and songs, during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles this June before setting out to give fans a try at exclusive basketball camps this summer.

Site Feedback / UPCs
« on: April 16, 2012, 12:56:56 pm »
It looks like the game pages might be dropping the leading zero if a UPC has one. If you look at 007 here you'll see the UPC was submitted with the zero but it was dropped on the game's page: However, I did find one that didn't do that so I don't know: Wasteland UPC was submitted last year whereas the 007 one was this year, so maybe something in the database coding changed?

I've also noticed a few odd UPCs that were entered without the first and last number, and had a space in the middle (##### #####). Most U.S. UPCs should be twelve digits, though I believe some old 80s products might not list those end digits. I've found Intellivision games tend to not have a UPC directly on the packaging so I'd guess they likely stuck a UPC sticker on the plastic wrap.

Site Feedback / Intellivision Data
« on: February 23, 2012, 04:07:22 am »
I spent a fair amount of time on Intellivision last year, even writing descriptions on why some entries were different in case they appeared to be duplicates to some. Now I noticed many are all gone. Maybe someone thought they were dupes but in some cases both versions are gone. For example, I see Triple Action from Mattel Electronics in my collection but I originally had the Sears one in my collection. Although I never titled them differently when adding them, I did fill in the publisher as Sears. I also added games with and without licenses. A game that has both entries gone is Chess and USCF Chess. I thought I entered them in October but maybe some were in early November and would have been part of that data loss? I did go in alphabetical order though so most likely I worked on Chess in October since I own that one rather than USCF. In any case, if it's part of the big loss then I guess everything is gone for good, but I really, really thought I had these in before the cutoff of where the data was lost :) I thought I only lost the items I added for more recent systems. Any chance something else could have happened?

Site Feedback / ESRB?
« on: October 04, 2011, 09:50:09 am »
Question on the ESRB ratings since I've submitted a few on edits. I've been using but now I've noticed they don't always match what is on the original box. It appears they switched all of the K-A ratings on their website to Everyone. So is it wrong to submit Everyone as the rating if the box has K-A? Of course, you have to find the box first but maybe it's better not to fill it in if it cannot be confirmed from an image? A couple of examples are Arena: Maze of Death and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, both for Sega Game Gear. Always a possibility a box image is wrong, though I don't think that occurs too often.

Site Feedback / Intellivision Game Listings
« on: September 30, 2011, 08:19:30 am »
This may apply to other platforms as well, I'm just most familiar with Intellivision. I was wondering if you plan on adding every variation or just one main entry for each game? It looks like right now there is just one entry but since you are placing item numbers and barcodes you probably plan on adding more, is this correct? I see a Sears entry for Sea Battle but not one for Mattel. Other than the Sears releases just about any game that once had a license in the title was later released under another name. Here are some examples:

Major League Baseball = Big League Baseball
The Electric Company Word Fun = Word Fun
U.S. Ski Team Skiing = Skiing
USCF Chess = Chess

I think just about every one of the Mattel-published sports games had a license and was later released by INTV without it. You do run into games that may have three versions because you'll have PBA Bowling, Bowling, and then a Sears release of Bowling. It gets complicated.

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